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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 04, 2019
Headline for 5 Awesome and Unique Activities in Koh Samui – Activities that Take having Fun to a Different Level
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5 Awesome and Unique Activities in Koh Samui – Activities that Take having Fun to a Different Level

The favourite hotspot Koh Samui has been a topic of interest among holidaymakers. The inevitability of it being a star among other islands is strictly down to its unique activities.


Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving? Well, yes, it is something you can familiarise yourself with if you are in Koh Samui. Though quite the latest addition to Koh Samui attractions – EasyFly was open just two years ago – the place seems to be visited by an influx of tourists. On your arrival, you will be asked to give your height and weight as part of the registration. Children too can participate in these fun activities provided that they weigh more than 20kg.


Sea Walking

Among all the water sports, sea walking stands to be exceptional. You have to admit that sea walking is not something you hear every day, even when you are having a conversation that involves water sports. But in Koh Samui, sea walking is quite normal. The activity does justice to every syllable of the world – it is walking, but only in this case, you'd be walking on the seabed. If you are anxious that you don't have any previous experience; this activity doesn't require any experience or any kind of paraphernalia. You will be given something similar to a helmet with glass windows which cover three sides. Through the glass, you can be a witness to the enchanting marine world.


Visit the beach of Chaweng

This is the most popular stretch of coast in Koh Samui. The popularity is such; the beach is visited by many tourists. To shelter all those who visit, many Chaweng beach resorts fringe the beach – especially the sort that's akin to Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort. The beach is a great spot for swimming and other water sports. Be it summer or winter; the beach is occupied by tourists as well as locals who seek to soak up the sun rays.


The Ice Bar

For those who don't seek blood-rushing adventurous activities, the Absolut Ice Bar is a treat. Not suitable for kids, but you are going to experience something unparallel. At the entrance, you will be provided with a furry hat and a jacket, even so, you'd do well to wear something winter friendly as the temperature inside is below zero. All the furniture and sculptures are made of ice, and that's not all there is to it, all the glasses are made of ice too!


Thai Cooking Classes

No doubt, you love Thai food. What if you can make all your favourites at home and impress all your friends? Well, you can take the initiative towards polishing up your cooking skills while in Koh Samui. It won't be the same old cooking lessons you once attended to, in Koh Samui, they are talking about actual culinary skills. Furthermore, the classes are reasonably priced and are conducted by English speaking instructors.