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Top 5 Tips for Selecting Your Undergrad Course - Five Guidelines to Follow When Choosing an Undergraduate Program

As one of the most crucial decisions students must make after leaving school, selecting the right college course might seem daunting. Here are some tips to help make the process a less stressful affair.


Consider Career Paths

One of the best ways to select a course program for undergraduates is to consider the line of work one hopes to enter in the future. Even if undergrads may not have a clear cut idea of what their future occupations might be, the areas and sectors which appeal to them on a personal level should be first taken into consideration. Whether it's a career in the sciences, engineering, information technology or the arts and even education itself, narrowing down where one's future lies is a practical way to choose a useful bachelor's course. While it is always possible to switch majors and change course midway, relying on one's instincts as to which fields or careers are of interest is a good indicator as to which course to follow.


Check out Course Catalogues

Universities or colleges offer so many specialized and diversified courses in every subject imaginable and while it may seem overwhelming, the vastness of the choices also allows undergrads to pick a course that is uniquely for them. Pick up a few college course catalogues or browse online course catalogues from the institutions in the neighbourhood or in cities or countries in which one hopes to study and see if any of the courses on offer set off a spark. Sometimes students may not realize what areas of study are of interest to them until it is in front of their eyes, and reading course descriptions and module contents can inform undergrads of what each course program entails.


Consult a College Advisor

Regardless of the university or college, most if not all educational institutions provide course selection advisors or college advisors for the benefit of students. Speaking to a professional who is aware of the options available in a particular university about one's dreams, aspirations and aptitudes can help a student narrow down their passions and select a course that fits. College advisors are not only an invaluable resource in course selection but also in the various career opportunities, internships and further study options available to different students based on their current grades, financial situation or special talents.


Look into the Track Records

A large number of undergraduate courses in Sri Lanka, for example, and the proliferation of tertiary education institutions means students have more options than ever before. But the quality of the undergraduate courses, lecturers and even degrees offered by these colleges are not equal. Whether one selects an institute such as CINEC or any other similar private educational centre or an affiliate of a foreign university, consulting the track record, accreditations and accolades earned by these colleges are important. Spending time and money in a university or college that does not provide a comprehensive degree, courses or instructors is a pitfall all students must avoid.


Sign Up for a Manageable Course Load

Students may be tempted to sign up for crash courses and university degrees that cram in too many study units into a single semester to shorten the course length but it is not a recommended step for undergrads. While Masters and PhD programs that are intensive and of short duration are common and even desirable undergrads should select a course program they can keep up with. So choose universities which offer a less intense pace.

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