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Updated by Debarati Sarkar on Jul 30, 2019
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5 Natural Tips on How To Go To Sleep Fast

Sleep is one of the most important parameter to lead a good lifestyle.At least 6-8 hours of sleep is required for the body for proper functioning.But this is not the scenario for all of us.All of us are not in the same orbit.Check out the 10 natural way of how to go to sleep fast in this article.These tips will help you to know how to go to sleep fast in 15 minutes.



Follow The Natural Clock

Try to wake up at the same time even if you have not sleep well at night.Motivate yourself to wake in the morning at a fixed time so that your body becomes habituated towards a fixed routine .


Finish day work early

Finish day work early

Try to finish household work,office work and other duties as early as you can.Motivate your children to finish their homework by 8 P.M.Finish some little daily work for the next day after finishing the dinner.After dinner you can arrange the bags of yourself,school bags of your kids,office wears,school uniforms as you can't directly go to bed after dinner


Lower Room Temperature

Lower Room Temperature

If you are suffering from sleeping disorders lower room temperature may help you to come out from this problem.So take the remote of your A.C and maintain a lower temperature at 22℃-25℃.This steady low temperature will send a positive signal to your brain that i am ready to sleep.


Dinner Time

Stick to a particular dinner time.Choose any time between 7-8 P.M.Try to finish dinner at least 3-4 hours before going to bed.




Be active. Exercise is the key to healthy sleep.Do any kind of physical work go to gym,swim in the pool or whatever you like in morning or evening.Walking or jogging in a open space is considered best as it lowers the stress level also.A