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Top 10 Best Selling Classic Cocktails in 2019 - Delightful cocktail mixes

When travelling you get to see so many things and experience so many different cultures. Similarly, you also get to indulge in some unique food and beverages.


1. Old Fashioned

It may be called several names but, the popularity of the drink has remained constant in the hearts of customers and bartenders alike. The classic American Whiskey mix is referred to as Cocktail, Bittered Sling, Cocktail and an Old Fashioned One.


2. Negroni

The Negroni came to life in the spur of a moment when bartender Bosco Scarselli replaced soda water with gin in the Americano he was making for Count Camillion, on his request to make a stronger drink. Since then the drink has been a desired drink by those who love the taste of Gin.


3. Whiskey Sour

This drink may not be the first choice for many customers due to its name itself. But for those who do try it, this is a solid pick on a day they wish to enjoy every single sip. There are two variations between Boston and New York, but the drink has constantly been a much-loved option. It is said the drink was first published in 1862.


4. Daiquiri

This Cuban classic is not yet very popular among the younger generation, but it is definitely getting there. More than 50% of bars claim that this drink is ordered on a daily basis. The Daiquiri cocktail is known to to be the favourite drink of Ernest Hemingway.


5. Manhattan

Manhattan the cocktail became quite unpopular for about 2 or 3 consecutive years. However, it was made its way back to one of the most sought after cocktails due to its sharp and zingy taste.


6. Dry Martini

The gin-based classic is an old drink that has lived up to its reputation for many years. The go-to drink at any bar is the Dry Martini and the drink will never fail you. Despite the blurry history of the drink, the future is clear as it is here to stay.


7. Espresso Martini

Galway Heights is well known to be able to serve a mean Espresso Martini. Due to the reinvention of the recipe this classic coffee mixed cocktail has been introduced to the new generations as well. It is a drink loved by the older and new generations alike.


8. Margarita

Margaritas have been in the top 10 most desired cocktails for many years and it will not be off the list for the next few years to come. With multiple recipes in the world, this cocktail is definitely one of the most popular drinks around the whole world. Even at pubs in Nuwara Eliya this is the most popular drink.


9. Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz has surfaced to stardom once again as it was the most popular drink in the 1950s. Even though it has not risen to complete stardom there are many bars that claim the Aperol Spritz is a choice of most customers. The drink was created by the Barbieri Brothers in the 1900s.


10. Moscow Mule

This simple drink is no longer one of the most desired Vodka classics in the list. Even though most prefer the new drinks over the classic Moscow Mule most bars claim that they still do serve the drink on a weekly basis.

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