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My SharePoint Articles on Other Sites

This list contains SharePoint articles that I've written for other websites other than my own blog.


SPTechCon Boston 2012 Recap and Highlights - End User -

With over 1,200 attendees SPTechCon was a fairly good-sized conference. Yet it still had a personable feel to it, and I would definitely recommend this conference to anyone wanting to further their career in SharePoint.

10 Ways to Make a Splash in the SharePoint Community - End User -

The new year is here, so it seems appropriate to publish some kind of "10 things" list. This year I'll share ten things you can do that can help you stand out in the SharePoint global community.

10 Reasons to Join the Community at - SharePoint Community is an up-and-coming SharePoint community and networking site.  Since the public launch about 3 weeks ago there are now over 200 member…

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective SharePoint Developers - SharePointEduTech

Session #SPC208 at #SPC11 - Tuesday, October 3 @9:00 am - presented by John Rymer, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst

Oranges, Rocket Ships and Six Pack Abs - What Your SharePoint Corporate Portal is Lacking - SharePointEduTech

It ended up being a game time decision for my first session at #SPC11.  I literally made the decision as to which session I would attend as I was walking back to the  Convention Center after taking a break after the Keynote. 

Measuring the Value of Your SharePoint 2010 Investments - SharePointEduTech

Session #SPC248 at #SPC11 - Tuesday, October 4 @ 1:45 pm - presented by Susan Hanley  

#SPC230: Hallmark Retail Connect - Connecting Hallmark Gold Crown Stores - SharePointEduTech

This is a session at #SPC11 that I wasn't able to attend live at the conference, and I'm just now finally finding the time to catch the recorded presentation.  This session is very interesting to me because my company recently launched a dealer Extranet in SharePoint 2010...

Tips for a well-designed, great looking SharePoint team site - End User -

We recently rolled out SharePoint 2010 to our users. One thing we've repeatedly been asked for by our users are tips and best practices on how they can make their team sites look the best they can while still being user-friendly.

Adventures With SharePoint 2010 Security Updates and Troubleshooting PSConfig Errors - End User - NothingButSharePoin...

Recently we installed some security updates to our SharePoint servers, only to find out later that we were having issues caused by our incorrect application of those updates.

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Love SharePoint - End User -

Reflecting over her use of SharePoint over the years, Wendy shares her top ten reasons why she loves working with it.

My Two Cents on the "What Is a SharePoint Developer" Debate - End User -

Although I'm relatively new to the SharePoint Community, I'm not new to SharePoint development, so I feel I'm qualified to add my two cents to the ongoing debates regarding what constitutes a SharePoint developer, and the different roles that are needed.

Your (SharePoint Site Is) Driving Me Crazy: Design Tips for Non Designers - End User -

Now that I'm seeing more and more public internet facing websites and blogs that are built in SharePoint 2010, I'm seeing more and more really bad SharePoint sites.

How to get absolute URLs in SharePoint - End User -

There are times when you may need the absolute URL to a SharePoint artifact, but all you have is the relative URL. Turns out it's really easy to derive the absolute URL from any relative URL in SharePoint.

I Didn't Know You Could Do That With SharePoint - End User -

"I Didn't Know You Could Do That With SharePoint" is the name of a class I teach to our SharePoint power users at my company. The goal is to demonstrate some advanced solutions that they can implement on their team sites without having to write any code.

SharePoint: Updating quota template doesnt automatically get applied to site collections - End User - NothingButShare...

This may be common knowledge to some, but this one had me perplexed for two days. Turns out that updating a quota template does not apply the template changes to any existing site collections that are already using it.

SPTechCon: SharePoint 2010 Server Administration for the Mature Server - End User -

I was dragging a bit after a later dinner last night, so I thought, what better way to wake up than to attend Todd Klindt and Shane Young’s session first thing on Tuesday morning. I was sure there’d be plenty of laughs and good-natured bantering.

SPTechCon: Getting started with SharePoint Online development - End User -

In this session SharePoint MVP Jeremy Thake presented an overview of SharePoint development in SharePoint Online, how it differs from on premises development, and migrating SharePoint applications to the cloud.

SPTechCon: Practical SharePoint Information Architecture - End User -

In this session Ruven Gotz demonstrated proven tools that will help you ensure there is an agreement on the goals and scope of your SharePoint projects, and how to efficiently design your taxonomies and page layouts.

SPTechCon: The Connection between Metadata, Social Tools, and Personal Productivity - End User - NothingButSharePoint...

In this session Christian Buckley teaches us the importance of metadata as the drivers of social computing within the enterprise, the connection between social and search, and how a solid governance strategy can increase user productivity.

SHARE The SharePoint Conference for Business Users - SharePoint Community

 I want to do a quick shout out to the SHARE Conference in Atlanta! They will be back in the beautiful Marriott Marquis hotel again this year on April 10-12.…

Central Admin Port Naming Convention and Changing the Port Number in SharePoint 2010 - SharePoint Community

It is a best practice to always use a consistent port number when creating SharePoint Central Administration sites.  This is so that no matter which server or…

SharePoint 2010 Usability Report Card - SharePoint Community

This was originally posted on   
Many people complain about the usability and lack of user-friendliness of SharePoint, so I thought I'd exa…

Clever use of the Search Box web part in SharePoint 2010 - End User -

Did you know that you could direct the Search Box web part to any page you wish, and it doesn't have to be a standard SharePoint search results page?

We are looking for community reviewers to help proof a SharePoint book - SharePoint Community

I'm very excited to be one of nine great authors contributing to a new book on jQuery, JavaScript, and the SharePoint interface (we haven't chosen a title for the book yet). The idea is that these solutions should be so simple to implement that even your dog could do it.

Windows PowerShell for SharePoint Command Builder - SharePoint Community

I just came across this awesome PowerShell tool - Windows PowerShell for SharePoint Command Builder (thanks to a blog post by Brandon Atkinson). Check...