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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 10, 2019
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5 Must Eat Food in Bangkok - For an authentic food experience!

Bangkok is not only an epic holiday destination, but it is also a place that boasts of flavourful cuisine. Here are the must-try foods in Bangkok.


Mango Sticky Rice

The mango sticky rice is a famous dish out in these parts. Without having a bite of this delicious goodness, your trip here will never be complete. One of the best places serving mango sticky rice in Bang Kom is the Mae Varee Fruit Shop. You can get a plate of this flavoursome food for a price of 130 baht. The dish is served in three primary colours, green, black or white. With it comes a serving of coconut sauce, Kung beans and mangoes. Besides, if you're looking for Bangkok resorts for accommodation when in here exploring Thai food, you can check out properties like Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort.


Som Tum

When talking about traditional Thai food, one must never rule out the Som Tum. This is a dish composed of green papayas, fish sauce, lime juice and chillies. The balance of flavours in this dish is something quite extraordinary. You'll have a taste of sweet, sour, spicy and freshness, all in one plate! The locals here will attest to the fact that this is their favourite dish out of it all. You can choose to taste the dish with the addition of crab meat, hard-boiled egg or dried shrimp. It's all up to you, to give your taste sensors what it craves for


Tom Yum Soup

Well, anyone who has ever tried Thai cuisine will know about the Tom Yum soup. This is a signature soup of this cuisine. It is made with chillies, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, galangal and tamarinds. Another variation of this soup is the Kuaytiaw Tom Yum. Most restaurants serving this soup have an addition of minced pork, pork balls, dried shrimps and bean sprouts. All these ingredients make it look appealing. The best places to try this dish include places like P'AOR, T&K SEAFOOD and MIT KO YUAN.


Gaeng Keow Wan Kai

Who doesn't like a delicious bowl of chicken curry to go with your rice or roti? When in Bang Kok, the best chicken curry to order is the Gaeng Keow Wan Kai, also known as the green chicken curry. This curry is prepared with coconut sauce, bamboo shoots, basil, coriander, and green curry. Make sure to order a bowl of jasmine rice too! Besides, you can find this dish served in many restaurants. You won't have a difficult time locating this dish.


Pad Thai Prawn

Many locals will recommend the Pad Thai Prawn served in the Thip Sama and rightfully so. The place has been operating for about 50 years now and earned the title of serving the best version of this fish. A portion of this dish will consist of noodles that are cooked in shrimp oil and then fused with omelettes and prawns. It's one of those dishes that catch your eye first. And once you bite into it, your taste buds will be asking for more! As this dish is associated with high calories, you might want to order a fresh juice, like orange, to balance it all out.