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Updated by Michele Rule on Mar 14, 2013
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Michele's Favs Week 09/13

My partner asked me to cover his top blog posts list for the ninth week of 2013. This is my list!

How to Create Your Own Simple Joys in Life | Purpose Fairy

If we are always waiting for the big things to make us happy, we could be waiting a while. It's important to find some joy everyday - and there is lots of joy just hanging around waiting for us to enjoy it!

Picking a Pope: How it’s done « David Akin’s On the Hill

I'm not a Catholic, but I find this fascinating! This info-graphic explains the process for choosing the new pope. I have to say, I think it was awesome that the pope retired of his own volition before he became incapable of the job.

Can the influx of women change Canadian politics? - The Globe and Mail

All our female premiers will find it harder to become nation builders with the demise of the first ministers’ summits. Let's see these summits reinstated - or maybe the premiers should just by-pass the prime minister all together and hold their own meetings!

Lessons from the women who are leading the sustainable cities movement | Grist

Grist’s assistant editor, Darby Minow Smith, looks back at more than a dozen interviews with urban sustainability directors and reflects on what they -- and all of you -- taught her.

Understanding How to Frame Your Creative Expertise :: Articles :: 99U

You don't need to be all-knowing to make a meaningful contribution to your team. What kind of expert are you?

Best Parenting Tweets: What Moms And Dads Said On Twitter This Week

Will we ever be as funny IRL as we are on Twitter?

A Post Startup Execs Should Forward to Your Spouse or Partner. 12 Tips for Making it Work

Frithjof sent this post to me and thanked me for being so supportive as he builds his company, It has some great advice for spouses!

To-Be List for Aspiring Women Leaders

What are the traits of a great woman leader? What do you need to BE?

This gives me hope

Really can't pick just one favorite from the blog This Gives Me Hope. What is your favorite? This one is new this week - all about a different kind of "graffiti".

Social Capital or 10 Ways To Help Your Friends Online

Of course no list would be complete without one from my personal favorite blogger - my partner Frithjof! We all get by with a little help from our friends - here's how with social media!

#822 When there’s still time left in the parking meter when you pull up | 1000 Awesome Things

Ok - one last one for the list! I LOVE when I find a parking meter with some time left as my kids have usually absconded with my spare change. However, if I have change I will plug some extra for the next guy. How about you?