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05 Delicious Snacks to Try Out in Brazil – Tasty Street Food

Brazil is fun, vibrant and a great place to set off on a foodie adventure. The abundance of snacks, delicious and inexpensive is available in plenty. Simply browse the street cafes, the botecos, street markets and roadside rest stops for a variety of treats; listed below are some of the best.


The Little Ball of Cod – Bolinho de Bacalhau

Difficult to pronounce but pretty easy to gobble up, these little balls of cod was invented from the traditional Portuguese dish of salted cod paired with olives, potatoes, onions, and tomatoes. A typical Bolinho de Bacalhau is made with a mix of cod that's being shredded, mashed potatoes and a dash of herbs. The paste is formed into balls and deep-fried. The dish which comes to your table with a wedge of lime is a filling and tasty snack. One of the must-try snacks when touring Brazil, make sure to book your hotel close to an eat street; check out properties under chains like Minor Hotels, or any other accommodation provider boasting an impressive portfolio of top hotel brands across the globe – the perfect partner for the globe-trotting wanderer.


The Pot Pie – Empadinha

These deliciously satisfying little pot pies served piping hot. There are two varieties of the pie to choose from; chicken with peas called frango and palmito which is green olives with the palm heart. A third kind which is even tastier is the pie with a filling of cream cheese and chicken with sweet corn, ask for a frango com requeijao e milho. The pie made with a flaky and crispy top is often enjoyed with a cup of coffee or fresh fruit juice.


The Chicken Delight – Coxinha

This snack is enjoyed throughout the day and is often chosen to accompany a glass of orange juice or the popular sugar cane juice. The little patty is in the shape of a chicken thigh, its combination of herb flavoured shredded chicken which is ensconced in the dough, dipped in either manioc flour or breadcrumbs and deep-fried. You eat it by breaking open the coxinha and dipping the chicken part in the spicy sauce that accompanies the dish.


Warm Cheese Bread – Pao de Queijo

If you come across a batch of freshly baked Pao de Queijo don't hesitate to buy yourself a bagful; a delicious and very satisfying snack the cheese bread, is very popular, no surprise there. The balls are made by combining cheese with tapioca flour, its then baked to create a crispy shell and soft melty cheese middle. Besides, it's gluten-free, owing to the tapioca or manioc.


The Street Snack - Pastel

Very popular as a street snack, especially in Sao Paulo, pastel stands abound throughout the country. So, yes, you must try this delicious snack made with ground beef, cheese, hardboiled egg and other ingredients which generally go into making a pizza topping. The outer case similar to a calzone can contain a variety of ingredients including cod with onions and herbs.

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