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Investor Relations Agency 

Finding the right investor is key to get funding. You need an investor who has the expertise in the stage in which your company is in and in your industry as well. Furthermore, the investor must also be willing to invest in your area.

A Few Effective Strategies For Successful Investor Targeting!!

Before targeting a group of new and potential investors also make sure that you know what your investors are interested in so that you don't waste your effort and their time making them understand your business workings.

Planning to Go Public? Know Why Consulting an Investor Relations Agency Should Be Your First Step | Minds

If you have decided to go public with your stock, or are in the process of IPO (initial public offering) or are trying to convince investor…

However, by hiring the services of an investor relations agency is the best if you wish to gain a better understanding of investor expectations and how you can satisfy them while also achieving your organizational objectives.

Why there is a need for Investor Targeting? | Minds

Investor Targeting is a potential tool used by the company to identify the shareholders. It helps in determining the current investors thus aiming at improving fairness and transparency in all the financial markets.

Eight (Out-of-the-box) Ways for Investor Targeting with Efficiency

It is not always necessary to go out for targeting your investors. For investor targeting, you can also make them come to you by arranging a one-day corporate visit. It can be a great way to meet several investors and get familiarize with them in one place.

In today’s time, global investors are more looking forward to conducting direct meetings as they are cutting back on the sell-side corporate access after the implementation of MiFID II. Since the regulations of MiFID II came into effect, investors are changing their ways of corporate access. 

As far as a publicly-traded company is concerned, investor targeting is one of the most crucial aspects of their investor relations program, but, it’s not as easy to map out as it seems. There are many moving parts to take into account and to implement the ones that will reap out the best results for your needs at a given time.

Investor targeting is a tool or process to build interest and engage investors in the values of the company. The situation is like to make people interested in the department in which they do not have single information. The process is to find focused and thoughtful investors who are ready to give their commitment to the companies and raise the corporate profile.

Having access to profiles and other valuable data of investors can greatly help you prepare for investor meetings and non-deal roadshows. Thereby, it allows you to save your valuable time that you can utilize for developing and maintaining quality engagement. Discuss with your IR team and C-suite how you can cater to the needs of investors and shareholders by sharing the available information.

Investor relations (IR) basically refer to the major responsibility of maintaining communication between a company’s management and its potential investors. An investor relations agent mainly helps support handling inquiries, releasing information, organizing meetings, providing related feedback, and crisis management.

No doubt that your in-house team would be working round the clock to get the hold of long-term investors, seeking the expertise of investor relations consultancy can really help you get desired results.

How Has The Approach To Corporate Access Changed After MiFID II?

But, sell-side strategies aren’t the only ways for having a wider reach to potential investors. Publicly traded companies also have the facility of getting the needed assistance from investor relations consultancy firms that help to achieve far greater corporate access.

Why Investor targeting is Important to Create more Values for Your Company?

Investor targeting is the process of identifying, addressing, and engaging investors who are active in your sector to create the most value for your company. Targeting the right investors into your sector is crucial to raising your corporate profile and expanding the shareholder base. Investor targeting is very important for new businesses as well as for micro and small-cap growth companies that are not a popular name among investors. Investor targeting helps you to identify the active investors in your sector of business but may not be familiar with your company.


Roadshows play a significant role in targeting potential investors from different corners of the world. Nowadays, more and more companies are focusing on firm interactions with investors by arranging financial roadshows. It comprises of series of business meetings that happen in different cities of the country stretching for two-three days where investors and executives get an opportunity to discuss their individual sales and marketing strategies and how it can promote growth and productivity.