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All about Nepal

Here is the list of things about Nepal. Nepal is the small land locked country. Despite of being landlocked, Nepal is geographically diverse and culturally rich Country.



Vital Timeline of Nepalese History

Vital Timeline of Nepalese History

In the year 563 BC Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal which is considered a proud moment in the timeline of Nepalese History. In 1743 B.S. Prithivi Narayan Shah ruled the throne in Gorkha. He started the expansion and unification of Nepal. The royal massacre occurred in 2001, where king Birendra and his entire family were killed; this is the heart-wrenching event in the timeline of Nepalese history. In 2008, Nepal became a republic. More on

Brief Information on Nepal Festivals

Nepal is geographically and culturally diverse country due to which we can see the diverse in festivals too. Different ethnic groups have their own custom and tradition. Some festivals are celebrated by two or more ethnic groups with their own way to follow their beliefs and enjoy the events.

Astounding Nepal Geography

Nepal geography is diverse. East, west, south is surrounded by India and China in the north. Beside this, Nepal geography is very different than other countries. Himalayan region, hill region, and terai region are three topographical regions in Nepal where there are different landforms.

Prime Languages Spoken in Nepal

There are 123 different languages spoken in Nepal. The main languages spoken according to the percentage of the population are Nepali, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Tharu, and Tamang. Besides this, there are other languages spoken in Nepal that u can easily hear.

Astonishing facts about Nepal Religion

Cow, the national animal of Nepal considered as the sacred animal in Hindu religion. Slaughter of Cow is illegal in Nepal. Every religious activity supported and promoted but influencing others to change the religion is not bearable in Nepal. If someone found doing these activities they will be punished according to the law.

Culture in Nepal

Nepali is the national language of Nepal but within Nepal, there are 123 different languages. Three ethnic groups; Indigenous Nepalese, Indo-Nepalese and Tibeto-Nepalese. Because of the secularism in Nepal all kinds of religion is practiced and promoted. Every religion follows their beliefs and tradition in different festivals. Most of the Nepalese people depend upon agriculture. This all affects the lifestyles of Nepalese people. Beside all these things, they all live in peace and harmony.

Many-sided of Seasons and weather of Nepal

The weather and temperature are different in five tropical regions, but in general 80 percent of total rain in Nepal is during the summer/monsoon season. The monsoon season in Nepal starts from June and ends in mid-September. Warm weather, approx. 25°C in the day time and 10°C in the night is in the autumn season; starts from September and ends in November. Winter starts from December to February. In this season, the mountain areas temperature is below 0°C. Spring season is from March to May. Occasional rainfall and thundering can happen during this time but the one can enjoy the view and scenery during this period.

Society of Nepalese People

The society of Nepalese people forms with 126 ethnic groups. The people of different religions. The diversity of culture and tradition. Besides all these, the people of Nepal live peacefully with each other. Bhramin, Chhetri, Newar, Gurung, Magar, Sherpa, and so on are some of the ethnic groups of Nepal. We can see different groups of peoples live in different geographic parts of Nepal. But, the diverse number of people live in Kathmandu as it is the capital of Nepal. All geographic areas people migrate to Kathmandu for better facilities.

Cool Activities to do in Nepal

There are different cool activities one can do in Nepal. Some of the activities are as follows:
• Mountain Biking – the best places for mountain biking are in Kathmandu valley, Pokhara, Annapurna circuit, mustang, and lower Everest regions.
• Trekking – the best places for trekking are Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking, Langtang Valley Trek, Upper Mustang, Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Gokyo Ri Trek, and Upper Dolpo.
• Mount Everest helicopter ride
• Rafting – Bhotekoshi and Trishuli
• Kayaking/ Canoeing/ Canyoning
• Paragliding – Sarangkot, Pokhara

Trekking in Nepal

While trekking in Nepal seems fun, the planning, however, is a bit tough part. Have you been looking for a Trekking guide for Nepal? In case you were looking for a Trekking guide for Nepal here is an extensive guide for all of you people who are visiting Nepal. Hop Nepal provides information and guidance on trekking in Nepal.

Nepal is Safe to Travel

Nepal is very safe for tourists and has seen an increased fascination to travel with tourists hailing from different nooks and corners of the world.