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OpenCart Modules

OpenCart extensions which will help to build a better website and gets customer engagement.

10 Effective But Easy Steps to increase E-commerce sale - Infographic | Blog | OpenCart Extensions

We have Created an Infographic for E-commerce site owners as well as the manager. We invest good amount of time to get good value for the e-commerce business. Facts and figures are up to date 2019. And taken from Reliable websites. It contains 10 effective steps to beat the competitor and boost their sale. All data presented are backed by famous websites and we have mentioned these websites name as well.

Opencart - OpenCart POS | Point Of Sale Systems by TMD

The main advantage of creating an OpenCart POS System is to integrate both of your online and physical stores.

The pain area is most e-commerce businesses run their online and physical store separately, so maintaining a centralized sales, inventory and customer data is not that easy.

So it is one of the underlying pain areas that you can get rid off with an OpenCart POS Module.

Because unlike a traditional POS system with heavy machinery, OpenCart POS system is a Cloud-Based POS system to empower selling anywhere because the cloud is everywhere and you don't require any bulky hardware or the huge setup.

With the help of OpenCart POS System merchants will be able to manage their sales, inventory, and customer data centrally and can easily manage their day-to-day transactions irrespective of diverse physical stores spread across different locations.

Admin can create multiple users and assign a user to a specific retail outlet from where he or she can manage orders for walk-in customers at the physical store and check out easily without any signup and the orders are automatically synced to the online store.

Opencart - OpenCart Upgrade & Migrate Tool 1.5.x to 2.x to 3.x | TMD

TMD OpenCart Migrate Tool is a very flexible tool for easy migration process of your online store.

The basic migration process updates all your Products, Product Categories, Manufacturers, Taxes, Customers, Orders, Coupon, Review, MultiStore, Multi-language, etc.

There are two kinds of upgrade i.e you may choose the new option or update option.

Opencart - Product Option Color Image

Tmd option color image this extension allow admin to create various color options per product, for customer to choose them. Choose color for radio options checkbox and select box . admin for choose color using color picker in each product, it's very useful

  • Show Real Image Of Product According To Selected Color
  • Boost To Your Sales with TMD OpenCart Option Color Image Module
  • Select an Image for Color Option From Admin
  • Compatible With Journal and Other Popular Themes
  • Easy interface
  • Installation Is Just Mater Of Few Clicks
Opencart - Restrict Products Customer Group

Tmd Restrict Products & Categories by Customer group is an OpenCart extension allow store admin to add product based on customer groups. product and categories are only visible to a particular selected customer group.

The Restrict Products & Categories can be set for a different type of groups like not default, retailers or wholesale customers, etc.


Top 10 Reasons to Choose TMD OpenCart Multi Vendor Extension

Top 10 Reasons to Choose TMD OpenCart Multi Vendor Extension

Open source technologies such as OpenCart is one of the light weight e-commerce solutions and easiest way to get through.

So if you are looking to upgrade your online business to an overall all ecommerce portal with multivendor capabilities.

Than OpenCart Multi vendor module provides as such capabilities for your ecommerce store to uplift as an online marketplace.

And at the same time update your OpenCart store with OpenCart Upgrade Module for greater efficiency

Several examples of such online marketplace are like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. with incredible seller management panel.

Multi vendor website list around the world

TMD OpenCart Multi vendor is Cost Effective for startups and small business:

OpenCart multi vendor moudle

It’s one of the cost-effective module compared to other competitors in the marketplace. It is great for startups who wish to launch their own e-commerce business into an online marketplace.

TMD OpenCart Multi vendor module is a scalable module for any OpenCart based ecommerce store.

The Module Extends its capability by driving an ecommerce store into a full fledged multi seller platform.

So it is best for business owner and entrepreneurs from various industries who wants to grow their online business and marketplace.

The module also has a tendency to integrate with any OpenCart themes deprive of all available versions.

And any seller who come up with business ideas of selling their products online also gets mutually benefited by it.

Because seller gets his own seller panel to manage their products, view orders and complete customer order transactions.

Read complete article on TMD OpenCart Blg

11 Must Have Best OpenCart Extensions for scaling your Store

Scaling your OpenCart Store is worth investing if you know exactly what you are doing. The Following modules are some of the most preferred used modules on OpenCart. Enable these modules and increase the profitability of your store.

OpenCart Product Combination Variant Module & Extensions

A product combination is often used in E-commerce terminology for businesses and manufacturers with different product attributes such as color, sizes, thickness, etc. for a single product combination.

How do you deal with product combination for your Store?

Product Combination is not available in most of the E-commerce website as it is not a default option in the OpenCart framework. It means by default you have to enter items individually every time for different child items.

Top 15 Latest OpenCart Themes To Support All Kind Of Business | Blog | OpenCart Extensions

Today we came with the latest OpenCart Themes which will perfectly suit for you any kind of business. If you are looking to make changes into your existing website theme then you must consider TMD. They have best OpenCart themes as well as good in service which Here are 15 themes.

OpenCart Marketplace: Building an Online Marketplace is Easy

Reports show 71% of shoppers believe they’ll get a better deal online than in stores. So the online marketplace is a demanding arena for online entrepreneurs and businesses.

So what do you think about taking your business to an online marketplace?

5 Biggest points Mobile App usage that will blow your mind | Blog | OpenCart Extensions

No doubt smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. In fact, Statista has estimated that there are around 2.1 billion smartphone users as of 2016 and by the end of 2019, the number of users will escalate to the 5 billion mark.

Custom PHP Script for Real Estate Open Source | TMD

Custom PHP Script for Real Estate by TMD

Custom PHP Script for real estate is a boon for real estate agents willing to build an online property dealing platform.

Real Estate is a lucrative business in the field of property.

Featuring TMD Custom PHP Script for Real Estate

The specific custom script comes with features and gems for inside Real Estate business such as:

Adding property agents

Adding customer

Script comes from Admin panel

Multi languages supporting by the theme

Property Listing on Property Page

Property Detail page for content description

Find/Search Property Section on Home Page and other property landing pages

Contact Form for Enquirer

Responsive Design for Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Smart Phones

Retina Display for all types of devices

Gallery Page

Sidebar Options for Making Pages compatible with Right, Left and with No Sidebar.

Easy Customization on the basic of color theme and blog layout.

Clean & Valid Code

Free Support and Update

Support RTL (Right to Left) Language like Urdu

Powerful Admin Panel

Agents Management Section

Separate Agent section for own Property Management

User Management

Website Setting

Unlimited Property Feature

Property Nearest Place Management

Read complete features on OpenCart Blog

5 Biggest points Mobile App usage that will blow your mind | Blog | OpenCart Extensions

No doubt smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. In fact, Statista has estimated that there are around 2.1 billion smartphone users as of 2016 and by the end of 2019, the number of users will escalate to the 5 billion mark.

Mobile usage Statistics are mind-blowing

With the recent upsurge in the mobile phone usage where both Android and Apple iPhone dominates the market, the amount of time spent by individual user is alarming.

According to MS Power User, the people in U.K. spend 41% of their total time in social media and messaging followed by 32% for games, 12% for productivity and 11% for music and media.

m-commerce business market size from 2015 to 2020 : 63.53 Billion US Dollars. OpenCart Android App
Smartphones are easy to use comparing Computer
no doubt and they are advancing but they are also subjected to suffer from many problems. Don’t worry, if you have come across any problem,

I might have included it in this article and if not, then there are many possible problems with the current era of smartphones to list here.

Users Prefer Buying Stuff From Mobile Apps Than Websites.

There are many factors involved in it such as the responsiveness of apps over websites, processing time, usability, etc which puts websites far behind apps.

In general, smartphone usage has increased exponentially. The smartphone technology came all the way from humongous brick-shaped phones to lightweight high-powered phones that we have today.

This has increased the dependence on smartphones by increasing the amount of time spent on phones.

Mobile App are 20 time faster then Website

Shopping on mobile apps is more efficient since apps have faster processing time and consumes less bandwidth compared to websites. For organizations, maintaining apps is a way to cheap compared to maintaining websites and with the increased availability of apps.

These organizations have started releasing their own apps which are easy to update, upgrade, scalable, responsive, faster loading and more.

According to research USA reported approximately 71% of digital minutes spent on the phone while Indonesia reported the highest with 91% of the total digital minutes spent online.

Continue reading on TMD OpnCart Blog

OpenCart Quick Checkout Module | One Page Checkout by TMD

Do you know any website with awesome user experience drives the best conversion?

The better is the experience of a user on your website the more likely it is going to convert.

So either it is a micro-conversion or a macro conversion, it increases conversion rate by 200%

A complicated check out process would leave your carts abandoned resulting in poor conversion rate.

So it is important to simplify the checkout experience for your targeted customers to enhance your sales productivity leading to high conversions.

So a quick check out module for your store is beneficial for your customers, it will provide a good amount of relief.

Quick Checkout Module allows store admin to remove unnecessary checkout fields and steps for a quick product purchase.

And TMD Quick Check Out process can be very helpful in this case.

TMD is an official partner of OpenCart Store, it has published over hundreds of modules and extension for the OpenCart community. So it is worth implementing a OpenCart module for your store.

The TMD OpenCart Quick Checkout module, seamless checkout experience for your store.
TMD OpenCart Checkout module provides an awesome checkout user experience for your customers.

It is one of the best OpenCart quick checkout solution & the Benefits are enormous for store admin and it ensures a higher conversion rate.

TMD OpenCart Quick Checkout Module

The module offers detailed cart information with the product image, name, model, SKU, quantity, price and other attributes for your product in one page along with a guest check out or register checkout process ensuring a quick product purchase.

It also makes the login and registration process simplified and also allows different devices for browsing the site and an effortless checkout process.

Experience TMD OpenCart quick checkout on one page from this OpenCart Checkout

You can also add comments about your order during the check out all in one page.

It also provides advanced features that can provide a simple and engaging checkout process for your OpenCart customers.

So what should you look for an engaging OpenCart checkout extension?

I understand as an Admin you need to understand the features and available option available in TMD Quick Checkout, so just give a try and here is the Admin Demo.

Get ready for an engaging online shopping experience for your targeted OpenCart customers with TMD Checkout Module with a wide range of features and functionalities that can quickly simplify the checkout process for sales conversion on your store.

So do you want to provide a flexible online shopping experience to your Customers? Be one of them today to take your OpenCart store to the next level using the flawless TMD Opencart One Page Checkout Extension.

10 Sales Email Templates With 60% or Higher Open Rates

s a writer for the HubSpot Sales Blog, I'm always crafting new email templates. And my favorite source of inspiration is in HubSpot Sales -- I'll open up "Templates" and browse the real emails HubSpot salespeople are sending their prospects.

Not only can I see average open rate for individual templates, I can also gauge their performance by response rate and click rate (i.e., how many recipients clicked on the links within the template).

The following 10 templates have 60% or higher open rates, 8% or higher click rates, and 30% or higher response rates. I've lightly edited them so you can tweak them for your industry, market, product, and prospect. I've also included two templates to help you make sales introductions. Happy selling!

OpenCart GST Module & Extension for India GST | TMD

TMD OpenCart GST module is created to provide flexibility for OpenCart store owners to feed order. Generate invoice and bill inclusive or exclusive of GST under separate. TMD module and generate necessary reports from your online trade.

Opencart - OpenCart Seo Mega Pack by TMD | Increase your SEO Ranking

The TMD OpenCart SEO Mega Pack is a module and extension for OpenCart store, that makes it easier for your store to optimize your ranking by automatically generating Titles, Heading Titles ,Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Tags, ALT Images etc.

Optimizing Ecommerce store with OpenCart SEO Mega Pack helps you stay on top in the search engine rankings. TMD SEO Mega Pack is a module and extension for OpenCart store for improving visibility on the search engines.

We do a lot of efforts to bring traffic in our store. For this, Tmd OpenCart SEO Mega Pack has come up with a new solution, that make organic search easier for your store.

The SEO Pack module automatically generate Titles, Heading Titles ,Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Tags, ALT Images, Title Images or even add SEO redirects.