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Handling Sales Objections

Do you know why your customers are saying no? Do you know how you're going to handle their objections when they come up? (And they WILL come up). Making a plan for these shows conviction in your product - an ultimate component of a small business owner.

Objection-Handling Techniques And Methods

Objection-handling is managing the response from a potential customer who is saying 'no'.

How to Be Assertive

You order an expensive steak at a restaurant, but when the waiter brings it to you it’s way over-cooked. When he asks, “How is everything?” you respond, “Fine,” while you glumly saw your charred hunk of meat...

Sure-Fire Way To Handle Objections

Many sales people struggle with objections - especially those that are new to the profession. You don’t know how to handle them, you get flustered when a customer or prospect states an objection, and because of that, many simply fear even hearing them.

The 17 Greatest Sales Closes of All Time

This is the first article in a series of 9 posts. They cover the 17 greatest closes in the world. There’s some amazing stuff here. You can add the methods you like best to your repertoire and never worry about getting an objection ever again.

Eye Direction and Lying

How to be a more honest salesperson. But also how to tell if customers are constructing answers or remembering them… by looking at their eyes.

How to Deal with Objections

If you want to deal with objections correctly, you gotta welcome them. That's right. Here's why...

3 Steps to Creating Urgency

This article is about homes and real-estate. Buying a home is one of the largest purchases someone ever makes; if this technique can help create urgency with a large purchase, it can definitely create urgency with a small(er) purchase.

The Best-Kept Secrets To Dealing With Sales Objections

Don't be a sales person who shuts down as soon as the customer says “It’s too much money”, or “I’d like to think it over.” Here's some of the best secrets about the inevitable sales cycle.