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Updated by Deepesh Dhakal on Aug 08, 2019
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How Digital Marketing Works. Connecting with the people.

SEO in Nepal and worldwide

Digital MARKETING is a very complicated subject for those who don't understand it. At least, this is what I learned from my experience of working with various companies and organizations in Nepal. Digital Marketing in Nepal is a newly introduced phrase. SEO in Nepal is taken as a highly technical job, even though the most of the people in the industry don't have a lot of idea on the subject. Many businessmen complain that they do not get return on their investment, even with paid ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

So, SEO Sansar aims to connect the business with the right people. How? It's quite simple. All we need to do is to find a gap that's in the current market, and address it. It's not going to be an easy journey, but excitement grows as we learn more about SEO, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing as we help our clients understand and implement them in their business strategy. You will find more information as you scroll below.


Search Engine Optimization Facts: 11 Things You Should Know

Read this blog to understand SEO Facts and figures that will help you understand it better. I have spend the last few years working for various companies, as well as the last year for studying digital marketing in detail. 11 Search Engine Optimization facts is a blog based on my work experience, how I have helped contents get indexed and ranks, and how I think about the misconceptions people have on the subject. Reading this blog will be insightful as I've tried my best to explain content, links, search queries, SEO practices and other relevant facts and figures. Visit the website SEO in Nepal for more information. You can skip to the blog section if you want to head into reading right away.

Introducing Digital Media

Anyone can create an animated banner to better showcase their business. Online Marketing is the right way to go with videos, as they are the ones that grab more attention of the readers.

SEO Sansar Youtube will be helpful for enterpreneurs to understand how business works.


A disc representing various facets of digital marketing

A disc representing various facets of digital marketing

The above picture helps understand Digital Marketing in a single view. As we can see that various factors come into play when we mean Online tools and techniques of selling and reaching out to people. There's no shortcut to it and the only way to master it is to hire a professional, or to learn the skillset by yourself.
Visit our website taglined SEO in Nepal for more details on the subject.

SEO SansarInternet Marketing Service in Kathmandu, Nepal

Seo Sansar provides Digital Marketing Solutions, UX/UI Design, Optimization and content management services to grow your business. Find us on Facebook to show your support and learn about digital marketing.


The Arrowman signifies our vision to reach the targeted objective.

The Arrowman signifies our vision to reach the targeted objective.

The arrowman says it all, we are not kidding about targeting your clients or customers. Visit our website to learn about Digital Marketing in Nepal. If you are impressed by now, we also urge you to fill up the subscription form so that we can reach you out with our newsletters.

12 Hacks: Write SEO Friendly Blog Post using Yoast and Wordpress

Helping out

Let's be honest, not everyone needs to hire a professional to write a blog post or a webpage and optimize it to the Search Engines. Many times, it's not possible due to constrains in budget, or simply because it's upsetting how much resource is spent on hiring people that can't deliver.

I wrote this blog so that people, who don't even have technical knowledge of SEO, can use it as a guide to use various settings on Yoast Plugin on Wordpress, and come up with an optimized blog.

SEO in Nepal is a relatively unknown concept, when it comes to businessmen. Of course they know that it exist, but have no idea how it work. This article will empower them to at least understand the term so that they can be familiar with it and use it to boost their business.