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Why 3D Modeling Has Been So Popular Till Now?

The idea of 3D modeling may sound new, but it has roots cartoon magazines, early-stage animations and simple electronic games people played in their childhood, somewhere in the ‘70s. And all readers (or viewers) dreamt those graphics could turn into reality.

Get Creative with Low Poly Art

A video game art with a 2d character design in it can be outsourced to an art studio company. It can be a good idea as the art studio company has required expertise and a talented team of engineers. They have skills and in-depth knowledge of using low poly art technique to create a 2d character.

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Unity 3D Game Developer

Getting the right developers are critical to the success of your Game. From Unity 3D modeling to building robust modules to using Unity 3D assets in an optimum manner, developers know the relative value of every the aspect of games.

Best Oculus Rift Games in India

Virtual Reality is a new platform and new genre, it needs many required things to launch any application or game. VR thrives in many overcoming environments, it should have quality control for steam.

Unity 3D Games Company in India

Unity is a cross-platform game engine to build unity3d games in languages like C#, Java, and Boo (a language like a python). Although there are both free and paid versions of unity available in the market however free version is good enough to develop simple Unity 3D games.

3D Character Models

3D character models are developed by means of mathematical representation of any three-dimensional surface of an object (either inanimate or living) via specialized software.

How to Use 3D Modeling in Video Game Development

3D modeling is a discipline of computer graphics that is responsible for creating 3D objects, designs and their surfaces. 3D modeling animation forms the central pillar of the world of 3D video games.

Top Sniper Shooting Games for Virtual Reality 2019

Sniper Rust VR lets you don the role of a tough and skilled gun, hired to beat an armed military uprising in different locations. The first thing that strikes you is the photorealistic environments through which you, the protagonist, will travel in order to hunt down one militant after another.

Put Your Sniping Skills To The Test In Immersive Sharpshooter Sniper Rust VR

you're pitted against an armed militia global uprising in this 18-level, heart-pounding globe-trotting adventure that is guaranteed to deliver plenty of thrills and excitement.

Best PC Game Award | Action Adventure Game | XNA Games | Best Indian Game | Zatun

It is based on an Indian legend and is the first arcade game based on Indian Miniature painting style and is playable by all age groups. In this story-based adventure game, the prince and the princess meet, fall in love and the Prince braves the world of exotica to win the love for Princess.

Video Game Art Design Company India

Video game development studios of recent times have released games that are content rich and full of creativity. Creating a successful video game needs aggregation of different kinds of skill sets.

3D Unity Game Development

Unity Game Development - Unity 3D is a powerful multi-platform tool used to develop games for a website, desktop, mobile device and consoles.

HTC Vive Game Development

Vive is the very first virtual reality headset developed by HTC and Valve Corporation. The HTC Vive virtual reality platform offers total immersion within the virtual world.

How to Make a Character in 3D Modelling

Making a character in 3D modeling is both exciting and challenging. It's exciting because there are nearly limitless opportunities to bring the character to life with the help of subtle detailing.

Free Indian Action Adventure Game on PC

How do you turn a simple premise into a fantastic action-adventure game? Let’s say the premise is a boy and girl fall in love and wish to marry.

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Unity 3D Game Developer

Development doesn’t mean you must re-invent your wheel every time. A smart Unity 3D developer understands this very well. Therefore they ensure that every module they create should also create templates of sorts. That template is basically a reusable module.

3D Characters -The Smart Guide to Outsourcing Your Game Assets

3D Characters -The Smart Guide to Outsourcing Your Game Assets. Anyone who has developed a game knows that 3D characters and 3D modeling are the most painstaking aspects of the process.

Oculus Rift Game Development

If you are looking for the future of game development which is immersive and engaging, it sure is Oculus Rift. We have over 4 years of expertise of developing immersive games and engaging experiences for Oculus Rift with Unity 3D.

Virtual Reality Game Development Company in India | Zatun

We specialize in developing virtual reality games where end-users feel as if they are actually immersed in that world.

The Smart Guide to Outsourcing Your Game Assets

At the same time- vivid, dynamic and immersive environments made from game 3D models along with great 3d characters are an important hook to keep the players engaged.

How to Use 3D Modeling in Video Game Development

This arms the 3D modeling game designers with a richer understanding of the mechanics of your video game. All this makes the final outcome superior to what you'd have otherwise achieved.

Free Indian Action Adventure Game on PC

How do you turn a simple premise into a fantastic action-adventure game? Let’s say the premise is a boy and girl fall in love and wish to marry. So apart from the romance, how can you insert action, thrill, compassion and bravery? And make it extremely engaging?

3D Modeling for Games | 3D Game Studio | 3D Max Models | 3D Modeling Services | Zatun

If you are looking for 3d modeling services for games; 3d objects or for 3d companies that create 3d character model for 3d studio max; Unreal 3D models or 3d max models that are efficient and cost-effective as well, then Zatun can prove to be your ideal outsourcing partner.

Unreal Engine Game Development

The iDeal Game engine must support all major gaming platforms, bring in cinematic-quality graphics and carry a powerful toolset that can translate swiftly designers' ideas into a powerful game situation.

Sniper 3D Rust - Top Sniper games for Android, iPhone and iPad

10 Top Sniper games - Sniper 3D Rust is now available for Android, iPhone and iPad devices.