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9 Steps In IPhone Application Development

If you observe and analyze mobile application market, you can easily identify two market leaders. They are Android and Apple. Both are struggling to capture the entire market. The competition is really tough. Both are leading the market and trying to beat each other in competition. Today I will focus on steps which are required for developing an iPhone mobile application. If you are a developer or project manager, you must carefully consider these 9 steps while managing iPhone application development.

Back in October 2013, Apple announced around 1 million apps in the Apple store. Now it’s July 2019 and you can have an idea of how much this number has been changed. So if you want your contribution to be added to this number, you must follow the steps we are about to write.




You may have heard it somewhere that an idea can change life. It is true but I would say that an idea can change the entire world. The world our ancestors used to live was very different than the one we are living in. The future is unknown but one thing we are sure about is that our future generation will have completely different world.

Who or what has revolutionized this world? It is Idea! The progress in science and technology was made possible by the ideas of different individuals. Idea is the beginning of everything. Mobile apps are also based on ideas. If you want your iPhone application to earn fame and popularity, you need a unique idea.



Second step is to identify objective and set Goals. What will your app offer to business or common people? What you want to achieve by developing this iPhone application. Objectives are the mile stone which keep you on track.



Strategy is the outcome of planning. You spend a lot of time on thinking a strategy which will actually work and will help you achieve the Goals and objectives you have set earlier.



I am naming budgeting, a step 4 but actually it is the part of strategy. You have to make sure that you have sufficient enough resources for an iPhone mobile application project. iPhone Mobile application development is a costly business. Therefore, I have another article which focus on How to Reduce Development Cost of iOS Application Project. We suggest that you must have a look on it.


Layout and Functionality

Once you have cleared step 3 and 4, it is time to jump on to step 5. You need to start from drawing board. You need to decide what layout your application will have and how it will interact with users? What should be the core functionalities of the mobile application?



It is time to give your idea, a graphical representation. On the basis of all your efforts, a designer will craft a sleek and attractive design for your mobile application. You must closely work with your designer. Trust me; your designer can not deliver unless you give your input. Discuss design requirements with your designer in as much detail as possible.



Hire experienced developers or choose a company who has worked on various mobile applications. In this step your iPhone application will start to come alive gradually. By the end of development phase your mobile application will be ready. Now it’s time to take the next step.



You have the best developers in town. Even then there are chances that they have overlooked something or missed it completely. It is always wise to test your mobile application before you make it public.


Go Live

Once the application is successfully developed and its being thoroughly tested for bugs or errors. You can upload it to Apple Store. Now it is publicly available.