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Headline for Famous Local Delicacies of Abu Dhabi – Dainties Known to Leave Traces in Anyone's Memory
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Famous Local Delicacies of Abu Dhabi – Dainties Known to Leave Traces in Anyone's Memory

Abu Dhabi is famous for many things, and its cuisine is among them. You may have your own reasons for your travels, but if you are in Abu Dhabi, you must make these culinary wonders available to you.


Al Harees

Considered to be the result of the Arabic culinary expertise, Al Harees is a delicacy that'll turn you into a foodie. A combination of meat and wheat, this dish is a total repayment for the effort and work you've put into being in Abu Dhabi. Al Harees is a festive dish, especially served at weddings – that being said, it does not mean that you cannot savour this on your vacation, if you walk into one of Abu Dhabi best restaurants, Al Harees will be one of the choices presented to you.



You've no doubt heard of this and tried it most likely, but the Abu Dhabi version is loads better, and you must make yourself acquainted with the upgrade. Often regarded as the fast food of Abu Dhabi, shawarma is a fusion of veggies, meat, pickles and added spices to enhance the flavour. The mixture of vegetables and meat is wrapped in Arabic bread, which makes it a complete meal consumed at any time of the day. The usual practice in Abu Dhabi is to enjoy shawarma with a sumptuous beverage made of strawberries and bananas. You can sample this dish at any eatery in Abu Dhabi, including resorts like Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara.


Al Machboos

Aroma of this dish is a delight in itself. Offering you quite a unique taste, Al Machboos is a dish made of rice, meat, lemon zest and onions. As is the signature of any Arabian dish, you will savour the taste of many spices added to it in order to bring out the flavour.



The recipe of this dish has been passed down from generation to generation, which makes it one of the treasured concoctions in the UAE. The flavour of buttermilk brought together with ghee; Jami is the perfect meal you can have for your desert land breakfast.


Bottom Chicken

As the name suggests, the chicken is placed underneath all the other ingredients when cooking – the chicken is pressed down in the pot by layers of rice, curcuma, onion and yoghurt. A local favourite, bottom chicken is a dish you must try when visiting Abu Dhabi.



Yet another rice dish, Ayish is typically served with meat, but if you are a vegetarian, you can expect an exception. The rice slathered with butter, saffron, rose water and curcuma, Ayish will make the perfect lunch party for you.



You might want to wander off a little from your diet if you've got a mind to try Bathieth. But to provide some justification; this isn't one you might call a sugary dish; the sweetness of the dish is brought about by the addition of dates – a rich source of minerals and vitamins. Other ingredients contributed to the making of this dish include rosewater, almonds, hazelnut, brown wheat, butter and sesame.