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Bockchain Smart Contract Development Company

Here is the blockchain smart contract development company that you are looking for. Blockchain Firm offers you the best smart contract development services that you should never miss. Get end-to-end blockchain-based services for attractive packages along with continuous support post-deployment. Call us now.

Blockchain Smart Contract Development Company – Blockchain Firm

Smart Contracts Smart contracts are codes that define a set of rules. These codes are deployed on the blockchain. It negotiates, enforces, or at times enforces actions when the given rules are met. However, this is not the end. Smart contracts have unique characteristics as they are built on the blockchain platform.Read More Blockchain Smart Contract Development Company – Blockchain Firm

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Why are Smart Contract Security Audits So Important?

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Demystifying Smart Contracts With a Simple Example

Learn how smart contracts function and see how good it is to use them. A simple and easy example is all that you need to understand smart development and functions. Read this blog to know more.

Demystifying smart contracts with a simple example. Learn all about smart contracts if you are new to it. Also, there is a simple and easy example that you should definitely read to know how smart contracts function.

Top 3 Best Smart Contract Development Platforms in 2019!

Having an idea of performing a transaction on ownership? Leverage the smart contract development services to secure your future assets!

Transferring the ownership for one of your valuable assets to the global clients? Secure your agreements with our smart contract development services!

How does a smart contract work? It’s just like your daily life machine! Guess what?

Cryptocurrencies have brought up state-of-the-art innovation to the universe. Blockchain and smart contractsstrong text are among them. It’s time to apply smart contracts in our lives!
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Smart Contract Development Company | Smart Contract Development Services

Top 5 Best Smart Contract Platforms for 2019 - Blockchain Firm

What is Smart Contract?

A smart contract is the set of computer protocol which facilitates verification, negotiation or performance of transactions without any third-party intervention.

Smart-contract transactions are stored using the blockchain technology which means the transactions added as blocks are immutable, chronological and tamper-proof.

Smart Contracts implemented in the industry can be of two distinct ways. One which is of standard protocol available in the network, other which is customized smart contracts. However, customized smart contracts implementations take up the lump of money from the pockets. Hence many companies out there has implemented the generic smart contracts for their ICO needs.

Now let’s take a look into the 5 best smart contract platforms for 2019 and decide which suits your business needs!

5 Best Smart Contract Platforms


Ethereum is one of the topmost smart contract platforms to date and its the developer’s cup of ice cream. This platform facilitates the smart contract platform to a wide range of industries right from ICO’s to blockchain games.

The smart contract platform of Ethereum renders great support to developers through clear documentation on rules, compliances which maintain the standardization of platform. Solidity is Ethereum’s own smart contract programming language which helps developers to launch their smart contracts in a much easier way.

However, Ethereum has its own vulnerable flaws which are rectified by the team. Still, Ethereum serves to be the best generic smart contract platform to implement in the industries.

*Pros *

  • Free of cost
  • Degree of Standardization
  • Solidity as a programming language
  • Supporting developers through documentation


  • Overloaded Network
  • Security bugs

2. Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric ranks the second-best in the list. The smart contract platform was set up by the Linux Foundation and it’s the permissioned blockchain smart contract platform in which all the nodes have their identity.

Hyperledger holds a powerful tool which is HyperLedger Composer, a Java-based tool that makes smart contract development much easier for its developers by compliance with data protection laws.

Hyperledger also includes more frameworks like Hyperledger Indy, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Hyperledger Burrow, Hyperledger Fabric. If there is a get back, then the miss of own token system in Hyperledger is the only feature.


  • Permissioned smart contract platform with identities
  • Open-source platform
  • Can be developed in well-known programming languages


  • Doesn’t include own token system

3. NEM

NEM is the easiest smart contract platform for the developers as it’s built-in Java language. It’s less vulnerable to security threats as the developers are used to the programming language.

The smart contract platform of NEM supports higher transactions than the Ethereum platform. Many smart contract enthusiasts switch over for the advantages in NEM.


  • Java platform
  • Lower security threats
  • Higher transaction rates


  • No supporting tools
  • Less decentralized

4. Stellar

Stellar the experienced smart contract platform which is the simplest of other platforms and has ease-of-use to develop ICO’s.

If you’re looking for a much sophisticated smart contract platform to implement in your industry, then stellar must not be your choice. Stellar is soon kick-starting its idea of the international payment sector.


  • Simplest & experienced smart contract platform
  • Apt for ICO smart contracts


  • Not the choice of complex smart contracts

5. Waves

Waves, one of the open-source smart contract platform was launched to shatter the barriers of speed and scalability. It’s acute for token developers and can be just like drag and drop tasks to create ICO’s.


  • Ideal for ICO smart contracts
  • Speed & scalability
  • Easy development platform
  • Open-source smart contract


  • Flexibility is low.

If you’re looking forward to developing a smart contract platform for ICO’s or implementing in your industry, then Blockchain Firm might be sharing their professional thoughts to save time and money!