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Updated by Shashi Ranjan on Aug 06, 2019
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Why should I Choose My Career as an IAS Officer ?

The career in civil services is a brilliant choice by today’s youngsters of India. Why is there such heavy competition? Have you ever thought about the reasons? Probably, this blog post will clear all your doubts regarding this subject.


# Reason 1: Life-Changing Opportunity

Clearing UPSC exam can bring drastic change to your lifestyle. You will not only get the term IAS next to your name. Just wait! You will witness the change over a period of time.


# Reason 2: Secured Job

As an independent youth, it is natural to think about job security. Here, you will have 100 percent job security. No other job field can guarantee you this kind of benefits.


# Reason 3: Powerful Designation

The civil servant post gives you legitimate power as well as authority. So, you can do good things for people and society. No other jobs bring you such a high level of authority.


# Reason 4: Good Salary Package

You are eligible to take a handful of money at the end of every month. Moreover, there will be no more delay in salary payment. It helps you to stay calm and stress-free.


# Reason 5: Fantastic Accommodation Facility

You will be given a beautiful bungalow. Enjoy the luxury! The housekeeping staff takes care of your food and other maintenance. Also, you will have government vehicles to perform official work.


#Reason 6: Own The Status

Suppose, you got an IAS posting. In turn, it increases your status among friends and relatives. The position in society is just immeasurable. You cannot imagine the respect you gain.


# Reason 7: Networking

As an IAS officer, you will be able to connect with high social status people. For instance, it can be even the prime minister of India. However, it depends on your rank.


# Reason 8: Be Proud

Absolutely! Your parents will be proud of you. Settling in life with other jobs will also make your parents feel proud. But, civil servant post is something unique and special.


# Reason 9: Academic Background is Not Considered

Many candidates hesitate to take up IAS as their dream career. They go back assuming that UPSC is the toughest exam. So, they wish not to go ahead with the decision and drop the idea.