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Headline for Local Listing Management – 5 Things We Learned from Launching Yext
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Local Listing Management – 5 Things We Learned from Launching Yext

Why should you care about a local listing management service? Nearly half (46%) of all Google searches today have local intent. Consistent and accurate listings across web directories, review sites and social networks has a major impact on local SEO and overall search visibility. Yext PowerListings can ensure other business listing locations are accurate and optimized after Google has been successfully addressed.


Yext Partners with hundreds of third-party sites, apps, and maps.

There are upwards of 100 sites your business can appear on. This includes search engines (don’t forget about Yahoo and Bing behind the top dog, Google), voice search with Amazon Alexa, and industry specific sites like Vitals, DocSpot, CareDash and more for the healthcare vertical or Zomato, Yelp, etc. for the food and beverage industry.


Yext will fix information errors across the internet and efficiently maintain listing accuracy.

Ever noticed a phone number or address listed incorrectly on a search engine but weren’t sure how to fix it? Yext addresses this by overriding the incorrect information in affected listing, and populates the correct information that you enter into the database yourself. This is a simple fix that would otherwise be painful and time consuming to do it manually across many listings.


Yext will create new listings for your business on new listing sites.

Yext can do the job for you by creating new listings on the sites in which you weren’t previously on. In this instance, your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information is most important here. They will take your business information and populate it onto other sites that you had not been on prior to using Yext. Rest assured, you also have the ability to “opt out” of any sites that you don’t want to be on. You may also not qualify for sites that your business category doesn’t align with.


For businesses with multiple locations, considering listing management set up order based on opening date.

If you have multiple locations and one is much newer than the other, it may save you some headache to set them up in the order they were established. This is because the longer a business has been established, the longer it has to make a name for itself across the internet. If the business is brand new, search engines, apps, etc. may take a bit longer to recognize it and begin to gather data from other sources. From our experience, setting up the business with the largest digital footprint first can make it easiest for Yext to ensure that all information is being synced correctly the first time.


Be prepared with detailed business information to maximize upside benefit.

Yext provides numerous opportunities to provide content and valuable information about your business. This is because different sites across the internet ask for different amounts of information. For instance, some local listings need only the NAP information, hours, and business category. Others want those three plus pictures, a business description, product lists, staff bios, etc. The initial setup process can be time consuming, but we believe it’s worth it. More helpful information entered in the platform translates to better customer experiences and higher local search visibility.


Get in touch.

While Google My Business does the heavy lifting for Local SEO, it’s still important to claim and optimize other key listings. If your organization doesn’t have the expertise or even know where to begin with a local SEO approach, you can get in touch here.