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Headline for Epic things to do during your stay in Sri Lanka – where the journeying never ends
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Epic things to do during your stay in Sri Lanka – where the journeying never ends

Perhaps, a more appropriate question would be as to what can't you do during your holiday to Sri Lanka? For a comprehensive take on what you can achieve, do continue to read on.


1. Start off at a local market

From the catch of the day to the most diverse varieties of fresh vegetables and fruit, pausing by a local market or boutique (referred to as a 'kade') will surely be a step in the right direction. The 'Mudalali' (the shop owner) will invariably have you choosing from a long list of best buys which you will not encounter at any supermarket or store back home.


2. Do a safari

Taking things up a few notches, both in terms of adventure and leisure will be to embark upon a safari through some of Sri Lanka's most treasured national parks. Whether you want to experience the joys of an elephant sighting in Kaudulla, the sensation of encroaching on a species of birds at Kumana or peering out from atop a mountain in Horton Plains; one's thirst for wildlife drives and leisurely hikes will be whetted with such escapades, all readily awaiting its next curious traveller.


3. Some whale watching in Mirissa?

Mirissa which is located at the southernmost tip of the country paves the way for a remarkable experience of whale watching. Numerous tour operators conduct such expeditions which will leave you with a new- found admiration for Sri Lanka as being an appealing tourist hotspot which caters to the whims and fancies of vacationers in more than one way. Further, the area is famed for having one of the finest beaches in the country with many surfing enthusiasts often pictured vacationing here.


4. Give Ayurveda a try

The therapeutic healing properties and techniques that constitute Ayurveda is an ever-present force when one moves about Sri Lanka, seeking contentment and bliss. Considered one of the most suitable means of relaxing and rejuvenating one's mind, body, and soul; look to some of the Sri Lanka hotels that provide an opportunity to experience the benefits of Ayurveda. Amongst those worth considering are what is on offer at Heritance Hotels & Resorts. Chronic ailments and stress-related diseases can easily be addressed through Ayurveda which is an ancient practice that continues to be perfected and practiced across most parts of Sri Lanka.


5. Take the train from Kandy to Ella

Move past verdant tea gardens, free-flowing waterfalls and between two cities which are held in high regard for its beautiful countryside. The prospect of a train trip to the central highlands is always looked at with considerable optimism and this too applies when one travels between these two towns. Though it will be extremely hard for you to shift your gaze away from your window, such a trip will invariably have you engaging in light conversation with locals and other travellers commuting to these places. Purchasing the odd treat from a seller at a train station is common practice too.


6. Set out on a cultural tour

Be it the frescoes that adorn the walls of Sigiriya, the remnants of what was the magnificence of King Parakaramabahu the Great' palace or the semblance of calmness that intrigues worshippers at Kandy's Temple of the Tooth Relic; Sri Lanka is a land overflowing with historic and cultural symbolisms wherever your eyes rest on. Uncover the mysteries of old and stand in awe of outstanding man-made architectural gems that continue to astound modern-day engineering methods.