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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 04, 2019
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6 Fun things to do in Koh Phangan – To give fun-filled vacations a different definition

Famous for notorious beach parties, Koh Phangan is an island in the southern part of the country. Besides its legendary parties, there are other activities you are yet to discover.


The enchanting underwater world

Diving and snorkelling are a definitely a yes if you are in Koh Phangan. For diving, you might have to head off to Southwest Pinnacle and Sail Rock, and for snorkelling, Haad Yao and Hada Salad are the ideal spots – not to mention the attention-grabbing beaches that you'll see there. Water sports are a must do if you ever visit Thailand, even more so, if you are in Koh Phangan.


The Moon Party

Most of the backpackers who fill up the island are there for the infamous Moon Party. In fact, before the initiation of these parties, the island wasn't very well known to many. So, if you are in Koh Phangan looking to have some crazy fun, the Moon Party is where you should be. The Half Moon, Full Moon and newest addition Black Moon are the definition of having fun. Haad Rin Beach is the usual venue for all those events and if you have plans to attend one of the parties, know that there's no leaving until next day morning – of course, you have the option of booking a Koh Phangan resort – possibly the likes of Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas – if you need some rest before you are ready to leave.



All the shopaholics go crazy at the selection of things they can purchase here. Thai markets are, by definition, are fun to explore, especially the night markets. These markets are especially desirable if you love street food as there are masses of it. One of the most visited markets are Thong Sala Night Market – the popularity of the market boils down to the range of food that it offers which is coupled with reasonable prices, what could be more enticing than that?


Trekking Trips

This might not be the first thing that crossed your mind when you arrived in Koh Phangan. Nevertheless, trekking is most desirable if you want to explore the island to its core. The island is home to a few mountains, and Khao Reh is the tallest among them. If you've been devouring on Thai food, this might be an excellent way to get started on your fat-burning workout session – you can also gaze over the Eastern coastline while on these treks. But before everything else, make you sure you have a map and some food along some water – you need to have a map so you won't get lost and the water is a necessity if you don't want end up feeling parched.


Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine is an internationally famous cuisine and seems to get even more popular by the day. Everybody loves Thai food, and surely, you are not an exception. Its spiciness and the fact that they are always freshly made are the two main reasons for its popularity. So, if you happen to be in Koh Phangan, make sure you jump at the chance and sample as many dishes as possible.


The Temples

Thailand has many Buddhist temples scattered around in the country, and Koh Phangan is no deviation from the rest. The architecture, intricate designs and awe-inspiring statues are what make Thai temples exceptional and unique. While almost all the temples are a pull for tourists, Wat Khao Tam deserves to be mentioned especially to honour its centuries-old history.