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Top 11 things to do in Hoi An that no traveller should miss – Unparallel features of Hoi An

Though many believe that Hoi An is a one-day stop, it is not so. The tourist-oriented nightlife, the old town, food and shopping will push you well over the threshold of a day's trip.


A bike tour

Sounds like the same old recommendation you've been given before, but if you are to explore the city to its highest possibility, you should give it a try. Without the bother of traffic, the Old Town dons an array of ancient buildings, meeting halls and temples – on a bike trip, there's no chance of you missing out on any of these places.


Relax at a bar or a beachside restaurant

The line of bars and hotels in Hoi An that fringes the oceanfront is an invitation for you to enjoy the beach. Grab a chair from one of the restaurants – which only cost you a bottle of water – and deck it paces away from the ocean edge all ready to while the day away reading a book. You can also use your day at the beach to enjoy various types of seafood dishes offered by the seaside restaurants.


Enjoy the seduction of nightlife

Being a tourist-oriented city, Hoi An, naturally, boasts a vibrant nightlife. People who lounge their day by the poolside come out of their dwellings at dusk to be part of the exuberant nightlife. Free bottles of vodka, tequila, happy hours and bucket drinks are all options if you know where to look.


Fine dining

Even if you feel as though you've sampled every type of cuisine that there is, when you are in a foreign city, there's always some novelty. If you know where to go, in fact, if you do some research – talk to a fellow traveller and that sort of thing – you'll be able to find an eatery where you can savour the best bits of local cuisine.


Do some shopping

You would agree that the best part of any tour to a foreign city is raking through its markets and shopping malls. In Hoi An, however, it's all about bespoke garments. Rather than shopping at a market or shopping for readymade clothes, you could find a tailor to have your clothes made.



As a city fringed by the ocean, there's only little doubt that you can try out any water sport you may wish. Snorkelling ranks quite high on the water sports list, and the sites in Hoi An are made just for that.


My Son Sanctuary

The ruins at My Son Sanctuary are reminiscent of the ancient Hindu Champa civilisation. Moreover, during the American War in 1969, My Son was a direct target, and as a result, almost all the structures were run down. As a historical site, the sanctuary attracts hundreds of tourists. So, the place tends to get a bit crowded; if you decide to go, choose a time slot that's after 1 pm.


Rooftop Cafes

Rooftop cafes in Hoi An deserve a special mention as they boast the most iconic panoramic views of the city. You can set yourself high above the busy streets and watch the passing crowds while sipping on a cocktail.


Relish in the comforts of a beach resort

As the city has turned into quite the touristy miasma, it's no wonder that the city is cluttered with the likes of Anantara Hoi An Resort. From those who are on a budget to those seeking luxury, Hoi An is well prepared to indulge every whim of its visitors.


Ride the distance between Hoi An to Hue

This is not an activity in itself, but you should give it a go regardless. You can take an Easyrider – an experienced local riding a motorbike – and explore the wonders between Hoi An and Hue.


Food Tours

Book yourself a food tour to explore the markets, restaurants and street-side stalls. You get to sample more dishes than you can dream of and there are moments when you can employ your photographic skills.