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Laminated Tubes

Antilla pro pack is provides different types of laminated tubes like Aluminium lami tubes, Plastic barrier lami tubes, Printed lami tubes, and cosmetics lami tubes.


Laminated Tube: The Best Solution of Your Packaging Worries | My B2B News

Laminated tubes are a kind of blessings to those who have transferable kind of job or to those who travel a lot. Nowadays laminated tubes are extensively used

Laminate Tube : Importance of Laminated Tubes in Packaging

The laminate tube can make with aluminum foil or plastic foil, different designs and heavy materials. Let's see how important laminate tube packaging.

Laminated Tube Manufacturers in India – Laminated Tube Manufacturers

Due to the advancement of the world as well as our nation we are adapting different modernized equipment to make our lives easier in this hectic life schedule. One such thing which makes our life easier is the use of laminated tubes. Progressively it is being used nowadays in every industry like cosmetic industries, food…

Material and Designation of Toothpaste Tubes

Toothpaste is an item that we use every day. The toothpaste industry is huge and markets to everyone, whether they are rich or poor. Everybody uses toothpaste and that is why it should be affordable, easy to use and also provide effective protection. Toothpaste is generally sold in laminated tubes which are made specifically to…

Uses of Laminated Tubes in Cosmetic Industries

Laminated tubes provide excellent protection. They are used for packaging cosmetic, oral care, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications. Let's see how important laminate tube cosmetic industries.

Advantages of Toothpaste Laminated Tubes

The toothpaste laminate tube provides excellent protection and they are used as the packing material for all packaged foods as well as other chemicals. Let's see how important laminate tube packaging.

Why Laminate Tubes are Widespread all Over the World

The laminate tube is used for packaging purposes across a wide variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, industrial applications, food, and personal care. Let's know about it.

How Laminate Tubes Are Suitable For Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals & Food Products?

The Laminated Tube packaging is most suitable for pharmaceuticals, makeup, and food products. For cosmetics, food, paint, and technical products laminate tube are using Let's see how important laminate tube packaging.

Laminated Tube: The best choice for packaging semi solid Items

Semi-solid materials are best packed in a laminated tube. The laminated tube is best to satisfy all your packing requirements. There are several types of laminated tubes available. Let's know about it.

Laminate Tube: New Trend For The Pharmaceutical And Cosmetic Industry - laminatetube

The pharmaceutical products like antifungal creams, oral gels, muscle relaxants, etc. are kept in laminated tubes. Let's see how important the laminate tube.

Laminate Tube : Laminate Tube: Revolution in the Packaging Industry

Laminated tubes are widely used in various semi-solid items like toothpaste, medicine, cosmetics, etc. The development of this kind of industry is gradually increasing worldwide. Let's know about it.

Increasing Popularity of the Plastic Laminate Tube for the Cosmetic Industry

The laminate tube is best suitable in the cosmetic industry and many companies, these tubes are supported to many layers of polymers and other materials and this making the product more reliable, flexible, puncture-resistant, smooth, and high filling line speed.

Laminate tube: Excellent parameters of design and protection

The laminate tube manufacturer Provides excellent protection and design, the laminate tube is made of two types of materials being used ABL barrier and the PBL barrier. Let's know about it.

Know about the Best Work of Laminate Tube Manufacturer

The laminated tube made up of many layers of protection, and each segment of the tube has some best function. Let's know about it.

How To Prepare Toothpaste Tubes For The Recycling Process

Do you know that you can recycle toothpaste tubes? The tubes that are made of materials that have been laminated can be recycled. Recycling experts think that tubes that are made of pure plastic are harder to recycle.

Evaluate Process For Recycling Laminate Tube Materials | Laminate Tube

Laminate barrier tubes are made with PE-based Green Maple Leaf that is recyclable with the 100% recycle power of HDPE lids can be into the recycle stream with C2 HDPE.

Laminate Tube: An Invincible Need of the World’s Major Industries

Laminate tubes are the hybrid of plastic tubes and aluminum tubes. Laminate tubes are welded together and sealed to pack various perishable and non-perishable items.

Why only Laminated Tubes are best for Pharmaceutical Packaging purposes?

Laminated tubes provide excellent layering and seal. To the product to protect it. For that, it becomes a vital part of packaging pharmaceutical products. Let's know more about it.

Why Pharmaceutical Laminated Tubes are Famous?

Multilayer laminated tubes are immensely popular in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, FMCG industries. The innovation in laminated tubes provides a wide range of benefits to the product manufacturers. Let's know more about it.

Innovative use of Pharmaceuticals Aluminum Tubes during Packaging

Aluminum tubes used for pharmaceutical purposes are produced through a particular process for quality control which is stricter compared to production for other purposes. Aluminum tubes are used in many industries like food, beauty, health. Let's know more about it.

Know about the Best Work of Laminate Tube

Laminate tube manufacturer provides excellent protection and they are used as the packing material for food cosmetic and other chemicals. Let's know more about it.

Laminate tube: Packaging in the new Trend for a Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry

Laminate tubes show that they are trendy. The most revenue and uses of these tubes come from the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Now, these tubes come to the market by getting more enhance with the help of technology. Let's know more about it.

Cosmetics industries to present profitable market opportunities for manufacturers of laminated tubesGlob Online

Many products are packed in laminated tubes. some tubes are transparent, slender, and other features. Due to all these, many customers prefer them for the attractive look of the products. Let's see more about profitable market opportunities of laminated tubes.

Laminated Tubes are preferred for Pharmaceutical packaging

The Laminate tube is a provide excellent Lightweight and unbreakable's plays an important role. Let's know more about it.

Know About the Best Work of Laminate Tube Manufacturer in India

The demand for laminate tubes is getting large, and all manufacturers want the same for their products. So, laminated tubes manufacture in India is now doing a lot of works for it and creating the best tubes for different industries.