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Educational Resources

Educational resources are the resources which are freely accessible, openly licensed text, media and other digital assets which is used for acquiring knowledge, teaching, sharing your knowledge, learning as well as for research purposes.

Institute of Management Computer Studies IMCOST , the best management college in Thane, Mumbai, India offers you UG PG Courses Choose from full time part time courses.

Students are confused before their graduation and more confused during the course and most confused after they have completed it. Done with your B. Com. and looking for career options? Or pursuing B. Com. and want to test the waters? In any case, it is never too late.

Accounting and Finance are at the heart of any organization. They scale up as the organization grows bigger and better. No matter what kind of company you run, or work in, you have to pay the employees, spend on the assets, manage expenditures and calculate profits.

Looking for B.Com in Accounting & Finance? ASM's IMCOST is one of the best ug colleges for accounting & finance in Mumbai. Our B.Com program is integrated with CMA, Digital Marketing & Business Analytics. Find more info about program, eligibility, admission & fees.

Looking for B.Com in Banking and Insurance? ASM&’s IMCOST is one of the best ug colleges for banking and insurance in Mumbai. Our B.Com program is integrated with CMA, Digital Marketing & Business Analytics. Find more info about program, eligibility, admission & fees.

Best Libraries in Mumbai The culture of libraries is still strong in Mumbai. The city is home to some of the best libraries where people can come, spend time, and brush up on their knowledge. These libraries are the wells of knowledge that quench this thirst of the general public. &Though the culture & hellip

Master Of Financial Management (MFM) Course & Overview Master of financial management, also known as the MFM course, is a postgraduate course that teaches students all about financial and accounting management. This course is designed to impart knowledge on varied subjects like financial planning, corporate accounting, auditing, market analysis, corporate analysis, and economic analysis.

7 Reasons Why MCA Degree is Right You | ASM IMCOST

Is MCA the right degree for a good career? let's understand why you must enrol for an MCA program. Here are the top 7 reasons that why you should choose MCA as a career.

10 Benefits/Advantages of MFM Degree | ASM IBMR

Students can not ignore the MFM degree course. There are many other benefits of doing an MFM degree course. Here are top 10 advantages of MFM degree.

Best Places to Live in Mumbai for Students

There are quite a few areas in Mumbai that are affordable and convenient for students, So, here are the top 10 areas in Mumbai for students. Also explore student accommodation tips, apps and more.

How to Choose a College in Mumbai | ASM IMCOST

Do you want to know how to choose right institute for you. Here are 10 parameters to consider while selecting college in Mumbai, whether you are looking for bachelor’s degrees, or master’s courses. Read blog.

Looking for B.Com in Financial Markets (BFM)? ASM & IMCOST is one of the best ug colleges for financial markets in Mumbai. Our BFM program is integrated with CMA, DM & BA. Find more info about program, eligibility, admission.

Looking for Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) courses? ASM & IMCOST is one of the best colleges for BMS in Mumbai, India. Offering BMS program integrated with CMA & CSCA. Find more info about program, placement, eligibility, admission.

MHRDM Course Overview A Master of Human Resource Development Management program is designed for individuals interested in getting a comprehensive understanding of the HRM sector and making a career in it. If you are already working in this domain or want to acquire the skills to excel in it, an MHRDM is perfect for you.

Why Choose a Career in Human Resource Management? HR professionals are the backbone of any company; from a startup to a multinational. Right from the time you give your interview to the point where you need to complete your exit formalities, an HR expert is the one who guides you in every step. Hence, companies.

A Guide to PGDM in Pharmaceutical Management: Eligibility, Admissions, Fees, Syllabus, Benefits & More - IMcost Edu In

What is Pharmacy is All About? The pharmaceutical industry focuses on the development and manufacturing of new medicines or drugs for medicinal purposes. Additionally, the testing, designing and evolution of latest technologies and techniques are part of the industry as well.

5 Reasons To Choose A PGDM in Pharmaceutical Management - IMcost Edu In

Why Pharmacy Is a Rewarding Career With the demand for a high-quality life and advancing technology, the pharmaceutical industry has grown tenfold in the past decade.

What After B. Pharma Course? So, you have done the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree course, and are now wondering what to do next? This is a question that is on many B. Pharm graduates minds. B. Pharma is an excellent bachelors course. Pharmacy is one of the most important industries in the country.

All About Choosing MCA Specializations Master of Computer Application is one of the best postgraduate courses to do in a technologically advanced world. This degree leads to some strong, high-paying careers in the IT industry. Students who have done the Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) or the Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS).

B.Com in Accounting & Finance & Course Overview In any business, accounting and finance are some of the most important aspects. Accounting and finance have everything to do with money. Therefore, this industry is an excellent area to make a career in.

B. Com in Banking and Insurance & Course Overview Banking & insurance is one of the most popular sectors in the country. Many students aspire to make careers in this industry, as the jobs are good and the pay is high. There are also good benefits to be enjoyed.

On July 31st, 2020, the central government introduced the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020), and experts believe it to be one of the most reformative education policies in recent times.

Science Vs Commerce Vs Arts & Confused? One of the biggest dilemmas a student faces is what to choose between science, commerce, and arts.

Professional Courses After 12th Commerce Its important to choose the right professional undergraduate course after your 12th commerce. Many students choose the wrong course and then end up changing their course midway or have to invest time and money in doing a masters degree in the subject they initially wanted to.

Highest Paying Jobs for Commerce Students in India Commerce is the most popular stream of education in India. There are many reasons why students choose this stream but one of the biggest reasons is commerce forms a great base for higher education, and opens doors to many high-paying careers.