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A woman-oriented platform for female bloggers to share their knowledge and stories, be recognized for their skills and get paid for it.


How Does the Future Look Like for Women Running Small Businesses?

How Does the Future Look Like for Women Running Small Businesses?

Alisa has been running her gift shop for almost two years. One would find fresh bouquets, dolls, cards, wind chimes, variety of showpieces and many more pretty decorative items. I used to purchase my monthly journal from her collection. Located amongst other grocery, cafes and stationery shops, her store attracted a lot less customers than the worth of her goods. The locality where her shop stood was a small town where people didn't really grasp the concept of investing their money on quality stationeries. They occasionally had eyes for these goods as these were a bit high priced and were rarely used by them. They preferred daily useful necessities over purchases on creative creations. She wasn't making the profit she wanted to bag in.

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In this modern age, women want a powerful presence in the business world. They want to be in the same league with the dominant gender. They have been in the small business industry for a while. And unfortunately, many are facing trouble attracting their target audience and actually selling their product. For example, many women owned small businesses such as bakeries, interior decoration store and gift shops are not making the right kind of sales and profits.

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Popular choices of business amongst women are confectioneries, yoga training, clothing line, food service, physiotherapy and tutoring. But how many customers are they successfully targeting? The point from the creation to the end consumption is in actuality a complicated process. And women pursuing independence through their small scale business are also entangled on their way to success.

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While selling products,
1) Women are sometimes unable to keep up with their own progress along with their role as a homemaker. Scheduling takes a backseat.
2) Unfortunate circumstances occur because of which she doesn't receive the right kind of support. This leads to poor team formation and support system.
3) Many women lack the needed resources to take further steps in their own business. This, later, has a terrible backlash and many quit before embarking on their project.
4) She doesn't strike at the right audience due to lack of proper marketing.
All these factors lead to an unrecognized stand for her products, not much traffic, poor sale, and is ultimately blinded away from reaching her goal.

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While providing services,
1) Their services don’t reach authentic seekers.
2) Poor advertisement.
3) Lack proper contact service.
4) Not having full knowledge of the service they want to undertake.
5) Surrounded by superior competitors with more years of experience.
6) Lack of sufficient space to accept more clients.

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These are the supposed loopholes that can hamper your business to a great extent. But there's a way to overcome these obstacles one after the other. Let's start with marketing. The way through which you can reach customers and clients. With a dominant social media presence, women are taking their business online. This action automatically captures the eyes of many. Whether it be Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp Stories and Groups, or Twitter, when the online presence of your products and services are dialled location based with proper description, it can attract a good number of customers. Social media will not only display your products and services but also circulate it far and wide. But, there are limitations to all these social channels. The major limitation is that “They do not prioritize women owned businesses”. For them, everything is content, be it product, advertizement, joke, message, news and anything else in world that could be penned down! And content keeps getting generated and outdated every single day! In this fast paced social media world, it is indeed a challenge to build a brand which would last a while.

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What if there was a platform where your business has more chances of thriving?
A platform that will provide your product better visibility, an organized locality based presence, ensure quality transaction, and no charges till your business becomes sustainable enough to get into expansion mode. PinkDesk is a genuine platform that prioritizes on women entrepreneurship. Their aim is to connect and empower women. Every aspect of this platform wants to assist women to gain personal growth. You can mark digital presence of your store on 'Mandi'. It is very much like having your own website where the marketing and visibility is being taken care of along with generating leads for your business without any costs because well, If you are a woman looking for growth, then you are a priority!
A localized presence ensures a better long term financial relationship with local customers as proximity tends to boost reliability and leads to quick conversions of lead into customers. Also, your store content being rightly categorized as per user interest helps you target the audience who will be willing to lighten their wallets for you.

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How does the earning process look like on PinkDesk?
You can receive your payment for selling products or services in two ways, regular cash and PD cash (1 PD Cash = Re. 1)or a mix of both. Recording your earnings in PD cash has its own benefits. If you choose your mode of payment as PD cash, there are better chances of getting good sales for your products/services. You however have total freedom on how much PD Cash you want to accept and for which products/services you plan to choose PD Cash. You can even go for full or partial payment by PD Cash. It all depends on your business strategy. Normally, for new products/services which are yet to catch customer’s eye, it is always better to go for PD Cash acceptance. This allows for sales and marketing both. Gosh! I guess there are enough reasons to give this platform a try and it doesn’t cost a thing.

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With a woman friendly budget, govt. Schemes and platforms like PinkDesk, the future for business minded women is brighter than ever. Make a new beginning! The wave of women empowerment is catching up so catch the tide before it gets higher enough to get hold of and surf as you both sail high!

Be a Blogger on PinkDesk

A woman-oriented platform for female bloggers to share their knowledge and stories, be recognized for their skills and get paid for it.

Be a Featured Expert on PinkDesk

"A woman-oriented platform for female experts to display their expertise, connect with prospects,
be recognized for their skill and build an identity."

Marketplace for women by women

A woman-oriented platform where self employed and budding women entrepreneurs can mark their store's digital presence, connect with clients and boost sales.




My life has everything. I am a busy mother; my husband gets his monthly pay check on time; we make annual travel plans; I hit the gym every morning and I shop my heart out. That sounds like a perfect life , doesn’t it? But, where am I in this life? I lost myself somewhere between home and… home. What do I do for myself amidst the process of making my family’s life easy and perfect? Do I wish to be known as a stereotypical shopper women? I guess not.
My moment of nirvana just punched me right there and I typed it, googled it- all possible work from home opportunities in India. To my surprise, our country, where women are ready to give up their ambitions and quit their dream jobs after getting married, lack in providing an appropriate work from home scope. Data entry, telephone operator, are some options but these will provide you instant money and no Identity.
Lets talk about numbers now. India ranks 120 amongst 131 countries in female labour force participation rate, according to World bank review. How will the country prosper and have a sustainable growth if half the population isn’t participating? At one level working women quit their jobs due to family pressures while on the other level, I blame the dearth of options available for women to pursue jobs from their home. Even the possibilities that are available are far from favourable. Surprisingly, the rapid urbanization of the country is not opening gates for women workforce. Only 27% of the women work against 79% of men.

What is the need of the hour?
What we need as a country is a women-centric work opportunity where the female section of the population can work together and support each other.
1. An opportunity for women to make use of their experience and knowledge and ultimately building a strong identity for themselves.
2. Not a daily exhausting 9 hours of job struggling to make a mark but a sip-on-the-coffee work from home opportunity where she can balance her career without compromising on her family life.
3. An opportunity for women to help each other grow. A little uplift to the deprived women and from rural areas where opportunities do not reach them.
4. A strong community where a woman stands by another woman and believes in growing together which is the gist of women empowerment.
Widen your horizons with Pinkdesk
Why should I waste a good professional degree? Why not pursue my interests and hobbies and do things that I like to do and things that will implant a sense of satisfaction. It is what Pink desk offers, a revival to your lost hobbies and a U-turn to your dreams. To be very specific, PinkDesk offers,
An amazing option to,
1. Write your heart out at BLOGGER'S PARK. Where you can share your knowledge and experiences that will help other women to know, follow and grow.
It is always great to make a difference in someone’s life. The platform serves women from every walk of life, whether a mother, a student or an engineer. You share what you know and earn applauds. This is not all, your blog’s performance is tracked via PD Score which would help you earn money and recognition.
2. If feeling helpless, anxious, need a quick advice, call for it at the FORUM. A window for women to share their problems and advice fellow women.
With so much of webbed responsibilities, women get clueless and aimless at times. Forum, is where you get a boost to that lost confidence.
3. A women’s ecosystem isn’t complete without a “Shopping cart”. Mandi provides a sneak peek into local stores based on your chosen locality. MANDI is mainly a launchpad for women to showcase their products or services and build a brand. Women entrepreneurs get a positive push with associations like Mandi, where your products are showcased with vibrant marketing, a platform to get yourself financially independent. A place to harness your skills and show off your capabilities. And this is not a compulsion but a facility and a great window(of opportunity) that invests in your identity-build up and provides benefits beyond your imagination.

Very appropriately covering these three scopes, Pinkdesk, is determined to uplift the women so that they can contribute to India’s GDP. As they proudly state,” Women empowerment is not about being better, instead, it’s about being complete”.

How Concrete is women empowerment with PinkDesk?
The above opportunities must have given a fair idea on how a woman can achieve growth and independence on PinkDesk.
Let’s get real! Financial Independence is a very important factor in empowerment of any individual. Without an identity and financial resources, woman empowerment is nothing but a play of words.
Pindesk ensures a woman’s financial independence by investing on ideas like PD Cash.
PD cash is a unique earning that is paid to users when they get applauses for their blogs/vlogs/answers. This way you can earn to invest in Bazaar and begin earning.
Associating with Pinkdesk, may not reap you instant profits because everything that lasts longer requires perseverance. It is an opportunity for we, women to grow with our interests and hobbies. A way to be noticed amongst a crowd. To shine bright in your own eyes and make yourself the most important one in your perfect life.


Women Are Earning Money and Recognition on This Amazing Platform!

Women Are Earning Money and Recognition on This Amazing Platform!

Being a woman is wonderful but what makes us wonderful is the same thing that often leaves us
unsatisfied with our lives. Being a mother or a wife or a Daughter In Law is more than a full time job in itself and yet at the end of the day, we often feel less rewarded and yearn for an identity which got lost somewhere while we were busy holding the canavas for others to paint on. What about the dreams we held? Choosing one is not easy and not even worth. But why choose when you can have it all? India is slowly opening up to flexible work opportunties for women but we still lack opportunities which are more than just making some money! How about building an identity and a brand for yourself? Something that will live with you through your expertise?
This is the ideology that gave birth to PinkDesk – A platform where women can connect, share ideas, display their interests and hold discussions on various issues. It's place for women to learn, grow and even earn. Their focus is to empower Indian women's individualistic identity. Its ambition is to be the largest digital platform for women. Your personal growth is what matters on PinkDesk. You will be able to tap into your capabilities and skills to spread your wings and contribute to the best of your potential. With a flexible work schedule, you can acquire the recognition that you truly deserve. There is a multitude of opportunities for you to channel your superpowers on this platform. And the best part? It doesn't matter which background you're from, we welcome each and every one of you with open arms. You just have to be someone who shares our ideology and wants to support the career and identity status of women.
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You'll definitely be rewarded for your earnest contributions. One way your efforts will be rewarded is through PD Cash. It is a form of money that you can use to buy products in the “Mandi”. The money that you'll receive will be based on the performance of your original content in the form of Blogs/Vlogs or even Answers on the Forum. Let me do the math for you,1 PD Cash = Re. 1 Make authentic submission, receive recognition and be rewarded for your performance. You can even encash it but the best way to use it would be in the PinkDesk Bazaar. PD Cash is not just a currency but a symbol of support and belief of one woman in other which would be expressed by supporting each other’s business. You can also earn regular bucks by displaying your products or services in the “Mandi”. These are the gateways to sell your products or services. (Image source: q=women+holding+money&tbm=isch&source=hp&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi_7rnh_d_iAhXMu48KHSYvDRAQsAR6BAgFEAE&biw=1366&bih=576#imgrc=9cKVo4U
Here's how exactly you can earn money and recognition on PinkDesk:
Publishing Blog Posts on Blogger’s Park: You can impart your knowledge on topics and issues belonging to various genres. For example, relationships, self management, education, finance, life style etc. Don't worry, you don't necessarily have to be an all-rounder on any particular issue. But you can use this platform to display your knowledge and provide information which would be helpful for other women out there. Blogger’s park gives you voice and you can effectively use it for your and women’s benefits. If you are already blogging on other platforms or got your own page then PinkDesk might be the right platform for you which clearly measures the performance and pays you accordingly. Your content would earn throughout it’s lifetime!
(Image source: ) Start Vlogging: Not into writing? No problem, PinkDesk will help you express yourself through video format as well. Press play, record the content you will cover for each video post and submit it on the platform. You could show off your cooking, make up, fashion, hair-do skills through visual content. Vlogging will not only give you the opportunity to earn PD Cash, but also give you the spotlight to acquire cool audiences.
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Post Your Product or Services on Mandi: So, you don’t blog or Vlog! This is not where it all ends. We have got local marketplaces in Mandi. Separate Mandis will be displayed based on localities. So if you're intended to sell your handmade goodies and crafts or provide services to women or kids, this is a grand opportunity for you to reach success. Women have got a lot to offer but finding clients and establishing a brand is a bottleneck indeed . Create a store in Mandi and be assured of a digital presence, reaching out to target customers based on interest and locality. On PinkDesk, you will be served with the right target audience and PD cash shall only boost your sales further.
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Best Efforts are Crowned: No, you don't need to belong to a royal bloodline to be 'Crowned' on this emerging unique platform. It all comes down to how much effort you're giving in to be tagged as a 'Featured Expert'. Featured Experts are taken much more seriously than a regular user. Let me break it down from the very scratch to clear the way out for you to claim royal fame on PinkDesk. First, create your profile. Second, fill up the required information. Third, select the category of your expertise. Fourth, post original and informative content in the form of Blog/Vlog/Answers based on the chosen category. Walk through the above mentioned four steps and the rest will follow. While you dedicate yourself on sharing knowledge, your performance would be tracked through PD score system. Once you reach the desired score target, you will receive the honour of being a 'Featured Expert' in your chosen category on PinkDesk.
(Image source: ) PinkDesk is a social commerce platform carving its way towards contributing empowerment and connection amongst the rising women population. Ultimately functioning as a great support for the women of India to gain momentum in their passion. Given the benefits of flexible working hours, women in our country can easily stitch their passion along with their profession and recognition because of PinkDesk. This is the place where you work from the comfort of your home while achieving fruitful results. Invest your time on the right platform, Invest in YOU!


Where there is a will, there is a way!

Where there is a will, there is a way!

“Neha, your body is not responding to the pregnancy very well. You could end up losing your baby if you do not take precautions” I still remember those words from the Gynaecologist very clearly.
Everything in my life has been so perfect, I was doing very well in my job and was stepping up the corporate ladder quickly. A top performer and a lucky wife, I couldn’t ask for more.
My life partner who also happened to be my close friend always supported me through thick and thins and I got married to him at the age of 30.
We decided to get into parenthood after two years and it all began. My pregnancy was complicated My doctor advised me strict bed rest and I had no option but to resign. I had to take a break in my career. I was not mentally prepared for it. All of a sudden it felt like the end of my career. I was very much in despair with this thought. My husband consoled me. He said it is a short phase and will pass. But I was not ready to accept. After resigning, I stayed at home just sleeping on the bed. We hired a maid for doing all household work.
But sitting at home taking rest doing nothing was a tough situation for me. Just playing with the mobile, listening to songs, watching T.V. and sleeping was my daily routine. Soon my life became stagnant resulting in my mood swings. My husband got worried. After consulting with a counsellor he suggested me to look for work from home options. I also agreed with him. I wanted to come out of stagnancy. So I started browsing for any work from home opportunities to relieve the boredom of life.
I came across PinkDesk which is established only for women with the mission of women’s growth and empowerment. They are helping women to share their ideas, knowledge in the field of their interest. I found it interesting and registered there. Soon I started blogging about my interests like beauty, fashion, and travel. In a few days, I started getting a good response too. It was like exploring and finding ‘me’ within that was missing for a long time . It has made my pregnancy bearable and I am mostly too occupied to think of the complications and problems that might arise. I am even sharing my experience with other women who might be going through similar phase and soon plan to form a close knit community to deal with pregnancy related complications.

Sometimes there comes an unexpected turn in life and you don’t have any other option but to face it and find a path through it. If you have a positive attitude of looking at the problems as opportunities in disguise, you can definitely find a solution. Now I feel like I am doing much more than just earning for myself and I am building an identity beyond the walls of a corporate office. Afterall Where there is a will, there is a way!


How I started to earn even before the completion of my education!

How I started to earn even before the completion of my education!

I am pursuing a graduate degree and belong to a lower middle class family. I feel very proud and grateful to my parents that they have always encouraged me to pursue higher education despite of the fact that most of the girls in our caste are married off as early as 16-18 years.
However, I watch my parents sacrificing their own wishes and desires to support my education. I did not actually want to put the burden of my education expenses on them. I offered to do ad hoc jobs but my parents were strictly against it.

I was upset. I neither could see them working so hard nor could I do anything but study.Yes, I was good at studies and was getting good marks for their satisfaction. For that was the only thing I could do to make them happy.
Two months passed. One day, I saw my friend doing something on the internet. I asked her what she was doing. She said that she was uploading the photos of her mom’s handmade jewellery on a website. When I asked her further queries, I came to know that her mom has joined a platform named PinkDesk that is only for women where she could sell her jewellery. She could reach the customers from nearby areas through that website. I asked her if we have to pay any charges for joining the platform. When she replied that it is all free; bells started ringing in my mind. I immediately learned and registered on the website.

Then I met my friend’s mom and asked her if she could give me a chance to sell her jewellery on a commission basis in my area which was far away from her place. Seeing the opportunity of getting customers base she agreed with me. And then my journey began. I created my store for my location on ‘Mandi’, a local marketplace on PinkDesk and started uploading photos of the jewellery. I am getting good response and many customers have started visiting me already. I often organize exhibition on Sunday’s where I can meet all the customers at once.

I can now manage to take care of my personal expenses and have also started saving for my exam fees! While most of the girls of my age spend their time chatting with random boys on Facebook, I spend my time on my store on PinkDesk and replying to customer queries.
My parents are happy too as I don’t have to stay away from home for longer hours and they don’t have to worry about my safety. We are all thankful to my friend’s mom who gave me this opportunity.

I feel I have been lucky that I have set on a path of Entrepreneurship early in my life and while most of my friends and classmates are still not sure what they want from life, atleast I know where am I heading. So, if you want to be a self-sufficient person, you don’t have to really wait till completion of your education. There are ways where you can earn without affecting your studies. Find a way and go for it!


Grab the Opportunity at the Right Time and Right Place!

Grab the Opportunity at the Right Time and Right Place!

“What do you want in life?” Sheetal asked.
“A Lavish lifestyle and a lot of money?” I pondered.
“But, only if it brings me happiness! Which money may or may not bring. It might end up bringing more problems” I muttered.
“Why do you always complicate things!” Sheetal argued
“I want to feel complete! Yes, I guess I have been a good wife, a good mother, a good friend and a good employee too. But is that enough for living life? Where is my own identity as a woman?” I blurted and immediately realized the source of my irritable behavior.

I was doing a job in the IT industry and my folks were really proud of me because of the associated glamor, foreign trips and a fancy payscale. However, behind this seemingly perfect job, I struggled with uncertainty, workload and stringent deadlines. After a decade in the corporate field, I had reached the point of saturation and couldn’t maintain the perfect image (of leading a perfect life) I was carrying. Finally, I left my job with the intention of doing something different.

With my husband’s support, I entered into a small business of selling ladies garments that were hand-stitched by the women from rural areas of Rajasthan which also happens to be my maternal hometown. I have always been an Art lover and vouch for Indian traditional art forms. I remembered being admired by my colleagues for my attire and they always asked where do I buy my stuff from? I decided to start selling these garments which would also provide me an opportunity to help women from rural areas earn money through their art. As I am a shopping lover, I thought I know the main nerve of the ladies and I can make them buy the garments from me. However, getting customers was not so easy. Even my relatives and friends would prefer buying from malls rather than buying from me. I distributed flyers; published ads in newspapers. I also created the Facebook page, posted photos on Instagram. But it was not giving me any tangible results. The marketing efforts were getting time consuming and expensive as well. I was getting frustrated as I was unable to reach the right customers.

I was actually on the verge of taking the decision to close my business though I did not want to. But some good things are destined to happen if you desire something from the bottom of your heart. The same thing happened to me as well! One of my friends doing business of selling imitation jewellery told me about PinkDesk which is a social platform exclusively designed for women. She showed me her store created on it and how she acquired her customers from nearby localities. She suggested me to register on it and create a store for my business of ladies garments sale. After trying all the other things, I thought of giving it a try as it would not cost any money. So I registered on PinkDesk and created a store for my business in ‘Mandi’, the local marketplace. I was just regularly uploading photos with descriptions and didn’t have high hopes.

Soon after some days, I did begin to receive inquiries on my products and customers actually did visit my store (which is nothing but a corner of our garage). I have been honest about my intention to help women and equally dedicated to my work which brings me immense satisfaction. I think this vibe did get across and thankfully my business is doing well and expecting a good growth. I am really hopeful of expanding my business in other areas too. I am grateful to PinkDesk for facilitating small businesses by women. They have very intelligently crafted PD cash and PD score system to facilitate transactions and I feel it does help women like us get some sales.

Moreover, a feeling of satisfaction that I am helping needy women from Rajasthan and forming a bridge from rural to an urban area cannot be explained in words! The journey for me as an Entrepreneur is ongoing and considering that most of the businesses die within the first year, I think I have survived.
So if you are having that burning desire inside you to create your own identity, just grab the right opportunity at the right time and right place!


“The Must Read Book for Everyone as a Life Coach”

“The Must Read Book for Everyone as a Life Coach”

Life is very unpredictable. You have to be ready to face the unexpected twists that come in your way. You need someone to be your mentor or coach to guide you on the path of life. He teaches you or motivates you to face the obstacles fearlessly and confidently. Everyone has a different life and hence a different way of living.
I also have my own battles to fight, my own inferiorities to be conquered, my desires to fulfil, and my dreams to accomplish. When I look at my life, I realize that my journey was full of ups and downs. There were many good and bad moments. I had to struggle a lot to get what I wanted. I met some people who cheated on me or ditched me. But I also met the people who loved me and became my close friends who supported me to bring out the best in me. My family stood by me in every obstacle.

Apart from these people, books also have been my stress buster. These books are like my true friends who have given me the courage and strength to face life. One of my most favourite books is “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. This book has actually been my life coach. Rhonda Byrne has really revealed the secret of living a full life that you deserve. It is one of its kind for uplifting your soul. Your perspective towards life changes. You learn to take responsibility for everything that happens in your life.
When I first came to know about “The Secret” I was going through a tough situation in my life. I was passed out as a computer engineer and was hunting for a job that time. Due to the slack period and being a fresher, I was being rejected at many interviews. I was very frustrated.
But after reading the book I was thrilled by the content. I started looking at the positive side of every situation. I began to implement every technique that is described in the book. But after reading the book, I developed a habit to thank everything in my life. Every morning after waking up I just started telling myself, “Today is my day. I am called for an interview and it is going to be fantastic. I am selected. Thank you!” Then I actually felt like being selected with a smile on my face.
Just within one month after starting this practice I got a call for an interview in a renowned company. I was so excited! I prepared for the interview by studying a lot and by getting the tips to crack the interview. I continued saying affirmative messages also. And to my surprise, I was selected among all the candidates and I got that job with a very good package! I was so much overwhelmed that my eyes were filled with tears of joy. I actually had experienced the secret! My belief in “The Secret” increased forever.
After getting a job, my next dream was to buy a car. I used the visualization technique to manifest my car. I would just imagine driving a maroon coloured car. It was great fun. Within a few months, I booked a car of the same colour and then joined a car driving class. Till the time I finished the car driving class, my car arrived. I struggled to drive the car on my own but then within six months I was confident in driving the car!
Now the first thing I do in the morning after waking up is saying “Thank you” and expressing gratitude towards health, wealth, relationships, and everything in my life. It lifts my mood. I am all set to face anything that happens during the day.
In this way, I have been manifesting all my smaller to bigger dreams and desires. Maybe from a cup of coffee, a parking place to even owning a home! I have started believing in miracles.
“The Secret” is really a life coach for you to manifest your dreams, your health, wealth, relationships and every area of your life the way you want. Just Ask, Believe and Receive what you want. As Rhonda says, “You deserve to live a full life!”


Age is just a number!

Age is just a number!

At the age of 65, what would a lady be expected to do? Just enjoy retired life with family and grand-children. Join some senior citizen’s group and spend time doing holy vacations, right? But what if the person has not reached the state of that boredom yet and wants to do something more? Well, I have found my motto of life even after retirement. Here is my story.
I was a professor in a renowned college teaching Japanese language. I was enjoying my teaching profession. Staying amongst the younger students kept me younger as well. Watching your students grow and be successful in their life is a great achievement for a teacher like me. My students would always remember me and come to meet me even after passing out from the college. On my retirement program, I was very overwhelmed by the love and respect shown to me by all the students and colleagues. Many people advised me to start tuition for students. But working as a full time teacher for 40 years, I didn’t want to again make myself duty-bound with the time restrictions. So I humbly denied that idea. Although I did not plan about what I would do after retirement, I was at least sure about what I didn’t want.
So for a few months after my retirement I was enjoying to spend time with family, playing with grandchildren, going to friends’ place, meeting relatives and going for vacations. I joined a singing class too. I was doing everything that I could not do during my service tenure.

However, how long would you enjoy the free time when you are used to working for 40 years? Soon my instinct for teaching started peeping in. One day I went to my college just to meet my ex-colleagues there. They were happy to see me after a long time. I also felt like nostalgia when I remembered my days in college. I returned home with a heavy heart. I wanted to do something but was not sure of what and how.
Then I started seeking any option that would not keep me engaged physically and still I can fulfill my desire to share my knowledge with the people. One of my students casually asked me “Madam, you have 40 years of experience and hold so much knowledge not only in your subject but also in many areas of life as you have always guided us and we still miss you when we need to make decisions in life. Why don’t you share your knowledge on PinkDesk?” “The idea is not bad but I do not know how to go about it” I said. Shreya happily showed me how could I join the community which was meant exclusively for women and PinkDesk did look like a genuine platform to me. Btw, isn’t it a strangely warm feeling to be taught by students you have taught! “You can write blogs, post videos or answer in forum under Career and Education category” Shreya informed. Now I was keen on sharing my knowledge by answering the questions on the Forum under Career and Education category. I wondered, how far we have come with the help of technology. It is amazing to be able to share knowledge sitting anywhere and get a feedback as well. People liked my answers and I was getting good appreciation from the audience. I was really enjoying it.
PinkDesk kept me informed about how well I was doing through PD score which got generated on every answer of mine based on how well it performed with the readers. I realized that I can even pursue their featured expert program under Career and Education category which would indeed help me build an identity globally as an Expert in my subject. “It costs nothing and doesn’t require anything extra” I thought. All they would do is start tracking your PD score in your specialized domain so I have decided to give it a try.
I am fulfilling my desire of sharing knowledge with the world and earning money through it too. More than the money, I feel overwhelmed just knowing that I am doing my bit in empowering women. I use my PD cash to buy products and services from other women and life seems to be coming full circle!

Retirement was just a new beginning for me and what would be the best way to retire than to nurture the new saplings with all that you have got. I didn’t want my experience to die with me.
Everyday I still have a lot to look forward to and that keeps me away from feeling old and unwanted. So if you are thinking that life is over after retirement, give it a second thought. Life is not about how many years you live; it is about how much life you fill in your years!


How I created my identity from a Housewife to a Blogger

How I created my identity from a Housewife to a Blogger

I grew up in a middle-class family where a girl or woman was presumed to live on adjustments, making sacrifices for the family. I too had imbibed these thoughts in my mind. After marriage, I was a housewife by choice and I was very happy spending quality time with my family. My family was my only world. I enjoyed doing all the household chores for them thinking that as my duty. But as time passed by, my children grew up and got engaged in their stuff; I began to feel some kind of emptiness in my life and I was unable to cope with the free time. Consequently, I started feeling low and sad without any reason. My husband got worried about why this was happening to me all of a sudden. He advised me to join some yoga class.

I joined Yoga class although I was not very enthusiastic. It occupied me for one or two hours of my day. However, that was not enough to remove my vacuum which was created in my mind. I started joining my friends on one-day picnics or for shopping or even meditation programs. But I still yearned for something more. I was feeling lonely in the crowd. My husband asked me if I would like to do a job. But I was not very confident of doing a job as I thought I won’t be able to balance the work life and home.

One day, out of the blue, I thought of writing my feelings in a diary. I just went on writing without thinking much and then I felt relieved to a great extent. That was the ‘aha’ moment when it clicked me. I had forgotten that my writing skills were appreciated by everyone in my school and college days. That time I used to write a lot of articles and essays. My teachers and friends also said that I would become a very good writer. But after completing my education, it was somehow left aside. When I shared this with my husband, he suggested me to write blogs on the internet. I was not very much techno-savvy but still, I learned to browse on the internet and then I realized how tremendously it has captured the world!

Soon I learned how to do blogging and started my own blog. I shared it only with my near and dear ones. My feeling of emptiness now vanished completely. I had found a way to express myself through writing. However, as I started to receive appreciation from my family, I wanted to spread it to more and more people. After all, the reader’s appreciation is the most important motivation for a writer, right? So I then started to share my blog on Facebook and Whatsapp. But there also it was mostly unnoticed.

I had never thought of earning any money through blogging until I came across PinkDesk who claimed to be a platform meant for empowering women. I found that they had some kind of performance measurement system for generating scores for your blogs and according to your score, you can even earn money. I was fascinated by this idea. So I started blogging there. Soon I received good applause that motivated me. Moreover, I also earned the PD Score which in turn gave me PD Cash that I could use to buy any products from the nearby stores that were available on PinkDesk.

I am now mostly occupied with writing, socializing, learning new things and so on and so welcome this change. At this moment when I look back, I see a complete transformation of myself from a depressed housewife to a successful blogger.

Looking back at myself, I realize that there is so much more to us, so much that often remains dormant and so many women don’t even get an opportunity to realize their true potential. But, there is a little voice inside which does call you out, which lets you know when your true self is craving for something more. Listen to it and start exploring, who knows when and where you find your calling!