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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 05, 2019
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7 Tips to help pack before travelling – your packing guide for a fun holiday

Whether it's your first trip or you're a frequent traveller, it's always best to have a checklist when it comes to packing for travel. Here are our top 7 tips to help you pack before travelling.


Choose your luggage

You want your luggage to be versatile and big enough to hold everything you want to pack, while still leaving some extra room for more shopping later. Always purchase durable luggage with warranty since frequent travel can cause wear and tear and you don't want to have to keep buying expensive luggage. Of course, the kind of luggage you use can also depend on whether you're a solo traveller or travelling with small kids. Solo travellers have the luxury of backpacks while large groups would be better off with larger suitcases.


Have a checklist for essentials

A checklist for your essential items will ensure that you don't miss anything while packing. Items like sanitary products, medicine, and toiletries as well as chargers and cables should all be on your checklist. If you're travelling with young children, then their favourite toys should definitely go on the checklist or you'll have to face temper tantrums during your holidays.


Organise your gear

If you have a lot of different activities planned for your trip you will probably need a range of suitable clothing items. But, the key here is to not over pack. Remember, only pack what you know you need, not what you think you need. Keep your clothing organised by using individual cloth bags, or layer them according to each activity.


Pack insect repellent & sunscreen

Chances are, if you are checked into an established hotel, you can probably find plenty of places nearby to buy these items. However, if you're travelling to a resort that's remotely located, like Amilla Fushi Maldives for example, a Maldives family resort that situated on a private island, then you should always keep them on hand.


Pack comfy shoes

Try to pack at least 2 pairs of comfy shoes, not including the ones you will be wearing while travelling. A formal pair and waterproof loafers are ideal. For the ladies, sandals and one closed pair of shoes are perfect. To reduce stress while travelling, wear a pair of slip-on shoes to save time while going through security checks.


Pack one sweatshirt in your carry-on luggage

It doesn't matter whether you're travelling to a country with cold weather or not, a sweater or warn shawl is a must for long flights. Warm clothing can make the trip much more bearable, and if you need to take local transport as well, such an overnight bus or domestic plane, a sweater will definitely come in handy.


Baby foods and formulas

If you're travelling with an infant, it's always safer to pack your own formulas and baby foods. You might not find the brands your baby is particular to in foreign countries, and it's always safer to have purchased from a known supplier. Make sure to wrap any glass bottles in bubble wrap to avoid spills during transport.

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