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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 05, 2019
Headline for Best Street Food to Try in Hong Kong - Tips to Enjoy a Sensational Food Tour
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Best Street Food to Try in Hong Kong - Tips to Enjoy a Sensational Food Tour

Hong Kong is an incredible destination which has a marvellous food scene. The article below gives information about the best street food that you can relish while travelling here.


Curry fish balls

Your culinary journey in Hong Kong will truly be incomplete without the iconic curry fish balls. It is one of the most popular dishes in the city so you will find it with immense ease. Every bite of this delicious morsel is packed with exquisite flavour and you will be yearning for more and more! The fish balls are served on a bamboo stick.


Siu Mai

The Siu Mai is quite easy to spot in its vibrant yellow wrapper! The locals love this delicacy and you will too if you give it a try! Siu Mai combines flour and fish. The concoction is then steamed and covered in rich soy sauce. It is quite easy to find Siu Mai in Hong Kong. Most of the savoury food stalls in the city serve this tantalizing delicacy.


Stinky Tofu

The iconic stinky tofu is not to be missed when travelling in Hong Kong! Indeed, you will not be able to escape it as you are walking along the streets of the city. The odour of the tofu will not deter you from gorging on it for sure! You can relish its exquisite flavour as you dine at a leading rooftop restaurant in Hong Kong too!


Cheung Fun

Cheung Fun is yet another popular dish that should be tried out by all who visit Hong Kong. It combines steamed rice noodles sheets with your choice of filling. The dish is generally served with sauces. If you stay at a centrally located hotel like The Murray Hong Kong you will be able to enjoy a sensational food tour in the city with great ease for sure. Try to find out about the best eateries in town as you research online. You can even opt to speak to a local or the hotel of your staff to find out more details about the top eateries that you should not miss.


Soy braised cuttlefish or octopus

The looks of the soy braised cuttlefish or octopus may not appeal to you, but do give it a try and you will fall in love with its remarkable taste. Discover the reasons why so many locals cherish this dish as you enjoy its juicy and flavoursome texture.


Roasted sweet potato and chestnuts

The famous mobile street carts that you find in the city sell roasted sweet potato and chestnuts to all. It is not easy to find these street vendors nowadays so if you do spot one, make sure you grab yourself some crunchy delights and you will not regret it! The appetizing aroma that emanates from the carts of these mobile vendors will signal to make your mouth water for sure!
Hope the information above will help you as you experiment with the authentic tastes of the land! Be sure to try out new dishes and make bold choices and you will surely be able to enjoy a sensational culinary adventure!

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