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Headline for 08 2013 List of the best blog posts I found this week
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08 2013 List of the best blog posts I found this week

Every week I curate the blog posts I liked best and publish the list on my Blog:

Social Capital or 10 Ways To Help Your Friends Online

I'm not sure if we can create attention-savings-accounts but we can certainly enjoy spending the attention currency. We can learn to spend it wisely and we can choose consciously where we spend it! How about spending it on your friends, your favourite causes or even your favourite brands?

Let's explore some ways to use your Social Capital

Entrepreneurs Must Have a Supportive Spouse if Launching a Startup

I am an entrepreneur and I have the most amazing wife in the world. The support I get from her is incredible. If you're an entrepreneur and you're working on a startup, you WILL need moral support (at a minimum) from your spouse - without it, well, I can't even imagine how that would work. photo

How to prevent your intellectual property from being hijacked | Cybele Negris | Business in Vancouver

It’s important that everything that reflects ownership of your IP assets be in your name and no one else’s

Social trendsetters are the ones that brands are reaching through social media |

Do you remember the person who consulted with you about social media and told you that brands are having tremendous success on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest? That

7 C’s of Captivating Social Media Conversations | Rebekah Radice

Blog post at Rebekah Radice : Social media and the tools they inspire allow a business or brand to turn communication into interactive dialogue. With the power of social [..]

LinkedIn Invitations: Everything You Need to Know (and Then Some!)

As an active LinkedIn networker, blogger and trainer, I receive lots of LinkedIn questions every day. This week, there seemed to be a common theme - LinkedIn In

Comment Etiquette: How to Properly Comment on Blogs |

Although some people don’t realize it (and some people just don’t care), there is an etiquette that should be followed when commenting on blogs. Check out these basic tips on blog comment etiquette.

Does Facebook have a problem with women? | Life and style | The Guardian

Laura Bates: Facebook insists there's no place on its site for hate speech or content that is threatening or incites violence. So why do images that seem to glorify rape and domestic violence keep appearing?

10 Ways Your Smartphone Camera Can Make Life Easier

“Does your phone have a camera on it?” said no one since 2005. Nobody even asks how many megapixels your phone’s camera has anymore. With the ubiquity of smartphones today, and the resolution of the cameras they have in them, why does anyone even sell a point-and-shoot digital camera anymore? All you need is a [...]

Size matters on social media. Are you getting your sizing right? -

If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!People are seeing more and more faster and faster online every day. We are all getting more savvy by way of use of the latest tools and strategies. Getting people to click the magic share button on your posts will [...]