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Top 7 Attractions in Nanjing - A walk into history and culture!

Nanjing has a history spanning 2,500 years and is the capital city of the Six Dynasties. This incredible history has captured the interest of many travellers, and there are many people opting to spend their holidays in Nanjing. Here are the top attractions of Nanjing you must check out.


Zhonghua Gate

The Zhonghua Gate is located alongside the Qinhuai River and is the most significant gate of the southern Nanjing City Wall. This is actually one of the biggest and well-preserved gates in China. This is also known to be one of the complex structures of the world today. This gate was built in the year 1387 during the Ming Dynasty. This is a must visit statue when in Nanjing as the gate serves as an important landmark, in terms of both history and culture.


Nanjing City Wall

Another structure that deserves appreciation for its ancient architecture is the Nanjing City wall that was also established in the 14th century as you might have already guessed. The city wall was constructed in order to protect the Nanjing city dwellers from invaders. The Wall is around thirty-five kilometres long and is among the few of the longest walls ever built in this world. Besides, if you're looking for serviced apartments in Nanjing that are centrally located, you can check out properties the likes of Somerset Youth Olympic Nanjing, for convenience and a cosy stay.


Qinhuai River

The Qinhuai River is called the Mother River in this city and is a river that winds its way through one hundred and ten kilometres around the city and right through the heart of it. This river serves as an important place which contributed to the Nanjing culture and settlement. The Qinhuai Confucius Temple Scenic Area should not be missed out on when exploring the riverside. There are many other attractions to check out too.


Presidential Palace

The Presidential Palace, a museum today, is the best place to head to for some history. This palace is now known as the China Modern History Museum and includes former government personnel's offices. The history of this place goes all the way back to about six hundred years, and it was actually in this location the first Palace of the Mings was established.


Xiaoling Mausoleum of Ming Dynasty

This mausoleum holds the tomb of the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty called Zhu Yuanzhang and also his queen ma. This part of Nanjing is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mausoleum is located in the Dulongbu Hill and on your way, you will be able to witness giant statues, Golden Gates, Lingxing Gate, the 1.8 kilometres Sacred Way and so much more.


Xuanwu Lake Park

This park is actually the biggest Imperial lake gardens in the whole of Chinese history. This is the perfect place for a walk, even a romantic one. There are many scenic spots you can stop at, to marvel at the breathtaking views.


Dr Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum

This is a well-known tourist attraction in Nanjing and is a must see. This area is located in the Purple Mountain Scenic Area in the east side of Nanjing. Sun Yat-sen is the father of the Republic of China and the one who brought down the corrupt reign of the Qing Dynasty. His mausoleum needs to be visited, to get a better understanding of the ancient history that shaped modern China.