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Bitcoin Casino News & Bitcoin Gambling News Articles

Learn about Bitcoin Casino dice and bitcoin gambling in this blog which will go over Bitcoin trading, new cryptocurrencies, and other must know crypto insider information to get rich quick with MintDice and online casino free spin no deposit information. Should I invest in Ethereum? Find out!

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Unless you’ve been without Internet or news access for the past month, you’ve likely heard of Facebook’s Libra. Even if you have, worry not – we’ve got you covered.

Libra is a stablecoin by Facebook backed by a combination of bank deposits and short-term government securities. The project is slated to launch in 2020, but it has already received its fair share of criticisms from the press, regulators, and the general public.

Libra is on a mission to be “A simple global currency and financial infrastructure that empowers billions of people.”

Few projects are actually as positioned to do this as Facebook, a platform with over 2.38 billion monthly active users. Facebook aims to connect the world via its Libra on a stable-value, global, digital currency.

All of Libra’s assets are stored in the Libra Reserve, which contains enough capital to fully back every Libra at all times.

Facebook plans to fill the Libra Reserve with funds from Founding Members, who will receive an Investment Token for their contributions. These Investment Token entitle the Founding members to a percentage of the interest payments the Reserve earns from its assets. However, if you want to be a Founding Member, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny; it costs $10 million to be a Founding Member and you also need substantial technological infrastructure

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What would you rather invest into – Coin A with a price of $10,000 per coin, or Coin B with a price of $0.08 per coin?

Absent of any knowledge of the fundamentals behind the projects, if you’re immediately inclined to invest in Coin B, you probably made that decision because the lower price tag is more attractive and, on the surface, leaves more room for astronomical growth.

The popularization of cryptocurrency investing has brought some interesting components of trader psychology to light.

The psychology of cheap coins refers to the tendency for the general public to sway towards digital assets with lower prices instead of something like a Bitcoin, with a relatively colossal price tag up to $10,000+.

The theory is rooted in that of a stock split, which is something a corporation does to increase the number of its outstanding shares by dividing each share but holding the same total market capitalization. For example, in a 2-for-1 stock split, someone with a share valued at $100 would end up with two shares valued at $50 a piece. This is a strategy that helps attract new investors, who would like to own a piece of the company at a lower price point.

According to YourArticleLibrary, “As the price of a share gets higher and higher some investors may feel the prices are too high for them to buy or small investors may feel it is unaffordable. Splitting the share brings the share price down to a more attractive level. Thus, the effect is psychological. The actual value of the share does not change one bit, but the down share price may attract the new investors .”

Although most digital assets are divisible and there doesn’t need to be a stock split to purchase percentages of a token (most assets also don’t represent a ownership stake in a company), the psychology of cheap coins still applies.

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The “Coinbase Effect” is a theory within the cryptocurrency community that postulates that if a token/coin, usually one relatively less well-known, gets added to the Coinbase exchange, its price will increase substantially.

Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges as well as arguably the most user-friendly, making it the starting point for new cryptocurrency traders. The idea is that when a coin gets added to the once-exclusive list of tokens offered on Coinbase, it’ll receive mainstream attention, higher trading volume, and liquidity.

The Coinbase Effect has come into question several times over the past year, mainly due to the underwhelming price gains of the nearly dozen assets added throughout the period – which, to be fair, was in the troughs of the crypto winter.

The Coinbase Effect reached popularity in 2017 with the flood of attention from thousands of new speculators and investors. 2017 was a time where a simple rumor of a digital asset being added to the exchange could give it a double-digit percentage price increase. At the time, Coinbase only had three digital assets - Bitcoin, Ethereum (added July 2016), and Litecoin (added May 2017).

When Coinbase started adding more digital assets, the prices of those assets didn’t experience astronomical price increases as the trader psychology of 2017 would have anticipated. Ripple, for example, was added in February 2019 and the price per XRP only increase about 5%, leaving the asset to hover at around $0.30.

Stellar had a similar lackluster result:

$XLM added to Coinbase Pro but the pump started a week ago 🤔

— Rob "Crypto Bobby" Paone (@crypto_bobby) March 13, 2019
Today, Coinbase has 15 digital assets, with one of them being a stablecoin. Many analysts assumed the exchanges Midus Touch was extinguished, but then a relatively obscure digital asset LINK (ChainLink) was added in June 2019. Upon its addition, the price per LINK skyrocketed from $2.26 to $4.15 over the next day – a sharp gain of 83.6%.

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The year 2019 has been slow for most digital currencies. At the beginning of the year, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple (XRP) maintained the same low price points as the end of the previous year. This was largely owing to a long-running market correction following the post-2017 crypto boom.

However, things seemed to pick up in the past few weeks, starting with predictions from industry experts in early June that Bitcoin would hit the 5-figure mark again. In the third week of June, there were signs that the currency might actually scale that point. These signs were confirmed when Bitcoin surpassed $10,000 on June 22nd.

Other currencies like Ethereum were not left out, and the bulk of the positive reactions were borne by those who had bought these assets at low prices when a good portion of the community had lost interest in them.

So now that prices have skyrocketed, what next?

Let’s run through the reasons for this sudden climb in the prices of the top digital currencies and how they may affect the future of cryptocurrency.

Before finding out why the top four digital currencies skyrocketed within the last week of June, we’ll look at just how significant these recent gains were.

At the beginning of the year, Bitcoin opened with a price point of $3,782.44. This wasn't surprising since it hovered around this figure for most of 2018. The first major peak came on February 23rd when Bitcoin surpassed $4,000. However, this didn't seem significant compared to the prices that BTC has recorded in the past. By April, BTC began its climb to $5,000, reaching new levels of support and resistance.

Slot Machines: Then And Now

Slot machines have been around since 1894 when they were first invented. Back then, Slot games were more of a novelty item than they were a fixture of modern day gambling.

Today, the slot machine world is fairly diverse in offerings but not so diverse when it comes to the operators that provide the games themselves. There are a handful gaming licensors, around 10, that offer many different variants on today's more popular slot machine offerings.

Bitcoin Reddit on Gambling, What You Need To Know

Bitcoin Reddit And Their Approach To Gambling

One of the biggest places for Bitcoin chat in the Bitcoin community space is none other than /r/Bitcoin as a subreddit of the Reddit community itself. The Bitcoin Reddit community is often one of the first responders to news, views and gossip that goes around the Bitcoin news space on the web.

What Is The Future of Bitcoin In The Gambling Industry?

Bitcoin Casino Markets Prediction

One thing that is for certain is that making certain predictions about the future of any field, no less one as complicated as the subject of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, is an extremely tough one to do. But nonetheless, we will attempt to draw some conclusions as to which direction the industry as a whole is headed based off of some salient facts we know about the way society is currently positioned and headed.

Kakegurui Gambling Anime - Betting Strategies in Games of Chance

Kakegurui Manga & Gambling Anime

Kakegurui (Compulsive Gambler) is all about the thrill of gambling. Taking place at the prestigious Hyakkaou Private Academy, the children of wealthy and powerful families are taught life-skills in the form of gambling, as it is proposed that bluffing and strategy will be more important in their future lives and careers than traditional school subjects. While it takes place in a school, don’t be fooled by thinking the stakes are simple, these students often put their lives on the line all for the gamble. For those who love the manga, the anime series on Netflix is accurately re-made and well worth a watch.

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Bit.Rocket Bitcoin Crash Game Of Luck And Skill

Bit.Rocket is the Bitcoin crash game that is taking the world by storm. It is the perfect innovative mix of high quality graphic engines, an amazing gambling experience while also offering a skill gaming component to the users that desire to play to earn Bitcoin as a side job for crypto payments.

There is much to be said about Bit.Rocket and it is a game that must also be experienced to understand the fun and production value that went into the creation of the game. If you can't wait - Play now! ;)

Bitcoin Ponzi Schemes & Identifying Bitcoin Ponzi Games

Using Bitcoin Safely Is The Fun Way To Use Bitcoin

It's no secret that if you own Bitcoin that you get to be your own bank whenever you hold your own private keys. However, frequently to get the full use out of Bitcoin, or money in general, you need to have it held with various institutions. These institutions may be a bank where you can store your money for safe keeping or an investment portfolio to invest into domestic index funds. Outside of financial institutions they can be as simple as gift cards or other similar assets to be used at a future point in time.

Plinko Boards For Bitcoin And The BTC Plinko Game With Dice

Plinko Game Origins And Plinko Innovations

Bitcoin Plinko is fan favorite game that hasn't had much in the way of innovation since it first made it's debut in The Price Is Right and other game show contests. Generally speaking, the objective of the game has been either to target specific locations or to veer off to the edges. In MintDice's Bitcoin Plinko Game you are only allowed the opportunity to drop dice from the top location of the triangle location so we'll stick to just discussing that location for the article.