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SharePoint Apps and Web Parts

This is a curated list of SharePoint applications and web parts that we think you should know about.


SharePoint Surveys and Quizzes - DocSurvey

DocSurvey easily allows you to design surveys (or quizzes), gather the responses and analyze the results all without leaving Microsoft SharePoint. When used in conjunction with DocRead it's very simple, to create a quiz on a policy, assign it to your users and ask that they read, confirm and pass the test.

DocRead for SharePoint - Policy Management Software

DocRead is policy management software for SharePoint that helps target policies and procedures to groups of users in your organization. Once the documents are distributed, it's very easy to track the progress of each one.

SharePoint Reminder web part

Customize SharePoint Alerts with Pentalogic SharePoint Reminder web part. Rich text alerts, due soon and overdue, task reminders, date based alerts and more!

SharePoint Planner webpart

SharePoint Planner Webpart - quick and easy to use, color coded gantt charts and calendars, resource planning and vacation planning for SharePoint

Legal Platform

Legal Platform enables you and your organization to get rid of all contract, claims, reporting and other Excel sheets. Now we have a professional solution for you. Now you can keep track of all your contracts that are not part of your primary process, you get alerts and RSS feeds on the moment that action is required. You can track and trace any claim, issued or received. You can monitor your tasks to report your litigation reports to corporate.

SharePoint Enhanced Calendar - SharePointEduTech

Our customers required a calendar they could use to track whole school or department events. The Out Of The Box calendar in SharePoint just didn't have the look or feel they wanted to see. The OOTB solution looked too crowded when there were several events on one day.

SharePoint Icon Bar - SharePointEduTech

SharePoint Icon Bar The SharePoint Icon bar is available for SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 this solution will also work on Office 365. contact for more details and pricing.

SharePoint CPD Solution - SharePointEduTech

Continued Professional Development One of the business processes that lends itself perfectly to SharePoint in the education sector at any level is CPD (Continued Professional Development) management. We have already installed this solution in Schools, colleges and universities in the UK and also in the US.

SharePoint Targeted News - SharePointEduTech

Targeted News The Targeted News solution from SharePointEduTech was developed to meet the need for organizations to securely and effortlessly publish items to different audiences within the enterprise from a single location.

SharePoint Online Options Tool - SharePointEduTech

SharePoint Online Options Tool How many copies of your a Level Options booklet do you print each year? Do you spend too much time chasing parents and pupils to complete their choices? Isn't it about time this process became easier each year with quick results you can see at a glance?

SharePoint CRM

SharePoint CRM is a powerful and versatile CRM and Business Relationship Management system designed exclusively for SharePoint. Any size business can now implement a full-featured CRM for SharePoint easily and affordably!

Subject Glossary Part for SharePoint - SharePointEduTech

Subject Glossary Part for SharePoint Such a simple idea but one that every school department using SharePoint will want to make use of. A great tool to support student learning but also one for ticking those ISI or OFSTED inspector boxes. SharePointEduTech announce the arrival of our Subject Glossary part now available for SharePoint 2010, 2013 and Office 365.

SharePoint User Redirect | SharePointEduTech

SharePoint User Redirect The SharePoint user redirect webpart will redirect your users to the locations that you specify in the easy to use configuration section. You can choose to use Active Directory Groups, SharePoint Groups or even users in an OU For more information contact us at

SharePoint Unread Email Solution - SharePointEduTech

SharePoint Unread Email Solution The unread email is a SharePoint web part that you configure to look at either an on premise exchange server or a hosted exchange for example Office 365 or for educational organizations Live@EDU.




AxioWorks SQList allows developers to expose SharePoint content as normalised SQL Server database tables. This unique Windows service enables the integration of SharePoint with existing systems or can hugely accelerate the process of developing rich web based applications leveraging the advanced UI, workflow, and access control that SharePoint provides.

SharePoint Discussion Forum Web Part

Social Squared is a replacement for the SharePoint Out-of-the-Box discussion list. The SharePoint discussion list does not provide what is now expected from an internet based forum. Social Squared provides a powerful fully featured forum tool within SharePoint.

SharePoint Rollup Web Part

The Lightning Conductor Web Part is a very easy to configure SharePoint List and Library rollup Web Part that can rollup SharePoint Content from across multiple site collections and web applications.

Contract management with SharePoint

A new way to manage all your contracts Are one or more situations applicable for your organisation? Do you have many contracts? Are the contracts registered on one or more Excel sheets? Did you forget to timely end or renew a contract? I.e a lease or rental contract... In jan 2015 the contract management app will be available in the Office 365 Marketplace

Financial suite

Financial SuiteĀ® offers a.o. a financial closing solution that can save a huge amount of costs

Term Set Glossary App for Microsoft SharePoint 2013

The Layer2 Term Set Glossary App for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 offers an automated, customizable A-Z index or glossary of terms of your SharePoint portal. This approach is well-known from technical books and can be used now for improved corporate knowledge navigation.

SP Business Suite

Office 365 SharePoint and SharePoint Server business applications including Intranet, CRM, Help Desk, HR and Project Management

Layer2 Business Data List Connector for SharePoint - External Data Integration

The Layer2 Business Data List Connector for SharePoint solves many issues that still exist with SharePoint out-of-the-box external data integration. It makes it as easy as possible to connect native SharePoint lists to almost any external data source, codeless and bi-directional. All native SharePoint list features are available for the connected list.

Layer2 Cloud Connector for SharePoint & Office 365 - Data Integration

The Layer2 Cloud Connector for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 / 2013 and Office 365 takes your local line-of-business data and documents to your cloud-based or any other hosted SharePoint - easy to connect, secure, always up-to-date, and bi-directional, if required.

Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint - Jump-start SharePoint KM projects

The Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint Server 2010 and 2013 makes it as easy as possible to centrally manage metadata, to classify content and to use content classification for knowledge browsing, navigation, content discovery and search.

GetComponent - Content Rollup Web Part

With the help of SharePoint Rollup web part the users throughout the organization keep an eye on the most discussed topics. The Content Rollup web part allows to share vital knowledge at one place by efficiently organizing the information. The descriptive appearance of posts makes the SP Rollup web part user-friendly and easy to use.

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