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Influential Young Business Leaders in FinTech Industry

We are always curious as to who the innovators and risk-takers of the moment are. With new financial technology companies appearing everyday, here is a list of the most influential young business leaders in the fintech industry.

Facebook Cafe to obliterate a history of privacy scandals?

At the five Facebook cafes, users will get free tea or coffee and a tutorial on how to customer their privacy settings. To scorned Facebook users, this might be a blessing in disguise.

Apple iPhone 11 Rumor Roundup: Launch Date, Price and Leaks

With the Apple iPhone 11 launch date upon its heels, it’s time to revisit everything we know about this year’s lineup. The handsets will go on sale on September 20, contributing to fiscal fourth-quarter sales.

Amazon Rainforest Fires Will Impact the Global Ecosystem

The Amazon Rainforest, often referred to as the planet’s lungs, maybe close to the point of no return. Brazil’s rainforest has been on fire for the past three weeks as a result of cut-and-burn deforestation practices.

Litigation Risks plague Saudi Aramco IPO dreams

Saudi Aramco IPO plans put on hold as its board determines the long-awaited NYSE listing would harbor litigation risks. NYSE offers the world’s largest investor base, helping companies raise as much as $100 million.

E-cigarette giant Juul Labs accused of peddling death to teens

E-cigarette giant Juul Labs is facing investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in regards to how the company’s vaping device became so popular with underage teens.

Who are the industry leaders in animal health?

Who are the major industry leaders in animal health? As we ponder on the longevity and vitality of the economic boom in the animal health market, we can't help but notice the success of these top companies in animal health.

Unsecured Facebook server leaks phone numbers of 419 million users

The database included 133 million records on Facebook users in the U.S., 50 million on users in Vietnam, and 18 million on people in the U.K. This means that if you’re living in Australia or Japan, your data was most likely not affected by this Facebook leak.

SpaceX’s Starlink to beam high-speed internet across the southern US by 2020

SpaceX is seeking approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reconfigure its satellites to beam Starlink broadband from space.

Thomas Cook has collapsed leaving 150,000 holidaymakers stranded

The 178-year-old iconic British travel giant Thomas Cook had until 11.59 p.m. last night to pay the USD 250 million it owed to creditors and is now relying on an unlikely government bailout.

Wells Fargo names Charles Scharf new CEO

Wells Fargo & Co on Friday announced Charles Scharf, the CEO of Bank of New York Mellon, as its successor. The bank’s interim CEO Allen Parker will continue to serve the seat until Scharf joins on October 21, 2019.

World’s Most Successful Crowdfunded Projects - Industry Leaders Magazine

Industry Leaders - Best CEO Magazine brings to you some stellar examples of crowdfunded projects that took off and got popular with the masses.

5 Great Leaders Through History - Industry Leaders Magazine

History has thrown up some great leaders of men. Some of them were great generals, politicians, philanthropists, saints, and statesmen.