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Types of Ayurveda Massages in Sri Lanka – for a complete and fulfilling lifestyle

Holidays to Sri Lanka will lead you on journeys where rest, relaxation & adventure will be your companion. For those seeking therapeutic healing, the Emerald Isle provides a wealth of indulgences.


Herbal steam bath

Considered one of the foremost practices that combine the roots and leaves of carefully selected trees being boiled and the resulting steam allowed to pass over a patient's body for a prescribed period of time. Herbal steam baths are mainly administered on those who suffer from chronic joint pain and obesity.


Head oil massage

Conducted based on a particular guest's health condition, the head oil massage utilizes a vast range of pungent oils and aids an even greater amount of ailments. These include migraine, premature graying of hair, facial paralysis and other mental diseases. The end result will ensure that guests leave feeling a new source of energy within them and a brighter complexion as well.


Arm massage

If tiredness and a state of lethargy threaten to dissuade you from venturing further in your holiday, then do consider opting for an arm massage. Moving from one part of the country to another can begin to take its toll sooner rather than later and this is where an arm massage can come to your assistance. The massaging of one's arms will invariably help relax tired shoulder and neck muscles, and in turn, provide you with much-needed rest and energy to tackle future challenges.


Body massage

For one to have fully experienced the benefits of what Ayurveda in Sri Lanka entails, one must give oneself over to the relaxation that embodies a full body massage. Ideal for the treating of nervous diseases, stress, and fatigue, a body massage aids blood circulation whilst the toning of one's muscles is also successfully achieved. The process involves an Ayurvedic doctor applying a selection of oils all over one's body with the help of his or her palms and will primarily focus on relaxing the body. The physician will make a diagnosis of each patient before beginning a chosen course of treatment.


Shoulder and neck massage

Done in a way to ease tension in the neck and its muscles together with any prevailing tension in one's shoulders, such a massage has been known to cure rheumatic pain, stress and muscle spasms that are bound to plague you during your travels.


Foot massage

A foot massage such as that which can be enjoyed if one chooses to reside at Heritance Ayurveda Mahagedara will focus on the tender most parts of your foot. An invigorating and soothing effect is created and Ayurvedic practitioners will assist you in your endeavour of addressing cracked heels, dryness of the feet and also roughness.


Leg massage

If you suffer from flabby thighs, swelling of the lower legs or even varicose veins, then an Ayurveda leg massage is the answer. The rhythmic massaging of scented oils on your legs will immensely benefit in the blood circulation in your lower body and also bring valuable nutrients to the legs.

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