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Catering Equipment & Commercial Kitchen Equipment Supplier - Brice Australia

Brice Australia has been supplying and servicing quality food preparation equipment since 1939. Brice Australia is committed to "best practice" and is 100% Australian owned and operated. Call 1300 664 880 now for more information.



Time for New Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

Time for New Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

When you know that it is time to upgrade your commercial kitchen equipment, be sure to check with Brice Australia’s extensive range. We stock leading European food equipment that has been manufactured to last and deliver superior results.

We know the Melbourne food and hospitality industry and have been serving and supporting our customers since 1939. Our strong relationship with our clients has helped us to understand their needs and source equipment that has been tried and tested.

We stock a wide range of slicers, food processing equipment, mixers, meat processing equipment, ovens, grills, light kitchen equipment, wrappers, vacuum packers and scales. All of our products are manufactured in hard wearing materials that have precision capabilities and simple operating procedures.

Here are a few benefits from our extensive product range.

Manual and Automatic Options
Many of our products are available in manual and automatic models. Our manual models allow the operator to tailor the operation to their requirements, control the output and change the input when required. Our automatic models assist larger kitchens with maximum volume production in a short timeframe.

Small and Large Models
We understand that kitchens and food preparation facilities vary in size. We stock various pieces of equipment to suit any environment. Check the specifications to see the dimensions and portability features. Our products have also been crafted with ergonomics in mind and have been designed to assist the operator.

All-in-one or Standalone Models
For smaller kitchens with fewer workers, we stock processers and mixers that will accelerate the food preparation process. These products can achieve various tasks and the mode can be quickly changed with ease. For those who want control over each aspect of their food preparation process, we stock models that specialise in specific tasks.

If you think it is time for an upgrade to your commercial food equipment, call us on 1300 664 880.



Effective Commercial Meat Processing Equipment in Australia

Effective Commercial Meat Processing Equipment in Australia

Operators of restaurants, kitchens, food preparation facilities, butchers and delicatessens know that commercial meat processing equipment are instrumental tools in the business. Whether the meat is raw or semi-frozen, our equipment will offer precision slicing or cutting capabilities, safe operating procedures and long-lasting performance. Crafted from anodised aluminium or stainless steel, our meat processing equipment will help improve productivity and deliver superior results.

Our service and support to businesses in Australia since 1939 has allowed us to understand the requirements of our clients. Our products are in high demand and are favoured because we have selected products that have been tried and tested for years. Here is a glimpse at our product range.

*Mincers and Tenderisers *
Our mincers are cast from stainless steel and anodised aluminium that ensures durability and hygiene. With a small amount of meat being held in the cutting group, the type of meat being minced can be changed easily. Our mincers provide quick results and the reversing switch eases the operation to clear blockages. For those wanting a fillet instead of a mince, our tenderisers will make meat tender and succulent during the cooking process.

Mixers, Patty Makers and Sausage Fillers
The mixers we stock will blend meats, spices and other ingredients to provide you with a mixture ready for patties or sausages. Our manual patty maker is ideal for small kitchens. Our automatic patty makers, suitable for large food preparation facilities, can produce 2,100 patties per hour. Our sausage fillers are also ideal for commercial kitchens and they feature differing capacities, adjustable speeds and variable nozzle widths.

Band Saws and Bowl Cutters
The band saws will cut unboned fresh and semi frozen meat without struggle. The equipment is designed to be cleaned easily and it has a safety stopping switch to protect operators. For those wanting to mix and cut a wide range of meats, our bowl cutters will produce a consistent and homogenous texture ideal for fillings, emulsions, and similar uses.

Drop-in to our showroom or call us on 1300 664 880 to discuss your meat-processing equipment requirements.



How Much Do Commercial Meat Slicers Cost in Melbourne?

How Much Do Commercial Meat Slicers Cost in Melbourne?

Meat slicers are essential in any commercial kitchen, as they make preparing food in large quantities easy. It is important to find a meat slicer with a lot of power that has the right design components. Meat slicers will safely slice meat, produce consistent slices and ensure that little is wasted.

Our European made meat slicers are designed to process various types of meat. If you are after manual or automatic commercial slicers, we stock various slicers that will suit your needs and budget. We stock the following slicers to cover a suite of operations: belt-driven, gear-driven, vertical, semi-automatic, fully-automatic, and traditional/vintage.

Always consider the following features when selecting a commercial meat slicer: power, safety, and ease of use.

We stock both gear-driven and belt-driven slicers. Typically, the gear-driven slicer has more power. Both are equipped to deal with various types of meats such as cured or fresh. Larger blades and meat carriages will be suitable for large hams and prosciutto.

The blades are extremely sharp considering the work the slicers do. To prevent any injury, our slicers are fitted with an in-built sharpening mechanism which means that the blade does not have to be removed for sharpening. Our slicers come fitted with blade guards and safety switches to provide superior safety to the operator.

Ease of Use
All of our meat slicers are easy to clean and are crafted from anodised aluminium and stainless steel. Our fully automatic meat slicers will stack the meat in a collection tray ready for display. Our manual meat slicers enable the operator to make tailored and distinctive cuts to the meat.
Order your next meat slicer from Brice Australia by calling 1300 664 880.

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Where to Buy a Meat Mincer in Melbourne?

Where to Buy a Meat Mincer in Melbourne?

Meat mincers are essential in any commercial or domestic kitchen in Melbourne. Give your customers quality mince meat that has been produced from one of our mincers. Cook the perfect mince patty or filling for a pie by investing in a European-made mincer that has been sourced from reliable and quality-driven manufacturers.

We stock a range of small and large automatic meat mincers that are ideal for any size restaurant, kitchen, butcher and pizzeria. Common features throughout our mincer range include anodised materials, a large inlet, reversing switch to clear blockages, and removable hopper to aid a quick clean. We also stock mixers too which allow the operator to season and marinate the mince in anticipation of the cook.

Here are a few reasons to purchase our industry leading mincers.

Varying Design

We stock a diverse range of mincers to suit any sized kitchen. Our TS Series is ideal for small butcher shops and kitchens and our TP32 Heavy Duty is suited for large kitchens, restaurants and pizzerias. Our mincers are designed for continuous operation to suit the busiest environments without failure.

Safe Materials

The mincers are constructed from stainless steel and anodised aluminium to resist corrosion. The cutting group is cast from a carbon and steel composite that improves durability and hygiene. This ensures that the fine meat residue does not pose a health hazard and will not react with the materials should a thorough clean have been overlooked.

Efficient Production

Our mincers have been designed and tested to withstand various types of meat. With a noiseless operation that provides quick and efficient minced meat, all mincers are fitted with a reversing switch in case the unexpected blockage occurs. Take comfort knowing that our mincers are highly effective so that you can spend more time on the cook.

Discuss the next purchase or your meat mincer with a technician at Brice Australia on 1300 664 880.



Where to Buy Automatic Cheese Slicer in Melbourne?

Where to Buy Automatic Cheese Slicer in Melbourne?

Commercial automatic slicers make slicing cheese simple. Whilst maintaining precision, our slicers can slice the ingredient to the millimetre in a safe and effective manner. We stock slicers that can also automatically collect and stack or shingle the ingredient to allow you to spend more time on the cook or prepare more produce for sale.

Manufactured in Europe, our slicers are known to provide effortless operation with anodised aluminium and stainless steel materials that minimise corrosion and staining. Our semi-automatic and fully automatic slicers are ideal for cutting cheeses in large volumes. Most slicers have in-built sharpening tools, blade ring guards to prevent injury to hands and a clever design that allows for a quick and simple clean.

The Semi-Automatic Slicers are either belt or gear driven. With the option to switch seamlessly between manual and automatic modes, these slicers enable the operator to slice produce in small and large volumes. The carriage automatically returns to the start and with two independent fan cooled motors, this ensures that the slicing operation and carriage operate independently without overheating. The top-end 330IKSA Gear Driven Slicer has the capability to cut 50 slices in a minute.

The Fully Automatic Slicers have a set-and-forget feature which enables the operator to leave the produce alone whilst the machine slices, collects and stacks the cheese ready for display. These German-engineered slicers have efficiency and productivity in mind. Not only do the slicers save time, but they minimise the occurrence of inconsistent slices and ease the pressure on the hands. With safety-switches and a combined end piece holder and comb to reduce waste, these slicers are ideal for larger kitchens, catering houses, and delicatessens.

Slice with perfection with a new slicer from Brice Australia. Give us a call on 1300 664 880 to discuss your next purchase.



Where To Buy Catering Equipment In Melbourne?

Where To Buy Catering Equipment In Melbourne?

Caterers, look no further than Brice Australia. As a leading supplier of reliable and effective commercial food equipment in Melbourne since 1939, we continue to source leading quality equipment from European manufacturers.

We stock a wide range of small and large equipment, and manual and automatic models. Supplying equipment from processors to peelers, we are certain that you will be able to find what you need. Our products are versatile, long-lasting and easy to clean. Key features include rigid anodised materials, safety features and powerful long-lasting motors.

Here are a few things to consider when you invest in equipment for catering purposes.

Volume Cooking
Caterers face deadlines, large orders and unique requests. They also have to prepare and cook food in bulk. Our equipment has been made to withstand continuous use where the operator moves quickly in the kitchen to prepare food in a safe and consistent manner. With powerful motors and sharp blades, our equipment will improve productivity in your catering kitchen. When space is at a premium in a kitchen we have a range of compact slicers able to cope with a heavy work load.

Healthy Preparation
We understand that caterers often prepare food in advance and then send it to the customer. A hygienic process for food preparation is therefore of critical importance. Our equipment has been crafted in anodised aluminium and stainless steel materials that minimise staining and corrosion. Our products resist wear and all parts of the equipment are easy to clean. This means that you can prepare the food without having to worry about hygienic issues.

Long-Term Care
Not only do we supply equipment, we also pride ourselves on our service. There are a range of service agreements that can be selected which are in addition to the standard warranty for the product. Reliable equipment means greater efficiency and less down time in your catering kitchen.

Set-up you’re new or existing catering kitchen with effective and reliable commercial food equipment from Brice Australia. Speak to a friendly team member to discuss your requirements on 1300 664 880.



Where To Buy Mandoline Slicer in Australia?

Where To Buy Mandoline Slicer in Australia?

A mandoline slicer is an essential piece of equipment in any kitchen in Australia. Our French made mandoline slicers offer superior cuts, non-slip grips and an easy-to-handle device that ensures each slice is clean and cut to precision. We stock a variety of manual and automatic mandoline slicers to suit small and large kitchens.

We continue to source leading mandoline slicers from reputable manufacturers. Our manufacturers understand the food and hospitality industry well. Crafted from stainless steel, these products are always built to perfection. Our mandolines are versatile and most can slice, waffle, julienne and matchstick the ingredient with ease. Our heavy-duty Tomato Slicer can slice up to 1,200 tomatoes per hour effectively without clogging.

Here are a few benefits offered from our mandoline slicers.

Variable Slice Thickness

All of our mandolines have variable slice thickness lever settings. This ensures that you can tailor the slice, waffle, julienne and matchstick according to your requirements. Our Chef’s Mandoline can slice produce to 2 mm. For large and hard produce, such as melons, pumpkin and marrow, our BRIVC Manual Vegetable Cutter is ideal for tailored cuts.

*Sturdy Construction *

The mandolines come fitted with a non-skid stand. This improves safety and ensures that the fruit or vegetable does not slip out of your hands. It also eases the pressure on your hands as the forces are balanced. Our mandolines can withstand the toughest fruits and vegetables and this will assist you to cook more efficiently.

Ease on Hands

Your hands make plates or parcels of food come to life. You need equipment that will make the food preparation and cooking process easy. These blades are sharp and offer an effortless cut. Our mandolines have stainless blades that are easily removable for cleaning. They are also resistant to staining and corrosion allowing for a healthy cook.

Do not hesitate to wait until your mandoline slicer loses cutting power. Call Brice Australia today to discuss your next order on 1300 664 880.



Where to buy commercial kitchen supplies in Melbourne?

Where to buy commercial kitchen supplies in Melbourne?

Melbourne’s food and hospitality industries rely on reliable, quality and long-lasting commercial kitchen supplies. We stock leading European-made commercial kitchen supplies that have been crafted to perfection. Our suppliers understand the needs and requirements of our clients and continue to develop their products with design and performance improvements to improve the food preparation and cooking experience.

As a reputable distributor of commercial kitchen supplies since 1938, we are a name that is known and trusted in Australia. Clients, both domestic and commercial, know that our products have anodised materials, safety features, sharp blades and powerful motors. We cater to businesses large and small and offer a range of service agreements to provide you with peace of mind in addition to the standard applicable warranty.

Here are a few reasons why you should stock up on commercial kitchen supplies from Brice Australia.

Prestigious Manufacturers

We only select products from the best manufacturers. We know that clients want long-lasting products that are reliable and effective. We undergo extensive evaluations of the products we import and abide by strict quality control standards. This ensures that we distribute products that our customers will enjoy using.

Diverse Product Range

We stock equipment that can suit a small or large facility. Depending on your output requirements, space and time limitations, we have manual and automatic products that can prepare ingredients in bulk tailored to your requirements.

Solid and Safe Construction

All equipment is casted from anodised materials that resists staining and corrosion. This ensures healthy food preparation. Our products are also constructed from durable materials with safety for the operator in mind.

Stock up on new and improved commercial kitchen supplies at Brice Australia. Give the friendly team of sales consultants a call on 1300 664 880.