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6 of the Best CBD Oil Products

A list featuring 6 of the best CBD oil products. These Cannabidiol solutions include vape, tincture, edible, oral, topical and suppositories. Each of the aforementioned Hemp oil product types offers a unique way of consuming CBD oil.


Types of CBD Oil Products

Cannabidiol comes in many different guises. Hence, when it comes to choosing a CBD product, the online market offers plenty of choices. Whether you require fast absorption, convenience or discretion, it is likely there will be something to suit all lifestyles and preferences. In this list, we will cover 6 of the best CBD oil products and explain the pros and cons. Before you buy CBD online, consider which of the following solutions will best meet your needs.


Vape CBD

Vape is one of the fastest ways to get CBD oil into your system. Vaping CBD is swift, however, the compound does not stay in the body as long when compared to oil tincture. Hence, when using a vaping product, you may require a more frequent dosage pattern. This will allow you to replenish the levels of Cannabidiol in your system. Be aware that vaping CBD will require the purchase of additional products from time to time.


CBD Oil Tinctures

A CBD oil tincture (also known as Hemp drops) is probably the most popular type of Cannabidiol. The Hemp oil tincture is designed to be consumed via the sublingual gland. The oil drops are placed under the tongue and the effects of Cannabidiol can be felt quickly. It offers a high rate of bioavailability and fast absorption. Indeed, it stays in the body for longer periods in comparison to Vape. This means it offers versatility in addition to accurate, predictable dosing.


Edible CBD

Edibles products are another popular form of Cannabidiol. Edible CBD comes in various forms, including gummies, chewing gum, chocolate and candy. It seems new products are emerging all the time as the edibles market sees the arrival of CBD-infused foods. Edible products are as simple as it gets when it comes to your daily dose of Cannabidiol. It is just a case of popping one in your mouth and munching on your favourite treat. Healthy, nutritious and good for you.


Oral CBD Capsules

Capsules and softgels have been around the supplement industry for many years. Offering a simple but discreet way to take your CBD oil. CBD in capsule form usually contains isolate which is ideal for those who only want pure Cannabidiol with nothing else. In contrast, softgels are CBD extract mixed with a base oil carrier and sealed in a gelatin shell. Both of these products offer a high level of convenience.


Topical CBD

Cannabidiol is also available in a variety of balms, salves, creams and lotions. These products are known as topical CBD. This type of CBD is particularly popular with people who suffer from chronic pain. It allows the user to apply the substance and specifically target an area of the body in urgent need of relief. These products can also contain additional nutrients and ingredients that promote healthy skin. Hence, we are now seeing a range of CBD-infused skincare products.


CBD Suppositories

Although not as widely used as other solutions, CBD suppositories are the fastest way to absorb CBD into the body. This is done by inserting a pellet in the body and absorbing CBD via the anal or vaginal passage. This product is ideal for those people who may not be able to consume CBD through oral means due to medical reasons.