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Vlogging Gadgets for Beginners

Offering information related to Vlogging Gadgets for Beginners and experts.

Canon Portrait Photography Tips You Need to Follow in 2020

Canon Portrait Photography Tips You Need to Follow in 2020

Vlogging is a great way to increase your presence on social media, whether you promote yourself or your company. There's nothing like a good-looking, well-made video to catch viewers' attention.

But can you vlog on your phone?
Of course you can!

Some new vloggers choose to spend a ton of money on a fancy camera, but it is not necessary. The impressive cameras available on today's mobile phones mean that it is entirely possible to produce high-quality videos using your smartphone.

However, a good camera is not everything when it comes to vlogs. You will need content that stands out from the crowd in terms of quality. With some essential vlogging accessories, you can start creating content that will keep your viewers coming back for more.

Find the Right Apps

You may want to choose a new video application for your work.
You could certainly use the native video feature on the iPhone camera. However, this may not produce great video under all circumstances, and these cameras can sometimes have a hard time capturing faces correctly without making them look ... strange.

A better alternative is to download an application that takes full advantage of the iPhone's camera features, such as Filmic. These applications provide a set of tools to adjust the image, track the action, adjust the frame rates and much more.

Basically one of these video and editing apps is required if you want your video to look professional. However, you will have to spend time learning the app and its controls to gain confidence, so don't be afraid to experiment with new software.

If you really don't want to download and learn a new app, we suggest you move the video to a Mac and work with iMovie to edit it when you're done.

Add some accessories to your iPhone when Vlogging
Some accessories can make your iPhone video look professional.
If you plan to use your iPhone for the foreseeable future, you should invest in some additional accessories that can make a big difference. For example, an iPhone-based tripod is required for many types of vlogging, and advanced versions can be attached to bars or branches for external work.

You may also want to consider an iPhone compatible mini directional microphone. Audio can be particularly tricky for an iPhone, but you want crisp audio for posting a vlog, so this is tricky territory. A mini microphone can be a costly investment, but it can solve many of your audio problems, especially if you are in a noisier environment.

You can also consider many other accessories, such as a waterproof case or specially designed lenses that fit your iPhone. Find the right must-have accessories and you'll be amazed at what your iPhone can do.

Tips When Starting Vlogging

Think about How you want to present your video!
Remember to use landscape mode: landscape mode, holding the phone horizontally, has become a basic video courtesy in today's world of mobile streaming.
Essentially, the bizarre portrait mode format is not very compatible with online publishing techniques and creates visual problems, so horizontal video is a must.
Also, the accessories we mentioned above are generally designed to run in landscape mode, not portrait mode (yes, you see some teen YouTubers taking videos in portrait mode, but they literally don't know what they're doing, so don't worry about that).

Always Enable Image Stabilization

One problem that smartphones with longer videos find is that they are very sensitive to motion, which means that the video can push and shake even when you think it is stopped. Image stabilization solves this problem.
You should always make sure that the image stabilization options are enabled in whatever video application you use, even if you are also using a tripod, and especially if you are on the go.

Lighting is Important
There is not much you can do with an iPhone to control lighting. However, you can move around very easily and find new camera angles.
It is a good idea to find the angles that shed more light on the subject. Because smartphones can be a little weird in the way they record light, this may require repositioning.

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