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Updated by CHB Industries Inc on Nov 08, 2019
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Safety Laminate And Window Security Film Solutions

Nowadays the use of window safety and security laminate is increasing. If you are are facing any problems regarding window films, come at CHB Industries Inc. We provide top security window film solutions in U.S. Visit us today or give us a call at (800) 220-2525.


Benefits of One Way Mirror Window Film for Home and Business

Reflective one way vision window film is becoming increasingly popular. The most obvious benefit of a reflective covering is to provide privacy to those inside. From the inside you can see out and enjoy whatever view you have, but from the outside you can not see in. This is useful for businesses that handle sensitive work or value their privacy.

Know Types of Glass in Construction and Interior Design

Glass is a widely used and appreciated material used in new and old construction as well as renovations. It is a material that can be applied to interior and exterior walls, roofs, windows, doors, and even partitions. The type of glass used affords aesthetic, security and environmental benefits.

Safety Window Film Installation Service In Chicago

Windows can be the greatest asset for homes and offices. But with these walls of windows come big challenges – uncomfortably high temperatures, damage to valuables, vulnerability to terrorist attacks. CHB Industries Inc has installed sophisticated blast mitigation films to protect employees from “weaponized” shards of glass.

Security Window films Solution Baltimore and Washington DC

CHB Industries has served the mid-Atlantic region through its Baltimore/Washington DC offices. Our CHB Industries staff of designers and contractors has protected government buildings with a wide range of security window films that create safer work environments.

What Kind of Security Window Film Is Right for Your Home

Window security films come in various types, shapes, and sizes. There are many factors to pay attention to. There are two types of application methods for window films: adhesive and static cling. Usually, most security film use and adhesive for application, while privacy films use a static cling application method.

Promote Privacy and Your Brand with Decorative Glass

Window films are incredibly effective ways to create privacy and decorate any room. The effect is double: you can decorate your home with films even on the outside. Think about it, with a single roll, you can decorate your windows, bring a fresh look to the interior of your home and keep prying eyes out.

Looking for Window Tinting and window darkening film in Philadelphia

Are you looking for Window Tinting and window darkening film in Philadelphia? CHB Industries window films are suitable for a wide range of commercial and residential uses of darkening film. Our interior business signs and solutions combine high impact looks for any business need.

Crafting a Layered Safety Approach to Combat Outside Threats

Owners should aim to build a “layered” approach to securing a building, from the outside-in, through the use of law enforcement, security technologies, engineers, architects, builders, and security film. There are a few basic components of a security plan that landlords can implement to add security for people who enter any public or private building.

Why Use Wall Graphics In Your Business & Home

For businesses, wall graphics are amazing advertising tools that can help you to convert sales, display important information, show your logo or slogan and communicate with potential customers.For home use, they are great decorating tools. You can use decals in your living room, your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.

Unconventional Ways To Secure Your Door Glass Film

Windows are amongst the most sensitive material and usually, they are the first affected by any of these disasters. In most cases, you can purchase specifically designed windows but they’re incredibly expensive and require a hug installation process. One of the easiest and most effective ways to protect the windows is by using protective films.

  • CHB Industries is focused to providing its clients with energy answers and security solutions – specifying and installing solar, security, anti-graffiti and graphic window films to maximize product display power and enhance the beauty, comfort, energy efficiency and security of their stores.Come to CHB Industries for all home window film solutions.

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