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10 Best Places to Dive with Mantas - Top 10 Diving Sites for Spotting Manta Rays

Spotting majestic Mantas on a scuba diving expedition is a treat all divers look forward to in any excursion. Here are 10 locations where the chances of this occurrence are virtually guaranteed.


Isla De La Plata in Ecuador

Ideally situated an hour away from Puerto Lopez, the waters off the coast of Isla De La Plata offer divers the chance to witness manta rays during the period from June to October. A whopping two thousand Manta Rays head towards the area in the period and some of the biggest mantas in the world are also known to inhabit the water near the island.



Revered for its white, sandy beaches, Thailand is another prime location for spotting manta rays. Head down to Thailand's beach havens the likes of Similan Islands or Koh Bon during the months between February and April to catch the mantas in action. Other manta diving hubs include Hin Muang and Hin Daeng.


Kona in Hawaii

Regarded as one of the best venues to see manta rays in their natural habitat, travellers visiting Kona also have the chance to witness mantas by night during a night dive. This manta feeding experience is organized by several local operators and is available all year long.


Komodo & Flores Island, Indonesia

Located within Komodo National Park as well as Flores Island, these areas are prime manta spotting hotspots in Indonesia. Diving offers visitors the chance to see the creatures feeding on plankton, the best time to dive in these areas is from June till September.


Socorro Island in Mexico

Located near the shores of Baja California, the diving off the coast of this volcanic island allows visitors to catch more than a glimpse of nearly 500 Oceanic Manta Rays. Visiting during the period from November till June is ideal for divers.



With the Great Barrier Reef among its chief natural attributes, it should be no surprise that Australian shores are perfect for manta ray fanatics. Lady Elliot Island, as well as Coral Bay, are Western Australia's top manta ray diving locations while Julien Rocks near Byron Bay is a great dive site during the months of summer.



Reef mantas are regularly spotted by countless divers who venture beneath the blue in Bali although Manta Point and Manta Bay are the most coveted diving locations off the coast of the island.


The Maldives

Whether one is based at the Adaaran Club Rannalhi Maldives or any one of the best hotels in Maldives, signing up for a diving adventure is a sure-fire way to spot manta rays in Asia.


Raja Ampat

With soft corals and an abundance of manta ray centred diving venues including Manta Sandy, Reef Manta Rays and Manta Ridge, the ideal time to dive in this area is from the month of October to May.



Known to provide scuba divers with reliable chances of interacting with manta rays, Palau is home to nearly 450 mantas. The German Channel which is a Marine Protection Area is arguably the finest dive site for manta enthusiasts.