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Integrated Medical Care

Integrated Medical Care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a family owned and operated physical therapy clinic focused on providing the latest care in a personalized environment. Led by a board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, we perform comprehensive EMG/NCV studies, trigger point and intra-articular joint injections, and acupuncture

Myths about Physical Therapy you should avoid considering

Physical Therapy Philadelphia at Integrated Medical Care provides the best beneficial services for injured persons or anyone else suffering from pains. Different types of physical therapies help people to regain their strength and stability

Tips That Physical Therapists Give Their Patients

Physical therapy is a great and sage way to get rid of many health issues. But to get best outcome, choosing good physical therapist is important. Integrated Medical Care is the ideal destination for those who are looking for best Physical Therapy Philadelphia.

The Best Ways To Pick A Physical Therapist in Philadelphia

Good Physical therapists can give you best results after their therapy sessions, and hence, you should choose a reputed source. Integrated Medical Care is in this industry for years and can treat a wide array of ailments through exceptional physical therapy sessions

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Your Physical Therapist

Integrated Medical Care holds unique expertise in providing ultimate physical therapy Huntingdon Valley. We have a skilled staff that can efficiently performs a wide number of simple and advance physical therapy sessions with ease. Feel free to visit

5 Categories Of Physical Therapy You Should Be Aware Of!

Are you searching "Best Physical Therapy Near Me" in Philadelphia? Well, no one can beat physical therapy provided by Integrated Medical Care. We are the one-stop-destination for variety of excellent physical therapy services. You can get your therapy by highly-experienced therapists.

5 Significant Reasons why Physical Therapy can be beneficial

Very often, most of us feel body aches at different body parts. Some pain goes away, but some can last longer than our imagination. Be it any reason behind your pain, physical therapy at Integrated Medical Care will give you the best relief. We can solve mobility issues as well.

List Of Diseases Treated By Physical Therapy

Integrated Medical care is efficient in treating a vast range of ailments through their excellent therapies. The skilled medical staff, including licensed Physicians and Physical Therapists, works closely together to provide a multidisciplinary treatment program to resolve the patient's pain and restore body functionality. We will treat you through medical management, guided injections, physical therapy, and aquatic therapy.

Key Benefits Of Physical Therapy At Integrated Medical Care

Integrated Medical Care is a renowned center of exceptional physical therapies to treat various health issues. Our vast range of treatment includes Trigger point injections, Nerve blockades, Medical Aquapuncture, Electromyography (EMG), Nerve condition velocity (NCV) testing, Anti-inflammatory and pain-relief intra-articular injections, Peripheral nerves blockades, acupuncture, Botox injections and lots more. Feel free to connect and know your benefits with us!

Make your choice according to your needs

While you are experiencing pain and discomfort regarding an injury or a chronic physical disability, physical therapy should be taken into account as a vital aspect of the healing process.

Stay free from every type of pain with Integrated Medical Care

Choosing a professional and the expert medical services provider has always been difficult for everyone, but it can be done easily with the help of our top-rated Medical services providers

It is the evaluation and treatment of physical abnormality by trained professionals, problems such as an injury, disability, some disease or such inappropriate physical condition. It’s good to consult with a physical therapist who helps you to restore your normal way of life.

How does the Aqua Therapy Philadelphia is beneficial for you

Whether it is a major therapy or a minor therapy, every therapy is having its own benefits and Aqua Therapy Philadelphia is having its own benefits as well.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Physical Therapist

Many aspiring physical therapists have a common question in mind that; how long does it take to become a physical therapist.

Understanding The Benefits Of Physical Therapy in Philadelphia

Take an alternative way to rescue your chronic pain problem. Continuous intake of medicine is not beneficial for health so its better to consult some physical therapist and recover your issue.

Physical therapy for overall health regardless of age

People of all ages, having medical conditions, illness or injuries, which disturbs their regular ability to move and function can get benefits through physical therapy. It also improves overall health and well -being, encouraging activities and lifestyle changes. Patients are often referred to physical therapy at the first sign of a problem, by doctors.

Stay healthy; educate yourself about the importance of physiotherapy

From a simple ankle sprain to a complex neurological disorder, physical therapy can deal with various physical complications. Physical therapists assist individuals across their lifespan; they work as movement experts, from birth till the end of life. Physical therapy can get benefits even if you are not injured.

The job of physical therapy is to help recover and reestablish the torment free and agreeable development and by and large wellbeing that an individual experienced before damage, ailment oar inability.

Physical therapy isn't forever everyone's first decision of treatment. Frequently, individuals who have endured wounds and individuals with incessant agony or limited portability lean toward medical procedure to physical therapy, accepting that medical procedure is a quicker and increasingly compelling approach to treat the issue.