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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 29, 2019
Headline for Top 7 Dishes you must try in Xi'an China - For the most memorable gastronomic experience!
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Top 7 Dishes you must try in Xi'an China - For the most memorable gastronomic experience!

So, you have heard that Xi'an is one of the best destinations for foodies, and wondering what you should try? Well then, without further ado, let's dive into the food scene of Xi'an China.



Who can say no to meat skewers? There are many stalls selling meat skewers you can try out when in Xi'an. It's as cheap as 1 yuan for a skewer. And guess what? They are quite addictive, and you can't have enough of it. This skewered meat is coated in cumin powder and chilli powder and grilled well. Besides, you'll need good accommodation when doing your food travel here. In Xian, accommodation can be found in many places. However, it is always better to go for a centrally located hotel like Somerset Xindicheng Xian, which is a lot more convenient.


Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate stands actually pop in most parts of the city at a particular season. This season is autumn. You just have to take a look at these pomegranate stands, to understand autumn has finally arrived. This juice goes hand in hand with kebab. You can find it almost everywhere in the Muslim Quarter.


Xi'an meat burger

Well, the Xi'an meat burger can resemble the burgers you have tried and tasted before. But this one has quite an interesting and long history. The burger is made out of two key elements, the braised meat and the roujiamo which is the baked bread. The jiamo is usually baked in a traditional oven instead of an electric one. The meat is braised for hours at end, and then shredded by hand. The meat will then be filled into the jiamo and served. The crispy bread and the flavourful meat inside is all you need when in Xi'an.


Cold noodles

You cannot forget to taste noodles when in Asia, and especially when in China. The liangpi or the cold noodles is a local favourite which goes well with a local drink called the Ice peak. Roujiamo is ordered too, and all three make up for an absolutely amazing food experience.


Steamed beef and wheat powder

This is a dish that you will smell first, and taste later. When roaming the crowded alleyways of the Muslim Quarter, you will be hit by a meat aroma. A distinctive aroma you cannot deny. This is actually from the Mamaoyi Fenzhengrou which has been operating for a century and specialises in this dish. They use twenty-three herbs and spices to make this dish by employing traditional cooking methods.


Biangbiang noodles

The locals here are crazy about their noodles. And one such dish is the Biangbiang noodles which are very popular in these parts. These noodles are actually very lengthy where a single noodle can just fill an entire bowl. The noodle is actually very chewy and savoury as oil and eggs are added to it. This bowl of noodles comes with vinegar and an abundant serving of red hot peppers, bok choy and garlic. All of these add to its delicious flavour.


Flatbread in mutton soup

This is another special dish of the locals that represent Xi'an in its essence. This is a bowl of shredded flatbreads that are soaked in a broth of mutton. This is the go-to comfort food here, and therefore, a must try.