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Top attractions in Moranbah - The thriving urban city of Moranbah

Moranbah was established for one purpose, but it has developed to be an incredibly developed and versatile city that is now attracting many tourists.


Bridled-Nailtail Wallaby Sculpture

The structure of the Bridled-Nailtail Wallaby is located in the centre of the town which leads to the shops and market places. The sculpture was designed by sculptor Adriaan Vanderlugt in the year 2001. During the time the structure was being built Bridled-Nailtail Wallabies were thought to have gone extinct. Fortunately, with research and breeding facilities their population is now on the rise.


Musical Playground

The Musical Playground is an activity that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. There are seats, tables and even an old train that can be used to create music. The seats and tables are able to produce different music which is absolutely delightful. The task at hand is to be able to create a tune in unison with all the visitors who are at the park. This is a fun activity when there is a big crowd in the group.


Federation walks

The federation walk is a pleasant walk along the outskirts of the town. The walk begins from Goonyella where the Moranbah service apartments are located. The walk covers a stretch of about 1 kilometre. There are many buildings from the good old days and new buildings which show the transformation and development over the years.


Big Red Rhino Bucket

Moranbah was built for the sole purpose of creating a living space for miners and their families. The huge coal mines are undoubtedly the most significant attraction in Moranbah. Oaks Moranbah and other tourist hotels are able to arrange tours at the huge coal mines for those who find it intriguing and exciting. The Big Red Rhino Bucket is the most notable symbol of the coal mines in Moranbah. It also has a historical reference as it was sold to the town by the mine known as Peak Downs Mine for just 1 dollar.


Peak Range National Park

The peaks range is definitely the most scenic attraction in the area. The location is home to a series of volcanoes that erupted more than 30 million years ago and now have solidified lava in the volcanic pipes. For those who enjoy an exciting, outdoor adventure a hike to the summit can be attempted which takes about an hour. On the way to the summit, there are few attractions such as giant St Andrews Cross Spiders and a colony of bats that live in a cave. The most popular summit of all is the Wolfgang Peak which is located on the southern side of the National Park. If you would like to find out more information while on the hike you can request a tour guide to join you as they are able to present significant information and make the hike more interesting.


Mining Area

Initially set up as a location for miners, Moranbah began specifically to provide for the Peak Downs Mines and the Goonyella Mine. Peak Downs Mines is located about 38 kilometres to the south and the Goonyella Mine is located about 24 kilometres to the north. The coal from the mines in and around Moranbah are transported to Hay Point through ships.

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