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Trendy and Designer Tiles

Tile Shop – A Plethora of Options to Make Choice From

Interior decorating and designing is a popular trend in the urban areas in the recent times. Interior decorating is the technical process of designing one's residential home or commercial office with their personal preferences for painting, flooring, furniture and so on. Often, the rooms are decorated keeping a particular theme in mind. Modern, custom, country,…

Benefits of Using Tiles for Your Home

When it comes to the floor of your newly built property, the use of tiles is a worthy option. There are a lot of tile designs that are available in thousands of designs, quality and sizes. These tiles, depending on their quality, are of many types, such as vitrified tiles, double vitrified tiles, etc. The…

Tips for Choosing Tiles for Your House

When it comes to choosing tiles for the interior of your home, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are some key guidelines to make things easier. Think about the style of your home…


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We use tiles to decorate and fortify our interior, it is a common application. But what about the outdoors? Yes, gone are the days when concrete slabs and the grayscale portfolio were the main tools for exterior designing with a sprinkle of spin here and there. The tile manufactures are producing solid, definitive and Decorative Tiles to revamp the exteriors of your house and firm. The catalog of outdoor tiles rungs long but here are the top three in-use outdoor tiles proffered by every landscape designers.

Who are the best tiles manufacturers in India?

Best Tile manufacturers are the one who has high-quality innovations and QC with its tiling products. You must also consider some of the factors like International ISO Standards and the tiling process with the highest grade processed.

The ceramic tiles and the porcelain tiles were the only kinds of tiles available to the people until a few years back. But with the advent of new production mechanism, a new tile was invented – the vitrified tile.

Tiles are very important for the home decor. Whether it is a residential space of a commercial one, without proper tiling space does not get the life infusion in it. Hence tiles makers are on a tight leash today for most of the interior designs are heavily based on variant & aesthetic tiling. The vitrified tiles are in particular quite in use at the present time. The re-engineered form of the ceramic floor tile makes these vitrified ones stronger, more durable and more beautiful.

Tiling is something that brings out the fervent elegance of your personality through your home décor. You can tile your home outside and inside. From the patio & poolside rink on the outside to the kitchens & bathrooms on the inside, tiles decorate every inch of your living space with an embellishment of style and texture.

Why Should You Install Bathroom Wall Tiles

While constructing the house everybody makes sure that every room and corner is made and decorated elegantly. The bathroom is one of the places where you make sure that it is well constructed and is…

A kitchen is a place where the magic happens. People cook food and prepare delicious meals for friends & family. It is hence an important part of the home and living. So it is very essential that the kitchen is always at is the best condition because hygiene of the place and the designs greatly affects the value of the food and the nature of your lifestyle. Tiling the kitchen appropriately is one of the best ways to keep all things aligned right. Fashion is something that has made its way to the healthy factor also. The tiles used in the kitchen nowadays are trendy as well as of utility.

Stay On Top of Your Style with These Living Room Tile Ideas

Tiles are one of the major things of our home shaping. Whether it’s a living room or a drawing-room or family room if you like to call it that way, tiles have become the modern-day trendy options…

Tiling your floors with variation, textured surfaces, and innovative materials bring home an enhanced class as well as an absolute demarcation that fluidly links up every individual decor into a lifestyle defining interior designing. Floor tiles are the spirit of the indoors and outdoors.

Interior design is buying clothes for your bare walls. Just like humans would not look so distinct in their appearance without clothes, a house would not be a home without a distinct personality given to them. And we all are aware; home is after all where the heart is. The lady of the house would agree that the kitchen is a space strictly confined to her command and hence this space requires special attention for customization.

Ceramic Floor Tiles: these tiles contain minerals and clay and are formed by heating and shaping them at a very high temperature. These can be glossy, matte and semi-matte based on the treatment. Ceramic tiles are easily available at is extremely economical. Another advantage of using ceramic tiles is that they can be easily maintained and cleaned.

Out of Tiles, Marbles and Wooden Floors, I personally feel that marbles are the best and I have a specific reason to support my answers.

I am currently getting a house constructed In Gurgaon and for that, I have recently been visiting all the interior designing/tile/flooring shops in Gurgaon and I can definitely say that this place has a lot of options to give at all prices. You will find tiles for all range from local tile shops to big brands. Sikanderpur is the hub for tiles and other things that you need. There is a road having loads and loads of shops and you get to see a good variety to choose from.

Buyers Guide to Selecting the Best Type of Tiles

Tiles are one element of a home’s interior that can make a huge difference in the way it looks. Traditionally tiles have been used in wet areas like bathrooms & kitchens, but over time their use has…