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6 Utterly romantic things to do in the Maldives – Give life to your romantic notions

Have you been scratching your head bandying with ideas as to how to make your honeymoon unparallel to everything else? Well, fret no longer, here's a list of things you can do in the Maldives.


Regale yourself with a relaxing massage

There's an awful lot of things one does when planning a wedding. Sleepless nights, talking things over with planners and caterers, trying to abridge the guest list taking care as to not offend anyone; ring a bell? Well, the good news is that you are on your honeymoon: the perfect excuse for you to pamper yourself a little – so why not succumb yourself to the jollies of a soothing massage? There's a number of spas and hotels with spas in them – check out the likes of Kuramathi Maldives – for you to choose from, so don't let this chance slip through your fingers.


Explore the islands

The Maldives is an archipelago – sort of like a mosaic – with no less than 200 enchanting islands. Every island is equally beautiful yet distinctive at the same time. While you can ensconce yourself on your resort island, you wouldn't make the most of your trip if you didn't take time to explore as many islands as you can – besides, island hopping will definitely add some variation to your humdrum touristy stuff. Every atoll boasts attractions different to those of other islands, so try to make your experience wholesome by exploring islands other than your resort island.


Enjoy the gift of water sports

Maybe you are on a renewal of vows Maldives tour, but you are on holiday after all, so why not do something daring while you are at it? The country is blessed with the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, which only means that you are presented with a myriad of water sports. Moreover, resorts and hotels found in the Maldives entertain their visitors with sports like snorkelling and diving – you'll be equipped with necessary paraphernalia required, everything will be taken care of, and you have nothing to do but enjoy your stunts of diving and snorkelling.


Sight spinner dolphins

These cheerful creatures are a joy to anyone who gets the chance to witness them. Their name is well earned and resonate with their playful nature. In the afternoons, they emerge from the lagoons and soar into the deep ocean for their daily hunt. But while doing that, they take the time to shoot into the air and do spins which will undoubtedly put a joyous smile on your face – you'll also have tailing companions if they happen to spot you.


Swim alongside reefs

What you find underwater is sort of like an entirely different universe. It's utterly enchanting and exuberant with life. The beautiful reefs which amount to thousands and colourful fish subsumed in turquoise blue water will, without doubt, inspire ecstasy in you. So, take some time away for a bit of swimming amongst the inhabitants of the ocean.


Attest to a unique natural phenomenon

You have heard of the bioluminescent beach, haven't you? You must have at least seen the lovely pictures of it taking up space in magazines. Well, here's your chance to actually witness it. The beach literally glows in the dark, which is the working of the bioluminescent plankton – the perfect parody of the mesmerising night sky; your romantic holiday can't get any more romantic than this.

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