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Headline for Top 07 Essentials for Hiking in the Desert – Explore Oman
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Top 07 Essentials for Hiking in the Desert – Explore Oman

Oman is a nation steeped in history and the most ruggedly handsome environs. Exploring the desert is one of the most thrilling activities there. And while the adventure is exotic and quite the experience its essential to take on the venture well prepared. Read on for more details!


Take Along Enough Liquids for Hydration

Hiking across the desert is no walk in the park while being quite the exotic adventure, it's also brutal; the scorching heat will cause you to lose a fair amount of fluid – even if you are out for a short trek. Take along plenty of water, if your trail is estimated to last 2 hours, take along the water to last for longer, always consider the off-chance of your tour taking longer. Don't forgo the quantity of water you take to lighten the weight of your pack, take enough and more! Your best option is to hook up with reputed providers of Oman desert tours many resorts across the nation offer desert adventures with experienced guides who will keep you safe. Choosing accommodation such as those offered by Oman Hotels, located in the nation's top cities, ensure you can book safe and exciting tours.


Pack Some Nutrition

You need to stay fuelled, and with water, you need to pack some nutrition. Take along plenty of carbs for energy; you will feel hungry the more energy you burn and snacks such as energy bars, for example, are ideal to enjoy on the go. Take along both sugary and salty snacks.


Protect yourself from the Elements

The desert sun is vicious, plus you need to be prepared for sudden sand storms and extreme cold in the night. Take along plenty of sunscreen; an SPF factor of at least 30+ is essential, reapply as you sweat. A good wide-brimmed hat will shield your head and face while sunglasses are a must to cut out the glare. Like sunscreen you need a good lip balm to avoid chaffed and dry lips, clothing offering sun protection of at least 50+ should be worn. Also, take along a lightweight poncho, to be prepared for those sudden showers, which do occur in the desert. Choose non-oily sunscreen or gels to avoid sand sticking to your skin.


Wear Proper Footwear

If you are taking on your tour via a desert tour provided by an Oman resort, your guide will advise you to wear comfortable and sturdy shoes. Avoid twisted ankles and sore feet by wearing properly broken-in shoes and good absorbent cotton socks. Never wear brand-new hiking shoes, instead, make sure they are well broken-in and are comfy.


Navigation Equipment

A phone with a good GPS system will serve you well. But make sure to take along a compass and topographic maps for those emergencies, such as no signal or dead battery. Make sure you learn to read the compass and map, or else both are not going to serve a purpose.


Take Along a Light

Even the most well-planned desert tours can get delayed; while you may have plans to be back at your Oman hotel before nightfall, the unforeseen could happen; you could get lost or delayed and end up spending the night in the desert. Be prepared, take along a battery-operated lamp or good flashlight; a few glow sticks too, will come in handy when the night sky descends and everything around turns to pitch black.


A First Aid Kit

A very essential part of your packing; put together a proper first aid kit. You must be prepared for emergencies and having a stock of plaster, a bandage, antiseptic lotion, cotton wool, sports tape, tweezers, and safety pins will serve you well in case of an emergency.
Of course, nothing beats a tour organised by an experienced company; stick to a knowledgeable tour guide and you have nothing to fear!