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Best Things to Eat in Hong Kong - A destination for the foodies!

Did you know Hong Kong is one of the best food destinations in the world today? Well, it boasts of many brilliant international cuisines, and the local food is so flavourful, what can you expect? Here's a list of the best dishes to eat when in Hong Kong.



You cannot travel to Hong Kong and not try their iconic dish which is the roasted goose. This would be unforgivable. The roast goose served here is cooked perfectly till it has crispy skin on the outside that glistens and cracks on every bite you that you take. This is completely opposite to the inside portion, which is known for its juicy and tender meat. A mix of special spices and herbs, adds flavour to the roasted goose, which will tantalise all your sensory nerve ends.



Yes, Hong Kong is quite popular for its seafood dishes. Hong Kong is a very important port city in the country. As surrounded by water, they offer the best-cooked catch of the day. You can have it any way you want, either roasted, fried, baked or even steamed. Go order the one that appeals to you the most. Many restaurants in central Hong Kong are well known for producing classy world known seafood dishes, that you can try. Besides, if you are looking for accommodation during your travels here close to the central, try checking out properties like The Murray Hong Kong for a good stay and convenience.



This is actually a ubiquitous view in Hong Kong, where you'll see many meat varieties that are seasoned and hanging in the windows of restaurants and food stalls. This site itself will make your mouth water, and you'll be heading to the nearest food stall, quite bewitched. If the view is this good, imagine its flavours? Well then, to your pleasure, the flavours are just as exquisite and boast of moist and tender flesh. They also serve a variety of sauces to dip your meat into. This also adds bouts of flavours to the meat, making it an amazing food experience.



Another dish famous in these parts is the beef brisket noodles which is a must-try dish. These are usually enjoyed during the colder months of the year in Hong Kong. It's comfort food of sorts. And there is nothing better than a steaming pot of noodles, in the cold winter days. The noodles are cooked just right in a broth of excellent spices. The long cooking process ensures that the noodles are packed with flavour!



Who can look at a dish of this calibre and refuse? This dish basically offers steamed rice with well-cooked meat and a serving of Chinese sausages. It doesn't end just there, there is also a special sauce mix that is served made out of soy sauce, sugar, fish sauce and white pepper. Some green onions are also served. This makes for a wholesome hearty meal.

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