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Flexra Safety

Buy online quality personal protection products for the health safety during work in the market today.


Safety Consulting Services In USA - FLEXRA SAFETY

Buy online quality personal protection products for the health safety during work in the market today. Our focus is in the Support, distribution, and supply of premium PPE (personal protective equipment), specifically targeting the Nuclear, Oil, and Gas Industry.

About Us - FLEXRA SAFETY | Buy Online Personal Protection Products

FLEXRA was founded in 2014 by an American female empowerment advocate and medical professional. Our aim is to provide a safe, reliable, clean, and sustainable supply of the best quality Personal Protective Products in the market.

Buy Safety Clothing Online, Shirts, Vest, Buffers and Safety Suit - FLEXRA SAFETY

Online safety clothes shopping for Industrial & Scientific from a great selection of full body cover safety suits, shirts, vest, buffers & more at reasonable prices.

Online Ergonomic Standing Desk Mats and Knee Pads - FLEXRA SAFETY

The best anti-fatigue standing desks floor mat should encourage you to stand up and move around at your workstation. You can easily buy here the best quality anti-fatigue stand up desk floor mats and knee pads also.

Online Shopping For Head, Eye and Face Protection Equipment - FLEXRA SAFETY

Buy Online worker’s comfortable safety gear for their head, eye and face protection. You can buy here eye safety shields, Hard Hat, ratchet, face shields, safety helmet, safety specs or glass, and other accessories.

Buy Branded Safety Shoes Online, Work Boots, Construction Footwear - FLEXRA SAFETY

FLEXRA SAFETY offers best branded construction safety shoes and work boots online for both men or women at reasonable prices. Safety footwear are very important in our everyday working life.

Contact Us Small Batch Manufacturing Services in USA - FLEXRA SAFETY

Mail Us: Phone: +1877-832-1422 We offer you online shopping. If you have any questions please contact us or visit at 4283 Express Lane Suite 4236-717 Sarasota, FL 34249.

Buy Online Safety Grip Work Gloves, Driving Gloves and Riggers Gloves - FLEXRA SAFETY

Shop online work wear safety gloves for hand protection while working at low price in USA. We have disposable gloves, driving gloves, electrical gloves, rigger gloves and grip work gloves @

Liquid Control Barriers, Leak Diverter Tarp - FLEXRA SAFETY

Contain and divert leaks before any further damage occurs with the wide range of leak diverters, pipe drip diverters and roof leak diverter tarps – shop today with Flexra Safety.

Eye & Body Wash Water Preservative Solution - FLEXRA SAFETY

Eye wash solutions help clear out dust, debris, and irritants that may make eyes red, itchy or uncomfortable. You can buy here easily eye and body wash water preservative solution.

Wholesale led rechargeable construction work lights, hard hat head light accessories, led headlamp hats, intrinsically safe penlights and work site lighting. We provide durable products with fast shipping at great pricing.

Buy online construction site awareness safety barriers, tapes (yellow-black or red-white tapes), ropes, barricade, caution tape border, guards, etc. quality products at reasonable prices.

Fall Protection Equipment For Height Safety, Fall Arrest Harness Kit - FLEXRA SAFETY

Fall protection products and equipment for people's safety who work at heights. We carry fall arrest harness kit and lanyard, Life Line System Online and anchor points, etc.

Electrical Safety & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - FLEXRA SAFETY

Buy online electrical safety equipment: Arc Flash protective clothing kits, suits, hoods, electrical hand gloves, safety glasses, hard hats, and other electrician clothing and accessories.

Buy Safety Shirts Online - FLEXRA SAFETY

Shop online Safety Shirts certified for High Visibility and designed for comfort and durability. We offer short sleeve safety shirts and long sleeve safety shirts.

Buy High Visibility Safety Vests Online - FLEXRA SAFETY

Online shopping for Safety Vests at reasonable prices. Flexra Safety Store offers a wide range of safety apparel for the construction industry.

Buy Safety Coverall Suits Online - FLEXRA SAFETY

Online shopping for full-body coverage with chemical protective clothing, suits, coveralls and gear to protect your body from dangerous liquids and vapors at Flexra Safety.

Buy Safety Buffers Online - FLEXRA SAFETY

Online shopping for Full-Brim hard Hat Sun buffer and Arm Guard Buffer Sleeve protection from the sun at Flexra Safety.

Ergonomic Products - Knee Pads - FLEXRA SAFETY

Buy online Ergonomic Knee Pads or kneepads are protective gear worn on knees to protect them against impact injury from falling to the ground or hitting an obstacle.

Anti-Fatigue Standing Pads For Workplace - FLEXRA SAFETY

Buy online Ergonomic Standing Pads: Heavy duty anti-fatigue kitchen and standing desk mat for any workplace where standing for long periods of time are necessary.

Ergonomic Desk and Workstation Accessories - FLEXRA SAFETY

Buy online ergonomic desk and workstation accessories like knee pads, desk standing mats, floor pads, etc. always need to work safely, healthy and pain-free.

Eye Protection: Buy Safety Glasses and Spectacles Online - FLEXRA SAFETY

Online shopping for eye protection products as safety glasses, specs, spectacles and shield protectors to protect your eyes from proactive measures to ensure the quality of your eyesight.

Eye and Face Protection: Buy Face Shields and Goggles Online - FLEXRA – FLEXRA SAFETY

Online shopping for eye and face protection equipment such as face shield and faceshield goggle to protect your eyes and face from any chemical during work.

Head Protection: Buy Safety Hard Hat Helmet, Ratchet & Vented Online - FLEXRA SAFETY

Online shopping for head safety equipment such as a hard hat, safety helmet, ratchet & vented to protect your head during work.

A Quintessential Guide to PPE or Personal Protection Equipment

When it comes to working environments and factory floors, one of the most visible appliances is personal protection equipment or PPE. These equipment are usually worn by the factory workers and…