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Landscaping in Calgary

By planting several trees and flowers throughout your front and back yard and in your flower beds, a landscaping company will totally change the appearance of your home.

Our Landscape Design Story Has Come A Long Way!

Today, I’m launching my new website with updated work and with this, I can’t help but think back to how I started in my 2 bedroom apartment kitchen table and built Tazscapes to be one of leading landscaping companies Calgary.


In the last 10 years in being in the landscape design and landscape construction field – from a university master’s degree in landscape architecture to working as a landscape labourer, to working in an architectural firm, to working for landscaping company calgary – I’ve seen it all and there is a BIG difference! How do design educators think? How do landscape architects think? How do landscape contractors think? and How do landscape designers think? I’ve also learned very quickly when specifically working with landscaping trades for about 6 years now, what quality workmanship is and what a ‘corner-cut’ project is. I’ve seen my design vision for space come to reality and it’s the most gratifying feeling ever.

How Do I Professionally Landscape My Yard?

As a trained landscape designer, I regularly visit home-owners to help them with Landscaping company Calgary ideas. I’m often amazed that the first thing they do is take me to their space and begin complaining about what they have to work with. However, where people see constraints, I see opportunity. It’s just how I was trained!

What Softscape Means, How to Use It ?

Softscaping in Calgary or Softscape is a term we use in landscaping that refers to Plant materials, Sod or Groundcovers like mulch and decorative rock. At Tazscapes Inc, we believe softscaping is the glue that connects everything together in your overall landscape construction – and often surfaces that make up your transition points such as planting beds.

The Parts of the Landscape Design Process

The complete answer starts with our saying, “be careful.” Calgary landscape design services are part of what we offer at Tazscapes landscaping in Calgary. To end up with the best landscaping results, you need to successfully manage the conversion of landscape design ideas into solid results. That will include proper site analysis and preparation, the right tools, the right materials, and the right skillsets for pulling it all together.

7 Tips You Need for a Low Maintenance Yard in Calgary

Here are my tips to a low maintenance landscape design in Calgary, so you can spend more time enjoying the yard rather than working in the yard.On top of that, you will have to choose Calgary paving stones that are more durable, or Calgary deck construction that will last longer.It’s very convenient and can leave your landscaping in pristine shape without you having to turn the hose bib on once. Call a reputable Calgary landscaping company to do your blow-outs in the fall time, and have them restart it in the springtime and you’re good to go.

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Many houses in Calgary have mundane front yard landscaping Calgary – mainly because it’s not usually a top priority for home-owners. However, some residents understand the importance of “the first impression.”

5 Outdoor Water Feature Ideas You'll Want in Your Calgary Home

Installing an outdoor water feature for your Calgary landscaping can be as simple as a ‘rock bubbling water fountain,’ or as intricate as a grand waterfall spilling into a rushing stream. Don’t forget the live fish! Yep, it’s all possible in a backyard water feature.

How to Design Perfect Calgary Backyard Landscaping Ideas

When coming up with landscaping ideas for backyards, you can certainly try to sketch up what you are thinking. Alternatively, as most people end up doing, you can check out inspirational Landscaping Companies Calgary websites, like Houzz for ideas.

6 Tips to Achieving Breathtaking Patio Backyard Landscaping

When proposing backyard landscaping Calgary ideas for your landscape design, you have to first establish what your ideal destination point is. What will that perfect space help you accomplish? Will you be cooking there, lounging, or using it as a dining area? What about all three?

How to Get Your Calgary Yard to be Your Own Personal Island

Your Calgary yard is your personal sanctuary, but how do you even begin to think of backyard landscaping ideas that will optimize your space? In successfully running my own Calgary landscaping companies, I’ve learned that I have to let my creativity run. Instead, I focus on presenting what I call the “Maserati” of designs to the client and let them tell me they’d rather have a Toyota.One of the things I learned during my landscape design training was the importance of connecting our senses to our natural surroundings.

5 Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas You Need to Try

Small yard? No problem! Here are five geat small backyard landscaping Calgary ideas to keep in mind for when designing your Calgary yard. It’s hard to come across great backyard landscaping ideas for a small-sized yard. It’s always nice when I can walk into a backyard, and there is ample amount of space for a landscaping proposal, but that’s not always the case.

Planting Services Calgary

Landscaping Company Calgary Soil depths and widths are properly excavated and backfilled to ensure proper establishment of your Trees and various shrubbery. The strains involved with the Calgary freeze-thaw climate can damage the health of these plant materials so a strong soil foundation is essential in establishing the plants for years to come.

Calgary Landscaping Company | Top-Rated Landscapers

At Tazscapes Inc we offer top quality outdoor wood-working and carpentry services as our commitment to a full service Landscaping Company In Calgary continues to grow. Call us if you are looking for the right deck builder contractor in Calgary to design and build your new deck!

What Are The Five Basic Landscaping Design Principles? - Landscaping Calgary

We will gather all the information from the consultation and examine the site analysis to start the Landscape Design proposal for your Calgary home. Taz will personally create a computer design drawing based on your conversation with him and develop a concept that is custom and unique for your particular yard.

How Much Are Paving Stones?

At Tazscapes Inc, we ensure all Landscaping Companies we provide for patios, walkways and driveways are being followed through a detailed process. From excavation down to clay, to brushing in the polymeric sand after the stones have been installed, we take pride in our hardscape landscaping work.

How To Start A Business With Only Landscape Design Calgary

Be careful when garden centers or contractors offer "free" design services. They may be more interested in selling their plant inventory than creating a design that meets your needs. And the people hired to do these designs are generally not as experienced as someone who has invested time and training to become a professional landscape designer. Nothing is really free: design costs are built into the mark-up on plants and materials.

Ideas For Your Landscape Design Contractors

Sure, certain concepts remain the same and the underlying design foundations set by the forefathers of landscape design and landscape architecture will not change but there are always ways to make the yard stand apart from others Landscape Design Contractors, giving you a personal feel.

What Your Customers Really Think About Your Retaining Walls Calgary?

At Tazscapes Inc, we often recommend our residential clients to go with precast retaining wall blocks – especially for small to mid-size Calgary yards Landscaping Company. This is due to the variety of shapes, colors, textures and styles that are available to choose from.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete in Calgary have become one of the most popular ways to enhance patio spaces. It allows home-owners to choose from a variety of colors, textures and patterns so they can have the same feel others have with paving stones but in a more cost-effective manner.

The Parts of the Landscape Design Process

The landscape designer will look at your property and work with a scaled property report, which is an exact map of your property. In this template, the designer will create design ideas. Once you have agreed upon design ideas, the designer adds specifics Landscapers Calgary. At this point, it is necessary to know a lot more about landscaping materials than the average homeowner. What you use has to look good, fit into the design, last for years, and fit into your budget. If you wish to pay someone to design your landscaping, make sure that lists of specific materials, quantities, suppliers, and likely costs are part of the agreement.

Create Escape Tazscapes Landscaping Calgary

Ideas for backyard landscaping are endless. You can create the perfect English garden Landscape Design Contractors, a labyrinth to explore and clear your head, or the perfect patio and open space for family barbecues and swing sets. Make sure that when you are creating your ideal residential landscape design that it will suit your house, family, and the purpose you use it for. Whatever you can imagine, you can incorporate into your residential landscape design!

Tazscapes Inc Landscaping Calgary| Planning Design & Construction‎

I was fortunate enough to have my yard done by Tazscapes and couldn’t have been happier Landscaping Company Calgary! Since the first day we met with Taz, he held our hand through the whole process and boy were we glad we did. an honest and passionate contractor and very understanding to our needs.

Taking on the task of acreage landscape construction requires experienced equipment operators for error-free excavation Landscapers Calgary, grading and product installation. From natural rock retaining walls to slab paving stones, monumental decks and pergolas, an experienced hand and trusted name is essential for a successful project.

Tazscapes Inc Landscaping Calgary | Artificial Grass IS Maintenance Free

Forget about cutting your lawn or water your grass. Sounds appealing right? You’re not alone Landscapers Calgary. The sound of no maintenance is music to any Calgary home-owner’s ears. It doesn’t grow and it doesn’t die. Synthetic grass doesn’t require any chemicals or fertilizers, you don’t have to clean any pet urination, and there are no gophers to chase out – artificial turf is easy to buy and literally maintenance free.