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Updated by First Contact on Aug 02, 2019
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Why CCTV Is Important for School Security

With safeguarding becoming an increasing priority, CCTV is essential for school security. Bullying, theft, vandalism and trespassing can all be major issues, leading to investigations. Having video evidence can have reported issues solved quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Explore the further benefits of installing CCTV into your school’s security system:




Keeping both students and staff protected from anti-social behaviour is crucial. Installing CCTV to strengthen school security can reassure people of their safety. One key benefit of high definition CCTV is being able to identify troublemakers. It can also monitor the school’s presence for unwanted visitors, so action can be taken quickly. Continuous monitoring throughout the premises, playgrounds and carparks ensures a level of security.



In 2014, 32 UK Police forces reported 30,394 crimes in schools. Broken down, 43% of crimes were theft, burglary and robbery, 31% were violent crimes and 14% were criminal damage and arson*.

Outside of school hours, school security is still important. Running CCTV throughout the night can monitor the school for trespassers and burglars. It can also notify your team if emergency services need to be called to the site.


Behavioural Benefits

Strategically installing CCTV throughout a school premise can help to reduce bullying and disruptive behaviour. When someone knows they are being filmed, it can deter them from anti-social behaviour. Once anti-social behaviour is identified and dealt with, this can serve as a clear warning to other troublemakers of the consequences.

When it comes to investigating an incident, it can also encourage more people to tell their side of the story. If you can confidently say you already have video footage, they may uncover more of the truth.


Legal Action

Obtaining CCTV footage of reported events can help you deal with them more appropriately. Seeing schools deal with incidents quickly and professionally, can encourage those who reported the incident to not take legal action.

However, if they do resort to litigation, you will have video footage to support your case.


CCTV Installation for School

At First Contact Fire and Security, we are Southampton and Hampshire’s leading installer of high definition CCTV systems. With a customer first approach, we also offer maintenance, upgrade and repair services to keep your premises secure.

If your school is looking to invest in CCTV installation for stronger security, get in touch with our team.