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CV Raman University

CV Raman University, which offers well-structured BCA course Bihar, just in case you are looking for admissions after class 12th.

BCA or B.TECH CSE, What’s the right option for you?

The computer and software industry is growing exponentially day by day. That’s the reason why the takers of computer science courses are also huge in number. But the real dilemma comes when people get confused about what to choose and which course will be suitable for them.

We’re going to discuss two major programs offered by most of the Indian colleges and their differences i.e. B.Tech CSE and BCA. You might get confused between the two while opting for one, but both are different in a lot of ways.

In BCA (Bachelor of computer science) you shall learn about computer applications in the real world whereas in B.Tech CSE you will learn about computers and software at a very fundamental level.

Specifically, in BCA students are taught application-level subjects such as programming & scripting languages like HTML, Java, Javascript, PHP, etc. in B.Tech you will be given a detailed insight about both hardware and software.
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Dr. C V Raman University Bihar

Dr. C V Raman University Bihar

Whatever the decision be, carefully research about the courses you are going to opt for the higher studies. In case you are looking for a good college after 12th in Bihar, you can check out CVRU’s official website.

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Why Pursue a PhD Degree?

You must have met people who carry the “Doctor” tag before their name. This tag itself is very difficult to acquire because to achieve it, one has to devote 3 to 4 years of sheer hard work and patience towards extremely in-depth study of a particular field or domain.
We are not aimed to discourage you from taking up a PhD but to persuade you to do it for the right reasons. We’ll also talk about PhD programs Bihar, that are offered in prestigious colleges like CV Raman University, just in case you are planning to pursue one, you have the right options to choose from.
That’s because of his/her love for the subject or field. This enables them to know more in-depth about the field and make new discoveries. The added advantage of a PhD course is that you get to conduct a lot of individual research.
If your research is concrete and relevant, then you can easily get it published in renowned publications. The experts in academia can then refer your work and contributions to the future students and your work can also be used to aid certain industrial application.
CV Raman University is a great option in case you’re planning to pursue a PhD, as its curriculum is renowned amongst the doctoral courses Bihar. It’s state of the art infrastructure, knowledgeable faculty members and loads of e-resources make it an ideal choice for you.
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Why does a student go for a PhD?

Long gone are the days when PhD graduates only had the option to pursue teaching line. That’s true, you will obviously get a chance to give lectures and teach first-year students and conduct seminars while continuing your research. But on the other hand, you can also use your knowledge to move into industrial domains, because most of the blue-chip companies nowadays have a research and development unit, where PhDs are always welcomed.

Knowledge, as we know, is not completely sufficient or true. For instance, take the example of scientific theories. Many of them have been proved wrong or have been updated or improved. So through research, we all have the opportunity to approach closest to what is the truth. Through PhD, the curious minds get to explore more and challenge the present norms of knowledge.
Before you consider to take a PhD in a specific field, do remember that you should have a passion for it. It is very intensive, so in case you don’t want your PhD years to pass in a miserable manner, do make sure that you walk, talk and breath the subject or domain you are going to choose, otherwise, it’s not a good option to waste the important 3-4 years of your life.

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In a nutshell, B.Tech is more elaborative program as compared to BCA, which focuses on intensive programming, creation of new computer technologies on the basis of mathematical or algorithmic concepts.

On the other hand, the BCA is designed to enhance the programming skills of an individual in order to develop highly optimized software solutions.

So in case, you want to study computers more in-depth then B.Tech would be best suitable for you and if you’re into developing applications without any hardcore knowledge of hardware and algorithms, then you can opt for BCA for sure.

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After pursuing BCA you can go for jobs like Web-Designing, Software Developer, Content Manager, Business Analyst, Network Administrator etc.
The above-mentioned jobs can be pursued after B.Tech too, in addition to that when you climb up the corporate ladder, you will have an added advantage if you hold a B.Tech rather than a BCA degree.

In most cases, it will be advisable to pursue some higher specialisation course after you complete your BCA.

Whatever the decision be, carefully research about the courses you are going to opt for the higher studies. In case you are looking for a good college after 12th in Bihar, you can check out CVRU’s official website.

Meritorious students can also apply for scholarships, for courses like BCA, BSC and BBA course Bihar.
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It is compulsory to give national level examinations like the JEE Mains and Advance to get a good engineering college. Some colleges also conduct their own entrance examination for the same. In CVRU Bihar for instance, you have to apply for AJEE, and in case your inclination is more towards pure science courses then you can surely go for B.SC, which ranks amongst the most well-structured BSc courses list Bihar.
On the contrary, for BCA not all colleges take entrance examinations. They may conduct papers, to test the candidate’s logical, verbal, analytical and qualitative skills.
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Courses You Can Go For After 12th

In 2018 India produced nearly 3 crore graduates, out of which 23.89 lakh held a B.A. degree, 11.52 lakh a B.Sc., and 9.39 lakh a B.Com. It is a huge number considering that a majority of students opt for courses in engineering and medical field.

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B.Sc. is a 3-year duration undergraduate course and is one of the most popular career choices for students who opted for science in the 10th. It can be pursued both full-time and part-time. You can also go for specific B.Sc. courses like agriculture, IT, physics, chemistry, math, and biology. A simple Google search for BSc course list Bihar will show you all the B.Sc. courses available in every college of Bihar.


DR. C V Raman University| Best University in Bihar

CVRU Bihar always stays ahead in terms of activities, cultural fests, workshops, sports as well as academics. So if you are looking for a good college for higher studies, it will be a great choice indeed. The college is recognised by UGC and its courses are approved by AICTE. It is also one of the most renowned agriculture college in Bihar, due to its well-structured curriculum and knowledgeable faculty members.
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Why B.A. Course ?

Students aiming to prepare for the U.P.S.C. exam can opt for B.A. in History or Polity to get an edge over the competitors. After B.A., you can continue your studies to become a translator, psychologist, historian, journalist, lawyer, or fashion/interior designer.


B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

B.A. is a 3-year duration undergraduate course and can be pursued by anyone irrelevant of their choice of subjects in the 10th. The course has five compulsory subjects along with a few elective ones. The subjects depend and vary according to the discipline chosen by the candidate. It can be pursued in a number of disciplines like English, Psychology, History, Political Science, and more.

B.C.A. (Bachelor of Computer Application)

B.C.A. is a 3-year duration undergraduate course that is ideal for candidates looking for a career in I.T. and willing to learn computer languages. It is a IT-centric course with special focus on the core programming subjects. B.C.A. is considered to be at the same level as a B.Tech. in Computer Science or Information Technology. A simple Google search for BCA course Bihar will show you all the BCA courses available in every college of Bihar.

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B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration)

B.B.A. is a 3-year duration undergraduate course and is one of the most popular ones after class 12th. The course can be pursued by students from any stream, be it Arts, Commerce, or Science. Just Google BBA course Bihar or any state of your choice and you will get a list of reputed colleges in your state offering the course. The BBA course opens gates for several job opportunities like education, marketing, sales, finance, and government jobs.

Career paths available after 12th

These are just a few career paths available after 12th that are widely popular and are pursued by lakhs of students every year. You can also go for different courses like BJMC, Merchant Navy, and more. If you are from Bihar, you can go for colleges like CVRU Bihar instead of going to another state for study.

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Career opportunities available for a BCA holder

There are a wide number and range of career opportunities available for a BCA holder. You can move on to become a developer, tester, social media manager, digital marketer, database manager, and more. For truly talented candidates, there are no bounds on the salary.