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MD Urgent Care, Inc.

Do you or does any your family members suffer from a non-life-threatening injury or illness that nonetheless requires immediate care and attention? The highly skilled healthcare staff at MD Urgent Care, Inc. provides urgent care in Sacramento, California.

Let Your Warts Bother You No More

According to skin experts in our skincare clinic in California, certain viruses can cause your skin cells to grow faster than they commonly should. As a result, warts form notably when the virus infects your skin's top layer.

Treat your Bladder Infection Fast

In the population, it’s more common for women to get a bladder infection than men because of their reproductive anatomy. A bladder infection usually starts when the urinary tract develops an infection. The person infected with the bacteria will often feel a burning sensation or pain when urinating and cramps in the lower abdomen or lower back.

What Are the Top Advantages of Walk in Clinics?

Walk-in clinics have become a staple facility in this fast-paced world. Many patients nowadays opt for clinic services instead of waiting for long queue or scheduling appointment at hospitals. Walk-in clinics that provide urgent care in Sacramento, California take pride in rendering medical care and attention to address urgent care needs and ensure good health.

Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle allows us to stay active and fit, especially when the early signs of aging start to develop. Maintaining a healthy fit lifestyle has numerous benefits not just to our physical body, but also our emotional and mental well-being. 

On Older Adults’ Skin Care and Health: Managing Acne

Hormonal changes during puberty cause acne in teenagers. However, in some cases, some adults continue to get acne. So, what causes adult acne and how can you manage it?

Adult acne is usually caused by inflammation or clogged pores, but other factors like hormonal imbalance, contact irritation, emotional and physical stress, bacterial infection, diet, and medication may contribute to it as well.

Understanding Sexually Transmitted Diseases

STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases are most often spread through sexual intercourse- be it vaginal sex, anal sex, or oral sex. However, in some cases, STDs can also be passed from one person to another through blood. For example, a person who shared needles with someone who already has a form of STD when injecting intravenous drugs, can be contaminated with a sexually transmitted disease through blood infection.

Your One-Stop Healthcare Clinic

Health problems can appear in our life unexpectedly, not knowing when it will show again. It is important that we should take precautionary measures in taking care of our health. We know how hassle it is that you need to go to different places to get a check-up or medical attention. Here at MD Urgent Care, Inc., we can be your one-stop healthcare clinic as we offer urgent care in Sacramento, California.

The Importance of Getting a Regular Checkup

Many people are often afraid of visiting a walk in clinic in Sacramento and may see it as really unnecessary unless needed, especially if emergency situations are involved. Most people even tend to visit their doctor only when they are sick or already in the last stages of their life. But the good thing nowadays is that preventive healthcare is becoming a commonplace for people as they start to seek knowledge on how to take care of themselves and how to prevent any threats of diseases.

Don’t Leave a Burn Untreated

There are a lot of people who experience burn injuries at home, especially in the kitchen. It often happens when they’re cooking. According to the survey, many of them accidentally get burned because they’re distracted by other things like TV and gadgets while they’re cooking or heating something.

How to Prepare for an X-Ray Test

An x-ray test is an imaging test used to examine an area of pain or discomfort, monitor the progression of your disease, and/or check how your medication/treatment is working. All these without having to make incisions and undergo other invasive procedures.

Things to Do While Recovering From an Injury

Accidents can happen anytime, at any place, and having an injury doesn’t mean you have to sit on your couch and lie on your bed all day, living an inactive life. You can still take active steps to make your recovery faster. Although you are temporarily incapable of doing the things you used to do before, maybe it’s time for you to do things differently.

Getting Your Rash Checked and Treated

Rashes on our bodies—especially in private areas—are very common. We encountered many of these cases in our walk-in clinic in Sacramento. Sometimes, rashes could be a sign of an underlying condition, which means that it might require specialized attention.